arozzi arena gaming desk review

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That’s not including the brilliant idea to have the desk double as a mouse pad, as well. If you are in the market for a gaming desk, we recommend you give this one a try, you won’t be disappointed. On the underside of the desk, attached to the frame, there is a cable net, to help with cable organization. Arozzi is here to help with a gaming desk that gives you space, stability, and all-important cable management. It has a water-resistant surface, and is machine washable for those occasional (or not so occasional) times that you drop your hot wings on the table. Another issue with this is the height adjustment for the legs. Overall, most reviewers agreed that the Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk was a great buy and they were glad they chose it. The main problem of wobbliness was one that could be fixed with a little time and effort, though one must decide if they should have to put forth that much effort for a desk in this price range. But, if you can lift the 85lb finished product enough to flip it over, you should be fine assembling it by yourself. It has better cable management system. Professional gaming has gained a lot of popularity over the last decade or so, but esports, or competitive video gaming, has existed for a lot longer than most people think. This may not be an issue on all the mat colors though; the darker colors may not show dirt that well. In short, there are a lot of little things that have to be done just right for this desk to be perfectly level and stable. We’re talking three plus monitors, your PC, consoles, peripherals, and more. The front edge of the desk dips in slightly, making it easier to sit closer, for a more immersive experience. The curvy design of this desk gives you a comfortable seating position, so you can sit in a proper posture. With that being said, the Arozzi arena gaming desk is a legitimately great option. The Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk Review: Is It Worth It? Cable management on this desk is very well thought out. With that being said, I’d personally prefer the Arozzi. Meaning that if the screws do not fit just right, or are not tightened enough, then the frame will not be stable. They seem to have thought of almost everything. [2.]. The sturdy steel frame allows the Arena to have a pretty high weight load capacity, which makes it ideal for heavy setups, including multi-monitor ones. The reviews for this desk were mostly positive overall, which is always a good sign. Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk Review. But, if I am allowed to nitpick, one of the issues you might have is how dirty the mouse pad gets. The Arozzi top is also one huge mouse pad. You should be able to adjust the height to fit your needs, and it should be ergonomically accurate, allowing you to get as close to your gaming monitor as possible without having to develop scoliosis. It should come as no surprise that there are currently hundreds of different gaming desks on the market and deciding which one to purchase can be challenging. This could be due, in part, to the fact that the frame is not one solid piece, but must be assembled. It only moves a couple of inches between its lowest and highest points. The desktop itself measures 5’3” by 2’ 7 ½”, that is a whopping 14 square feet of desktop. There are slits in the mousepad that match up with the desktop cutouts, so there is no difficulty keeping those cords under control. The cable net under the desk helps to keep the wires up and away from your feet, which just adds to the legroom. Our Swedish designers created it to optimize your gaming and computing experience with utilizable features, sturdy long lasting materials, and simple aesthetics. We’ll check out the specs, what type of material it’s made out of, and by the end of this article, you should be equipped with the knowledge necessary to decide for yourself whether or not this is worth a purchase. One, it weighs around seven pounds. Nobody is perfect. So depending on your physical capabilities, it may or may not be so easy to transport. This desk can hold up to 176lb if the weight is evenly distributed. The Arena is rated one of the top gaming style desks on the market like ‘Best Dedicated Gaming Computer Desk’ by When you ask a question like this you can’t really answer it without first looking at some other options to see what they are offering. Most said that these were not deal breakers, but did bear mentioning. Not the least of these products are gaming desks, or desks designed with hardcore gamers in mind. Arozzi took that idea quite literally and designed a desk big enough for all of that and a little more. Nowadays a good gaming desk has space for everything, including your energy drinks and snacks. Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk Review. The desktop is made out of an unspecified composite material, but by all accounts is pretty sturdy. The legs are set wide apart, 48”, giving you lots of legroom, or room to set your tower if you somehow use up all the room on the top. No one will think of getting an included mousepad when looking for a gaming desk but Arozzi did it for your convenience. This also adds to the design, because it helps to maintain the clean, uncluttered look of the desk, even when you do have all your gaming equipment out at the same time. See Price & Customer Reviews on Amazon. The Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk is an absolute beast. There isn’t much not to like about the Arozzi. It looks incredible, is superb in its performance, and is sturdy enough for even the biggest and heaviest gaming setups.

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