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As with the Locrian, the flat fifth and second create tension over a minor seventh chord and the flat three adds further tension over a dominant. Locrian. D♯ Natural Minor in Locrian mode. It's an often misunderstood and, as a result, misused mode. Mixolydian ****Notice the relative minor key is the same as the Major key just in a different order. My teacher in college would always say "it's neither fish nor fowl". Therefore, Locrian begins on the 7th note of the major scale. Lydian. In order to turn a minor scale into a locrian you have to lower two levels, namely the second and fifth. You probably already know that the Locrian scale can be used over dominant, minor 7 or half-diminished sounds; the same is true of the Locrian Natural 6. Remember: B locrian = D melodic minor (mm up min3rd), E altered = F melodic minor (mm up min2nd) and A dorian = G major (major down maj2nd). By misused, I don't mean there is a right or wrong way to use the notes of Locrian, or to use Locrian as a standard scale, I mean to use it in a truly modal context requires a … You can really use this anywhere that you'd use the Locrian scale. Scale formula. So, you could play it over a minor 7th chord if the 5th wasn't being played, like in a shell-voicing or something. C♯ Natural Minor in Locrian mode. The major seventh in the scale works fine as a passing tone. Phrygian. The ionic scale is thus identical to the major scale, the aeolian scale to the natural minor scale. Tonnetz Diagram . Scale formula expressed in terms of (H)alf and (W)hole steps. Dotted lines indicate axes of symmetry. Scale formula. The bracelet shows tones that are in this scale, starting from the top (12 o'clock), going clockwise in ascending semitones. The "i" icon marks imperfect tones that do not have a tone a fifth above. Posts about Super locrian melodic minor mode scale written by Jazz fusion guitar Improvisation lessons and modern music theory Tonnetz diagrams are popular in Neo-Riemannian theory. You can also try using an A melodic minor over the Amin7 chord. In the locrian mode there is not a characteristic difference interval to major or minor. Dig in and learn these all in C. Once you do that you will have learned them in A Minor as well. Scale formula expressed in terms of (H)alf and (W)hole steps. Scale 1389: "Minor Locrian" Bracelet Diagram. Ionian (Major Scale) Dorian. Generally, Locrian is considered neither minor or major. The only reason I can think of off the top of my head to consider it minor is that Locrian contains a minor third and and minor 7th. **** What to do with the Modes? There has never been a Lokrian mode in the system of Church tones.

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