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The following design is ideal for sparrows and small songbirds such as blue tits. Step 2: Measure and Cut the Pieces. Wood is the best material for building a nest box, as long as it is at least 15mm thick. Read on to discover when and how to clean your bird box and more ways to help nesting birds. Box types - hole-fronted or open-fronted. Birds do not insist on … Three nails for each … You can provide much-needed alternatives by putting up bird nesting boxes. There is no standard, accurate design for a nestbox. Designing your nestbox:. Step 3: Angle Cuts. Turn the nesting box on to the fixed side and nail the other side into position. The natural nesting sites which many of our beloved birds depend on are disappearing. How to Make a Nest Box for Birds Step 1: Materials and Tools. Cut out the six pieces that you will need for your nest box according to the diagram. Put a hinge on it. Make a nest box Building a box - the essentials.

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