2017 honda africa twin review

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In short, Honda were working on a wish list of Holy Grail proportions. The effect is a low centre of gravity and balance which had us riding these bikes in technical conditions more like you would an enduro than an overweight adventure bike. A fast paced road bike that’ll bound you down motorways in stress-free comfort and offer you the option of taking on twisty A and B roads plus gnarly green lanes at the destination. It’s also quite obvious that the smaller capacity off-road CRF model has played a major influence in the looks department, a fact that’s been confirmed by the inclusion of the ‘CRF1000’ moniker in the full title. I’m sure he noticed I was busy doing something similar with the Nurofen. By the way, sympathy cards can be sent too…. It takes everything we throw at it in stride and asks for more. There is nothing like the bottom end catapult effect of the BMW GS1200 nor the arm ripping higher rev thrill of the KTM 1190. >>>Related: The Honda Africa Twin through the ages. In highly technical engineering terms the seat/clearance objective has been achieved by stuffing essential bits and pieces (oil tank and pump) which would normally add to the height of the engine in the crank. 2017 Honda Africa Twin | Long-Term Review. Ride it… For some people, a globe or a map isn’t some route-finding device. This twisty, uneven, spectacular Alpine-style strip of tarmac is one that has the ability to empower your teeth-grinding speed-king persona or engage with your more relaxed open-jawed tourist nature. Size wise, sitting or standing on the bike, it feels more like being on a lower version of a Ténéré 660 than on, say, a GS1200. Jenny Smith - July 19, 2018. I felt there needed to be more contrast between the screen and data or more powerful back-lighting or more probably a combination of both. Early morning of day two and I was back on the balcony when I noticed some movement 40m away in the bush. More than capable of high speed motorway cruising in comfort and a hoot on alpine style roads. The Africa Twin will make you a very happy commuter. And whilst it’s not as sure footed under those conditions as some adventure bikes, in the right hands it’ll take on and compete with the sportsbike crew. We were cruising somewhere over the spectacular Hoggar Mountains of southern Algeria when I made the cataclysmic decision to lean forwards and change into British Airways comfort socks. A low seat for stability whilst still retaining a commanding view plus good fuel consumption figures. The stance, smooth power delivery, balance, excellent fuelling and throttle control, low seat height, high ground clearance, 21in front and 18in rear wheels, effective traction control and an ABS system which allows you to switch off at the rear whilst remaining on at the front all combine to produce a bike that defies it’s size and bulk. The vision was a rider feeling at home when commuting in a busy city, scratching around A roads, continental touring or setting off on a round the world escapade. Price: £10,499; DCT version £11,299 I would start this game and with no sub on the bench it was going to be a case of gritting the teeth I’ve got left until the final whistle. That’s no complaint, I’m very much a fan of the sleeker, more modern appearance. All we know is the legendary Africa Twin name is back, and we've ridden it in South Africa. You may be detecting a vibe that suggests I liked the Africa Twin and you’d not be wrong. Alun Davies was in South Africa to find out. The fact that it can cut it off-road is the icing on the cake – we want one and we want one now. A big additional aid to this control and comfort is the narrow design at the front of the seat where the riders knees are not forced out whilst sat down and it’s easy to leg grip when standing up. If you’re plans include a passenger as a permanent fixture then you may need to look elsewhere. Full marks. A safety tether, rain cover and extra strap-on clear map/tablet compartment are included. Looking down at the control layout on the DCT version is a daunting first experience and a precursor of information anxiety. And the ergonomics are spot on too with a foot, butt and hand triangle that’s both comfortable and commanding in layout and that applies when standing or sitting down. The power is … Damage was cosmetic only—a scuffed up fairing and hand guard—and the dog was fine too. I can say with confidence that the novice or average off-road rider will not feel anywhere near as intimidated by the Africa Twin as they would with any other 1000cc bike should they choose to head off in the dirt. If I have a complaint, then it was certainly highlighted by the intense sun of South African summer. 2017 Honda Africa Twin | Long-Term Review, Favorite Rides & Destinations Digital Edition, Adventure & Dual-Sport Motorcycle Reviews, Triumph Launches Certified Pre-Owned Program. On quite a number of occasions I found the displays difficult to read whilst on the move. I’ll explain. It wasn’t so long ago that journalists were denied food, water and welfare on press trips. More often than not I found myself entering corners at overrun speeds that pushed my comfort level to the limit. Commuting is also a breeze on the Africa Twin. After lunch and a nosebag of painkillers it was back up the pass at warp drive on the manual version of the Honda. Honda set out to produce a motorcycle that would do it all. The ergonomics, suspension, design, balance, wheel size and especially the DCT will have you enjoying the dirt like no other. I would like to receive competitions, exclusive offers and other promotional emails from Adventure Bike Rider, I understand that I can unsubscribe at any time. This is the most impressive big bore ‘true’ adventure bike I’ve ridden to date. Starting with a two word concept of ‘Go Anywhere’, the new bike would be built from the ground up to possess all round ability. Street riding and touring AT owners should consider this an essential upgrade. Wheels: Wire-spoked 21″ front and 18″ rear Once back in the Rider garage, we also added a Helibars Tour Performance bar riser ($129) for easier stand-up riding off-road and more relaxed ergos when seated. continental-tires.com/motorcycle Following a complimentary breakfast of full strength ibuprofen and paracetamol it was out to the sun scorched paddock and an introduction to the long awaited new Africa Twin. The sort of conditions that would make all bar the off-road elite very edgy on a bike over 400cc.

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