ICT4Water special side-event at Water Innovation Europe 2023

On June 21, the ICT4Water cluster will host a special side-event to Water Innovation Europe (WIE) 2023. This year’s conference focuses on putting water at the heart of our next European Commission’s programme and next years’ plans by deploying a strategy to build a European Water-Smart Society. The focus of the ICT4Water event will be on the digital transition for the water sector. Central in the discussion will be the updated Action Plan and the latest developments in its six thematic areas, being:

  • Enable Data Sharing
  • Intelligent and Smart Systems
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Actor Engagement and Co-creation
  • Policies
  • Business Models

The event will take place at BluePoint in Brussels on June 21. For more information and registration check https://watereurope.eu/events/water-innovation-europe/