Whitepaper: Cybersecurity in the water sector

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The Cybersecurity Action Group is currently working on a White Paper on Cybersecurity in the water sector that will be published in order to raise awareness on the emerging aspect of security in the water field. The paper focuses on relevant challenges and gaps related to the Cybersecurity in the Water Sector and provides best practices and recommendations accordingly. Additionally, the paper also covers the coming policies on Cybersecurity (such as the NIS2 Directive) and Critical infrastructure protection by discussing how stakeholders in the water sector can address its implementation.

As a preliminary step, a survey among the cluster projects has been launched in order to map the cybersecurity priority risks potentially created by the introduction of innovative digital solutions in the water sector. Aggregated and anonymized outcomes from the survey will be used and presented in the coming whitepaper, followed by a discussion on how to prevent and / or mitigate them. societal and economic benefits.