The Water Europe Marketplace for Circular Economy

The Water Europe Marketplace for circular economy is a flexible platform for finding and sharing innovative solutions and systems in the domains of water, energy, and materials that support the market uptake of innovation. At the Marketplace, you can navigate through available technologies, products, and case studies and upload and promote your own solutions. It is also a place to get in contact with other stakeholders in the circular economy, share ideas, arrange meetings and join forces.

The Water Europe Marketplace, which was first introduced in the NextGen project and further developed in the Ultimate project, is now being expanded under the B-WaterSmart umbrella. The Marketplace will be adopted and permanently curated by Water Europe after B-WaterSmart ends.
The use of the Marketplace is free and can be cancelled at any time. For a small fee, you also can upload your own products and utilize advanced algorithms to advertise them to potential stakeholders via the Marketplace’s pages.

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The Water Europe Marketplace

  • Technologies – Discover technologies of the circular economy
  • Case studies – Find solutions and best practices to real-life problems
  • Products – Browse products, tools and services related to circular economy
  • Networking – Connect with stakeholders, partners, clients, and investors