Flash report on WIE ICT4Water cluster workshop

Towards A Digital Single Market of water Services

“Smart water services: Bridging the digital and the physical world”.

Brussels, June 13, 2018

On June 13th 2018, during the annual Water Innovation Europe Event held in Brussells, the Executive Agency for SMEs (EASME) B2.1, in collaboration with DG CONNECT Smart Mobility and Living, the European Water Technology Platform (WssTP) and the ICT4Water cluster jointly organized the open workshop “Smart water services: Bridging the digital and the physical world”. Fruitful discussions took place regarding the development of activities contributing to a “Digital single Marquet of Water Services”. Relevant key areas were presented as follows:

Action Plan for a Digital Single Market of Water Services Status

On June 4th 2018 the action plan for digital water services was published (ISBN 978-92-79-79351-6; doi:10.2759/724173). It launches activities and will enhance emerging Digital Water issues (current and future trends) in terms Interoperability&Standarization, Data Sharing, Smart Water; Cyber security; Actor Awareness, Policy; and Business models. Speaker & Moderator: Gabriel Anzaldi (EURECAT/ICT4WATER).

Presentation Gabriel Anzaldi

Water in the context of the circular economy, Water Value Chains vision

Andrea Rubini, Director of Operations of WssTP presented the vision of his organization about Water Value Chains.
Then projects granted under the topic CIRC-02-2017 were given the floor; NextGen; HYDROUSA and Project-O, presented their initial views regarding the different water value chains with emphasis on those closing the water cycle, re-using the treated waste water and recovering energy, chemicals and nutrients. Moderator: Sotirios Kanellopoulos, Project Advisor sector H2020 Eco-innovation (EASME).
NextGen Presentation

HYDROUSA Presentation
Project-O Presentation

Investor’s perspective

Discussion on the market uptake of ICT water solutions and the exploitation during and after the end of the project. Speaker: Gaëtane Suzenet, Managing partner at International Impact Partners (venture capital). She highlighted the trends and key aspects related to market uptake and transferred the messages from the Investors’s Café organised by EASME on June 12th 2018.

Presentation Gaëtane Suzenet

European Catalogue of ICT4Water standards:

Progress on the Action Plan Inmediate action. Speaker Rossitza Ivanova Goleva, Assistant-Professor, Department of Informatics, New Bulgarian University Vice Chair of IEEE Section Bulgaria, IEEE Communication Chapter Chair. Future milestones:

  • Draft to be delivered on September 2018 and to be put on the Futurium Platform to extend contribution to the water community;
  • Final version to be presented at ICT2018 in Vienna

Presentation Rossitza Ivanova Goleva

Action Plan Follow Up – Projects main outcomes presentation:

All ICT4Water active projects presented their activities related to: INTEROPERABILITY & STANDARIZATION, DATA SHARING, SMART WATER, CYBER-SECURITY, ACTORS AWARNESS, POLICY, BUSINESS MODELS. Moderator: Lydia Vamvakeridou-Lyroudia (UNEXE/ICT4WATER)

Presentation projects

Front-runners and initiatives:

Front-runners volunteered to take initiatives in terms of organizing/ leading and reporting on specific actions of the Action plan for Digital Water Services. Moderator Gabriel Anzaldi (EURECAT/ICT4WATER). Participants discussed in small groups based in the areas of interest willing to contribute.
The session was organized in discussion groups related to the following actions of the Action Plan.

  • SW.2 Digital Water Innovation Hub Initiative;Leaders: Gabriel Anzaldi (Eurecat/ICT4Waster) and Joan Carles Guardiola (Global Omnium/Aigües de València)
  • SW.3 Improve efficiency and circularity in digitalisation of water use and re-use; Leader: Rafael Gimenez (Cetaqua/Suez)
  • CS.1 Develop a common approach to cyber-security: Leader Rita Urgarelli (SINTEF – STOP-IT project)
  • DS.2 Development of cross-domain data sharing mechanisms Water-Energy-Food – Land use – Climate Nexus; Leader: Floor Brouwer SIM4NEXUS.

These groups will formulate a statement for the follow up work in the above areas and further pursue them in the context of ICT4Water cluster participation.

ICT4Water Representation:
Projects granted under the topic CIRC-02-2017:

For more information take a look at:www.waterinnovationeurope.eu

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