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Due to growing population and economy, seasonal climatic conditions have changed, including extreme events as floods and droughts. This affects as a whole the availability of water resources at world level.

ICT and water efficiency is a key policy issue with potential for new research area that includes decision supporting system for the measurement of water quality and quantity including the recycling and water reuse processes.

This necessitates increased interoperability between water information systems at EU and national levels and efficiency of water resources management.

This site is a hub for EU-funded research projects on ICT and Water Management. Read more or download our leaflet with more information.

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ICT4Water Action Plan

On December 1st 2017, the ICT4Water cluster presented an Action Plan to support the setting out of a Digital Single Market of Water Services. Promoted by DG-CONNECT, the action plan is a step forward from roadmaps presented in 2015 and 2016. Open workshops were held as core sessions of big water sector events, such as Water Wise Conference, Water Innovation Europe, EIP Water conference 2017, DG RTD /EASME “Boosting Research & Innovation in the Water Sector: The Impact of EU-funded actions” and several bilateral events, with ICT4Water cluster members discussing and proposing how to afford digital water challenges, so as to collect and define the views presented in this strategic document. Additionally, collaborative contributions provided by co-members of several associations and working groups such as Water Europe (former WssTP), BDVA, AIOTI and EIP Water were collected too.

The Action Plan for a Digital Single Market for Water Services is focusing on a wider approach including Water Management, Treatment, Reuse, Circular Economy and every water-related area, and all other relevant areas where ICT can contribute. It proposes the creation of a borderless Digital single market for water services, and contributes to the Connected Digital Single Market and the Resilient Energy Union objectives by promoting sustainable smart technologies in the water sector.

The official version of the Action Plan from 2018 is available here. The ICT4Water cluster members have prepared an update of the Action Plan in June 2023 which is available here.



  • December 2023: Contributions from member projects ARSINOE, ToDrinQ, IntelWATT and B-WATERSMART
  • September 2023: Contributions from member projects ToDrinQ, NINFA, ICARIA, SEA4VALUE, ARSINOE, and SEDIMARK
  • July 2023: ICT4Water Cluster event at WIE23
  • March 2023: World Water Day special
  • November 2022: Water Projects Europe report. Contributions from our member projects iBathwater, B-WaterSmart, intelWATT, DWC, Sea4Value and PathoCERT.
  • June 2022: Contributions from member projects Project Ô and intelWATT. Cluster meeting,
  • March 2022: Contributions from member projects PrimeWater, iBATHWATER, NextGen and B-WaterSmart. AR, Water Europe Marketplace.
  • December 2021: Community of practices. Contributions from member projects STOP-IT, PrimeWater, NextGen and Run4Life.
  • October 2021: Contributions from member projects B-WaterSmart, ULTIMATE, DigitalWater.City, PrimeWater and Hydrousa
  • July 2021: Update from AG Business Models. Contributions from IntelWATT, B-WaterSmart, AquaSPICE and STOP-IT
  • March 2021: Updates from AG Cybersecurity and AG Standardisation and Interoperability. Contributions from iBathwater, NAIADES, ULTIMATE, IntelWATT and Zero Brine
  • December 2020: Contributions from PrimeWater, DWC, Run4Life, aqua3S, NextGen, HYDROUSA and the ICT4Water Action Group "Interoperability and Standardisation".
  • October 2020: Updates from PrimeWater, ZERO BRINE, G3P, RESCCUE, NextGen, AfriAlliance and SMART-Plant.
  • June 2020: Covering cluster annual meeting
  • April 2020: BRIDGE event, SCOREwater, DWC results...
  • December 2019: IAWW & AquaTech Innovation Forum, Zero Brine
  • September 2019: With AIWW announcement, NextGen interview Ian Barker...
  • July 2019: Covering cluster meeting, STOP-IT project results...
  • March 2019: Covering launch LOTUS project, Intergroil demo results...


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