INNOQUA workshop "BLUE CITIES: Innovative Urban Water Management at District Scale"

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For those involved in the development and deployment of innovations wastewater treatment, you’re hereby invited to co-chair an upcoming workshop entitled, “BLUE CITIES: Innovative Urban Water Management at District Scale” being planned as a co-location with Sustainable Places 2018, the sixth edition of the annual international conference edition, at the end of June 2018 in Aix-Les-Bains, FRANCE.
Venue Location & Date
Sustainable Places 2018 (SP2018) hosted by INES (French National Institute of Solar Energy) in Aix-Les-Bains, France (workshop to be scheduled for either the 27th or the 28th of June – deliberately not confirmed yet so as to cater to the scheduling limitations of workshop yourselves, the workshop co-chair invitees)
Background & Objectives
INNOQUA is an EU-funded project that is developing a modular decision-support system for wastewater treatment and water reuse solutions that increases the sanitation capacity in emerging smart cities. This workshop is organized by INNOQUA aims to address key challenges of urban water management and environmental resource preservation to foster knowledge exchange towards city sustainability at district scale. Beyond this brainstorm of current and future challenges, the main purpose of the workshop is to create synergies between the participants for further collaborations and facilitate new project consortia set up for tackling environmental and economic issues.
Format & Expected Attendees
The workshop will start with a presentation of key highlights from various projects in the water management sector, and then move into an open discussion with participants to collect feedback, formulate new partnerships that can answer to EU calls for water-based solutions, and document actionable clustering steps. Best practices on engagement processes in water projects and policies will shed light on lessons learned from both the projects and the audience. Participants will include representatives from national governments, regional, basin and local authorities, public and private service providers, business executives, regulators, investors, academics and independent experts. At least 50 audience members are expected.
Workshop Co-chairs
1. Jean-Baptiste DUSSAUSSOIS, Nobatek (INNOQUA project coordinator)
2. Domenico PERFIDO, R2M Solution (Civil Engineer, with expertise in water)
3. TBD (based on the interest of respondents to this invitation)
3. TBD (based on the interest of respondents to this invitation)
Draft Agenda (Tentative Duration – 90 minutes)
• 10 minutes: Intro to the workshop and it’s collaborating projects
• 15 minutes: Intro to the INNOQUA project (Jean-Baptiste)
• 15 minutes: Intro to the [TBD] project/initiative/company (TBD)
• 15 minutes: Intro to the [TBD] project/initiative/company (TBD)
• 5 minutes: Discussion prompts prepared to solicit feedback
• 20 minutes: Moderated interactive discussion & action planning
• 10 minutes: Conclusions of discussions & action plans documentation
NEXT STEPS: Workshop Registration & Contact Details
If you’re interested in co-chairing the workshop, please reply to the current message or reach out directly to the SP2018 conference chair ( or the “BLUE CITIES” workshop organiser ( no later than 15th April 2018 in order to collaboratively finalize the workshop agenda. To register for attendance without becoming a co-chair, please use this weblink:
We look forward to your confirmation of participation by replying to this message.
Jean-Baptiste Dussaussois, Nobatek (project coordinator of INNOQUA)
Zia Lennard, R2M Solution (SP2018 chair and delegate manager)