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Procurement and inventory: Accounting departments usually are responsible for keeping track of all … Each of these will be discussed in the following paragraphs. This is why it’s important to have multiple points of review for a company’s financial data, and why it’s important for controllers and accountants to reach a consensus at various stages of the accounting cycle. Having a controller or accountant supervisor overseeing accountants as they move financial data through the accounting cycle, helps to account for human error. Accounting Software 411 confirms basic company data prior to posting a profile. Your logic is that if the residential refrigerator division got 60 percent of the loan proceeds spent on machines, it should incur 60 percent of the interest cost. Accurate data gathering is essential for a successful accounting department or anyone who wants to call themselves a competent accountant. Note: The vendor profile above for (Sage Accpac, a division of Sage Software, Inc.) is not written by Accounting Software 411.Information is provided and maintained by the vendor Sage Accpac, a division of Sage Software, Inc. and/or by third party sources. You decide that all head-office costs should be allocated to the divisions, because you determine that the corporate costs are incurred primarily to support each division’s business activity. Again, the cost object is the reason you’re incurring costs. Financial data is essential for budget and tax purposes and is necessary for strategic decision-making and execution. computers during the current fiscal year. What you end up with is each product receiving an indirect cost allocation for interest. Your goal is to create cost pools that have the same cause and effect on the cost object. Having clear, appropriate Handling procedures ensures that responsibility for information gathering is clearly defined and divided among the department’s accountants. How to Allocate Corporate Costs to Divisions in Cost Accounting, Avoiding Pitfalls on Cost Accounting Exams, Important Terms and Principles Cost Accountants Should Know. C. Company B has higher investment center income than Company A. D. Company B is more efficient in using its assets to generate profits. 5. Consider cost pools and your corporate costs. And there you are! Each unit of product has $5 more attached to the product cost due to the interest paid on the machines. Then write a check to the vendor from Company A using the (Loan to Company B) Account.. Next write a check to Company A from Company B, under the expense tab enter "Accounts Payable", under customer:job in the check enter in the Vendor. Additionally, out of date financial information can make investing or decision making a risky proposition. Having the proper Reconciliation procedures ensures that all information entered into the company’s master ledger or database is accurate. Another example is a domestic division and an international division. Machine costs can also be allocated to each unit produced. You decide to allocate the legal and accounting costs based on percentage of total profit. Phone: (415) 461-2586 So put them in the same cost pool. Assume 2,000 machine hours for the year: If a unit of product requires less than 1 machine hour (say, 20 minutes of time — 1/3 of an hour), the interest cost for that product would be $15 ÷ 3, or $5 of interest cost. The residential division used 60 percent of the loan proceeds for machines, so it gets 60 percent of the interest cost: Now you need to allocate the $30,000 interest cost allocated to each unit of product. A division has residual income of $350,000. Notice how similar the terms cost pool, cost hierarchy, and cost allocation base are. A division is a collection of functions, such as research and development, accounting, marketing and customer support, working together to develop and sell a product or service. In addition, special problems must be solved when a partnership is going out of business. You do that using machine hours. It produces a single product and sells all its production to outside customers for $13 per unit. He also wants you to determine whether the computers have … The same activities should cause your costs to increase or decrease. Variable costs are $7 per unit, and fixed costs are $6 per unit at the current production level. Timely information gathering is the goal for a successful accounting department, but processes and procedures are the tools that will bring this success. Acquisitions, investments, and other strategic purchases should only be made when based on good financial data, and the consequences can be devastating for companies who do not. So you can relate the interest cost of the machines purchased to individual units. Each used a different level in the cost hierarchy. An accounting information system (a management control system) must be in place to allow for divisional assessment. A corporate division is a separate operating unit of a business. You decide to allocate the interest cost to each division, based on the percentage of the total loan proceeds each division received. You decide to allocate the interest cost using machine hours (activity). Accounting for a partnership requires calculations be made for the division of prof-its and losses and the preparation of journal entries for the addition or withdrawal of a partner. It is January 2011, and you are working on closing the books for 2010. Financial statements. Some common statutory payments include social security fund and Pay As You Earn (PAYE). Finally, having the right Review procedures is a failsafe against inaccuracy, ensuring that no moves are made based on the faulty financial information. If these divisions are all part of the same company, then that company is legally responsible for all of the obligations and debts of the divisions. A division of your company purchased a large quantity of new desktop. The residential division generated $10,000,000 of $17,000,000 in profit (before allocating corporate costs). That being said, the accuracy of a company’s accounting data should never hinge on a particular individual. Assume your firm took out a loan to finance machines. You decide that all head-office costs should be allocated to the divisions, because you determine that the corporate costs are incurred primarily to support each division’s business activity. This approach is useful when decision-making should be clustered at the division level to react more quickly to local conditions. Ken is the owner of St. Louis Test Preparation ( In other words, the cost behavior is similar for all costs in the cost pool. He provides online tutoring in accounting and finance to both undergraduate and graduate students. A reporting group within the department creates adjusting journal entries to … By combining both historical and current data, you can create strong predictors of future performance and trends. It’s one thing to learn that your plans exceed your budget, but another entirely to learn this through a check bouncing on the technology or service you’re investing in. The accounting department is responsible for making statutory payments on behalf of workers of the company. Strategic decisions should always be made with great care, based on both historical and up-to-date financial information. Successful accounting departments gather key financial information in a timely manner. Headquarters: Set up "Other Liability Account" (Loan to Company B). Ken Boyd is a former CPA with over 27 years of experience in accounting, education, and financial services. Because interest cost took a lot of effort, it’s a relief to look at simpler items. Consider the divisions.

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