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posted in: Uncategorised | 0 The paper by Ellis and Palmer then goes off on a tangent regarding variability of solar input to high latitudes, which is very heavily traveled ground, and we need not discuss this here. Moves from a playbook that you can employ against ALL and ANY science. Welcome, McClellan, how nice to see you again. In any case, I’ll add it to the “lots of theories” page of my Contrarian Matrix: I’ll even include your name in the Colophon, if you don’t mind. ___________________________________. Sometimes we need a bit of fresh lateral thinking. Mind the pea now. > I don’t know Russel Scott, and I have no control over the content of his site. really “just an hypothesis between several?”, I think not, UNLIKE JAVIER whom I am criticicizing. Dust. >>partly due to plant dieback from CO2 starvation. Comparison of modeled dust loading (g/m2-yr) (brown curve) with ice volume (meters of global eustatic sea level equivalent) (blue curve). There are other factors at play. >>at least one variable has a value nowhere near Too funny. It is possible that there was relatively little snow deposition during summer. >>Claiming not to know someone for who you … did for The context often makes the appropriate interpretation pretty clear, but there are places where it is necessary. You can read papers saying that the 100,000 year ice age cycle has been solved. I’ve mentioned more than once that your theory sounds intrinsically sound. I mention it because increasing ice loads over Alaska ought to raise Beringia a small amount, which when added to sea level changes ought to seesaw the way heat gets moved into the Barents. Maybe other factors such as ocean currents can be involved. we don’t infill missing data, ever. Now none of those conditions apply yet Holocene should also get an extension? So I ask what could make for a warmer wetter world, and what could make for a colder dryer world. And we know this because prior to the MPT, when the ice sheets were very small, it was obliquity that modulated ‘ice ages’ (such that they were) rather than precession. Well scientists also wonder, because this is still one of astronomy’s and climatology’s great mysteries. >>l also believe dust is a result of ice ages not the cause. occurred. Does this argument stand up to further scrutiny? Since apparently they do not clearly explain what they are doing it is neither reproducible nor falsifiable. A few however, did include with deposition of dust on ice sheets as an important factor in termination of Ice Ages. There will be consequences but most stuff you do in this game will have similar kind of consequences and you will have to learn how to deal with it. As to Watts, he is a Christian fundamentalist who holds a masters degree in theological studies and styles himself as a moral crusader, but writes posts like the one below. Why would they advance once they started to melt due to dust accumulation? d. Get accused in the Talmud of being the leader of the Jewish Revolt in AD 68? So what is the difference here? The seasonal melting occurring in a progressive manner (if there is no fresh precipitation) due to concentration of contamination in the ice is a minor short-term scale positive feedback within a long-term negative feedback. If anything, the interglacial cycle (and the ‘failed interglacials’), agree more closely with precession rather than obliquity. It snows more when it is warm and there is thawed oceans that produce ocean effect snowfall and ice increases, piles up, advances and it gets cold after. If Ralph has demonstrated anything over the years, it is that he will go to any lengths necessary to avoid acknowledging error, engaging facts, or taking responsibility for his comments. so does this affect any thing in the game becasue there are chests that you need to get to complete some areas. If you write, spell, and format like a three-year-old, why is it surprising that nobody can understand what you say? ScienceofDoom did a long series of posts reviewing many different papers ‘explaining’ glacial cycles and the conclusion was that none of them really gave convincing arguments. Hi The most ‘scientific’ but by far worst was Shakun’s ocean paleoproxies. The current series of ice ages started only some 2.5 – 3 million years ago. You need to revise the theory. You make in this comment an assertion that is not true, and a data claim that is not true in context. Hand waving accounts with hidden assumptions serve little or no purpose in science. Paillard, D. 1998. >>What role did glacial dust play in modulating CO2? The graph is correct. Conversely, Co2 does the opposite if what is expected of it – high Co2 results in cooling, while low Co2 results in warming. This is her take on the the low amplitude variation before the Pleistocene. Firstly I have never heard of any of these associations. Of course, the old dust gets covered by new snow in the winter, but the strong high latitude insolation may be enough to break through this fresh snow cover even without strong fresh dust deposition. Do remember that insolation at 65N also includes obliquity insolation. Of course other feedbacks provide the necessary amplification as termination proceeds. Dust doesn’t cause Ice Ages. If you have an alternate theory, like this dust-albedo theory, don’t expect it to be published by Scientific American or the like. “The main difference is that the precession cycles are 180 degrees out of phase.”. Then it discusses the lag and its uncertainties in measurement ( foehn closure, diffusion,which ice core, which glacial termination) with a resulting range 1200 years to 400 years, centered ‘ general consensus’ ~800 years. Look, your brain may have just fallen out of your head. In 50 million years, there has never been a tipping point from which there was no recovery. Also, some katabatic wind occured as a baseline ( Greenland and Antarctica to this day ). Here is the plot of dust vs CO2 (fig 9, with dust logarithmic), and as you can see, there is a very close correlation. So I wrote to Rutgers Uni and explained how he was unfairly reviewing, denigrating and slandering a number of (secular) religious authors, including myself. Figure (1c) of Albani et al. rated 1. 6grams/90kilos = 67-mg/Kg (or ppm). 2. This is why Holocene temperatures have been reducing since the end of the Younger Dryas cooling and the peak of the Holocene warming between 10,000 and 7,500 years ago. >>Pray tell more about bullying. The dust concentration in and on the ice/snow must increase if the snowing decreases, as it must if it becomes dryer. Oh, and if you want to argue the points being made in that book, please go ahead. That sets the table. If a polster stopped you in the streets and asked you a series of questions, would you claim that you knew them? Individual Sovereignty. How seriously will the sceptic community take Ellis and Palmer(2016) ?

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