June 19, ICT4WATER Workshop: Digital Tools and Technologies enhancing water resilience

On June 19, the ICT4Water cluster will host a special side-event to Water Innovation Europe (WIE) 2024. This year’s conference is all about recognising the crucial role of water for bolstering the European economic competitiveness, and the urgent need for investments to prevent economic downturns due to water crises. The focus of the ICT4Water event will be on digital tools and technologies enhancing water resilience. Showcases from mature, finishing and recently finished projects will be thematically grouped by the relevant Action Groups:

  • Enable Data Sharing
  • Intelligent and Smart Systems
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Actor Engagement and Co-creation
  • Policies
  • Business Models

The event will take place at BluePoint in Brussels on June 19 from 9:30-16:00. See here the full agenda. For more information check https://watereurope.eu/events/water-innovation-europe/