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The Altamira Oriole is widespread in subtropical lowlands of the Mexican Gulf Coast and northern Central America, and has extended its range into the United States within this century. 1981. In the case of the meadowlarks, it is their pleasant prairie songs that bring them recognition. This map depicts the seasonally-averaged estimated relative abundance, defined as the expected count on an eBird Traveling Count starting at the optimal time of day with the optimal search duration and distance that maximizes detection of that species in a region. The blackbird family includes the only brood parasites in North America; the cowbirds. Streaked, cryptic plumage also helps hide both sexes of meadowlarks while orioles stand out with striking orange, yellow and black plumages. The nest may also hang from telephone wires. This bird forages high in trees, sometimes in the undergrowth. Adults and fledglings often select areas with low, dense foliage, usually thornscrub or mixed habitat. Increasingly common, and are breeding residents along the Rio Grande River along the Texas and Mexico border. Females lack such attention getting aspects to their plumage but make up for it with subtle browns and streaked patterns that camouflage them while sitting on their nests. eBird data from 2014-2018. The lone forest dependent species is the Rusty Blackbird; a bird of wooded swamps. Estimated for 2018. Altamira Orioles are fairly easy to find even in their tiny U.S. range along the lower Rio Grande. Like other orioles, they sing rich, sweet whistles interspersed with percussive clucks and chatters. One unusual TBBA nesting record involved an Altamira Oriole paired with an Audubon’s Oriole at latilong 27097, quad D8. BREEDING HABITAT: In the United States, Altamiras usually nest in Tamaulipan thornscrub or riparian forest, typically in protected nature preserves. 0. Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Ithaca, New York. The brilliant Altamira Oriole is a tropical species with a tiny portion of its range reaching Texas’s Rio Grande Valley. Wings are black, but the remiges and rectrices (flight feathers) are fringed with white. DISTRIBUTION: Altamira Orioles breed sparsely from the Kingsville and Zapata areas south through the ranch country to the LRGV (Cameron, Hidalgo, Willacy and Starr Counties in latilongs 26098, 26097, 25097). The Altamira Oriole has a large range of 560,000 square kilometers. STATUS: The first generally accepted Altamira Oriole specimen from the United States was collected in 1939, in Cameron County (25097) (Oberholser 1974). Fink, D., T. Auer, A. Johnston, M. Strimas-Mackey, O. Robinson, S. Ligocki, B. Petersen, C. Wood, I. Davies, B. Sullivan, M. Iliff, S. Kelling. Increasingly common, and are breeding residents along the Rio Grande River along the Texas and Mexico border. Young birds duller yellow. data). data), at heights of 3-11 m (10-36 ft.). Texas A&M University Bill is black. Elsewhere, look and listen for this species in taller trees near water. The Altamira oriole (Icterus gularis) is a New World oriole. The first-year bird is similar to the adult, but it has an olive, not black, back, and yellow-olive tail. Information, images and range maps on over 1,000 birds of North America, including sub-species, vagrants, introduced birds and possibilities . Pleasants, B. Y. Harsh chatter calls may be used to signal alarm. The best bird guide and bird watching search engine to identify birds! During the 1993-1996 period, Altamira Oriole nesting populations have remained low at Santa Ana, while Falcon breeding populations and CBC numbers have reached their highest levels. Condor 88:11-25. The Altamira oriole (Icterus gularis) is a New World oriole. Altamiras recently nesting at Santa Ana have used mainly field edge habitat (Brush & Bray, unpub. In general, immature specimens have an olive back, and a dull yellow on its head and its body. 1985. Adults are flame-orange and black, with white highlights in the wings and a distinctive orange patch at the shoulder. Dept. In our area, resident mostly in native woodland near Rio Grande in southern Texas. CBC numbers declined after the early 1980s at Santa Ana and Brownsville (25097-H4,H5), while numbers on the Falcon Dam State Park CBC increased. More information is needed on breeding biology. At Falcon Dam (26099-E2), the species was first noted in the early 1970s. Their exact distribution and status are difficult to determine in much of the area, due to difficulty of access to large private ranches. The Altamira Oriole has a large range of 560,000 square kilometers. 2020. eBird Status and Trends, Data Version: 2018; Released: 2020. This map depicts the range boundary, defined as the areas where the species is estimated to occur at a rate of 5% or more for at least one week within each season. Rather similar to local population of Hooded Oriole, which often occurs in the same areas, even in the same flocks at flowering trees. Altamira Oriole (. Learn more. 33–38. Native plantings that offer fruit or nectar-rich flowers can also bring in Altamira Orioles. Open tropical woodland and edges. Phone: (979) 845-5777 The bird nests in open woodland, with the nest being a very long woven pouch, attached to the end of a horizontal tree branch, sometimes to telephone wires. The status of Altamira Orioles in the United States remains precarious. In The birds of North America, No. Range and Habitat Altamira Oriole: Native of Mexico; also found in parts of Central America. Repeated nasal "ike" is used as a contact call., Certain products may be unavailable due to insufficient data. . A smaller population was established at the same time at Bentsen-Rio Grande Valley State Park (26098-B4). The blackbird family, Icteridae (pronounced ik-TER-i-dee), includes one hundred and four species in twenty-seven genera found only in the New World. Found. Nevertheless, two species, the Rusty and Tricolored Blackbirds, are threatened or endangered because of loss of their wetland habitats.

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