agricultural biotechnology has been used successfully to create crops with

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Reduction of lignin is a valuable objective for species producing pulp for the paper industry because it would enable a reduction in the use of chemicals in the process. Non-transgenic approaches are being used, for example, to enhance the protein content in maize, iron in rice, and carotene in sweet potato and cassava. For example, biotechnology crops can be engineered to tolerate specific herbicides, which make weed control simpler and more efficient. 6. Many biotechnological advances were made in industrialized countries in the private sector, leading to development of proprietary technologies that are often unavailable to scientists in developing countries. Biofertilizers are also being used in developing countries both to augment the nutritional status of crops and as alternatives to chemical supplements. The non- genetically modified applications involve tools like Marker Assisted Selection, Tissue Culture, and Mutation breeding, etc. However, this method may be of interest in forestry programmes for screening disease resistance and tolerance to salt, frost and drought. In some cases in which a genetic disease is present in an individuals family, family members may be advised to undergo genetic testing. Genetically modified crops or Genetically Modified crops are used in the following ways; Bt Cotton – Bt’ stands for the microbe Bacillus thuringiensis and it gets activated only once it comes in contact with the alkaline pH in the insect gut when the insect ingests it. The source document for this Digest states: Source & ©: FAO "The State of Food and Agriculture 2003-2004" Chapter 2: What is agricultural biotechnology?  Section Understanding, characterizing and managing genetic resources, Box 4. Genetic variation of a species or population can be assessed in the field or by studying molecular and other markers in the laboratory. Traits for which genetic modification has been contemplated for forest trees include insect and virus resistance, herbicide tolerance and lignin content. Once the gene has been transferred, the crop must be tested to ensure that the gene is expressed properly and is stable over several generations of breeding. These problems can be minimized in an ecologically-friendly manner with the development of genetically reprogrammed seeds designed to resist these disease attacks while minimizing or even eliminating costly and hazardous pesticide sprays. Source & ©: FAO "The State of Food and Agriculture 2003-2004" Chapter 2: What is agricultural biotechnology?  Section Breeding and reproducing crops and trees. Mr. Reddy was born in farmer's family and was into 'IT' profession where he was not happy with his activities. The most common GMO crops were developed to address the needs of farmers, but in turn they can help foods become more accessible and affordable for consumers. Scientists have come up with a way to eliminate the use of Bacillus thuringiensis by introducing pest-resistant crops. The technology was first introduced in genetically modified soybeans, making them resistant to the herbicide glyphosate. Often these technologies are used in combination with each other and with conventional breeding approaches. Biotechnology is safe, effective, and widely used by more than 18 million farmers around the world Biotechnology is a proven tool that has successfully improved crop productivity for growers, resulting in an abundant and affordable food supply. In addition to its rapid propagation advantages, micropropagation can also be used to generate disease-free planting material (Box 7), especially if combined with the use of disease-detection diagnostic kits. DNA is the key to biotechnology and based on its understanding scientists have developed solutions to increase agricultural productivity. Pest Resistant Plants – Several nematodes live as parasites on multiple hosts such as plants, animals, and even human beings. Broadly speaking, biotechnology is any technique that uses living organisms or substances from these organisms to make or modify a product for a practical purpose (Box 2). Different studies have shown the safety of technology to human beings, animals, and the environment. In case if you miss this: Vegetable Farming Business Plan for High Yield, and Profits. Developers are using biotechnology to try to reduce saturated fats in cooking oils, reduce allergens in foods, and also increase disease-fighting nutrients in foods. Artificial insemination, embryo transfer, and associated technologies are used in managing the reproductive functions of an animal and influencing the traits of the resultant offspring. The use of molecular markers to measure the extent of variation at the genetic level, within and among populations, is of value in guiding genetic conservation activities and in the development of breeding populations in crops, livestock, forestry and fisheries. Source & ©: FAO "The State of Food and Agriculture 2003-2004" Chapter 2: What is agricultural biotechnology?  Section Breeding and reproducing crops and trees Subsection In vitro selection. For example, mutations in the BRCA genes may increase the likelihood of developing breast and ovarian cancers in women and some other cancers in women an… The Government of India’s Department of Biotechnology and other scientific agencies have done admirable work to deal with the safety issues of GM crops by developing a strong, reliable, and trustworthy regulatory mechanism. 2.5 How can genetic engineering transfer characteristics from one species to another? Genetically modified crops have a significant contribution to the development of vaccines. Farmers in developing countries, especially small farmers, cultivate crops and face problems that are particular to their cultural and environmental conditions, and have often limited purchasing power to access proprietary technologies.

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