asansol municipal corporation councillor list

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263M. (3) The Municipal Service Commission shall perform such duties and in such manner as may be prescribed. (a) refund of taxes and other moneys' which are authorised by this Act; (b) repayment of moneys belonging to contractors or other persons and held in deposit and all moneys collected or credited to the Municipal Fund by mistake; (c) temporary payments for works urgently required by the State Government in the public interest; (d) sums payable as compensation under this Act or the rules or the regulations made thereunder; (e) expenses incurred by the Corporation on special measures on the outbreak of dangerous diseases; (i) under orders of the State Government on failure of the Corporation to take any action required by the State Government; or, (ii) under any other enactment in force for the time being; or, (iii) under the decree or order of a civil or criminal court against the Corporation; or, (iv) under a compromise of any claim, suit or other legal proceedings; or. (4) The Corporation shall forthwith pay into any Sinking Fund such amount as the auditors appointed under section 77 may certify to be deficit unless the State Government specially sanctions a gradual readjustment of such deficit in respect of such fund. Inspection of Corporation works and institutions by Government officers. (2) If, on the service of the such notice, such person does not forthwith pay the sum so due or about to become due, the amount shall be leviable by distress or attachment and sale in the manner hereinbefore provided, and the warrant of distress or attachment and sale may be issued and executed without any delay. [263H. The Municipal Fund, Budget, Loans, Accounts and Audit. (3) The State Government shall, by notification, constitute an Advisory Committee for naming, or changing the name of, any public street or square in Asansol. 17. 104. 263H. Selection of personnel. Contact Us. 259. (2) In the event of the death of any person primarily liable as aforesaid, the person on whom the title of such land or building devolves shall, within six months from the date of death of the former, give notice of such devolution in writing to the Corporation. (3) The Councillor elected from a ward shall be the Chairperson of the Ward Committee for that ward. Sinking Fund. Metals - including precious metal - Beating, breaking, hammering, casting, etc. Services of Municipal Engineering Directorate. "I, A. [57A. (2) No person shall sink a tubewell in Asansol except with the prior permission of the Chief Executive Officer. Ward Wise Sectors List Of Chandigarh: Chandigarh Municipal Corporation Chandigarh Election are round the corner and we are pretty sure that majority of the residents or voters are unaware of the present and the nominee Councillor. Failure to provide privy, urinal, bathing or washing place. (2) The Corporation may after giving general notice close any municipal market or slaughter-house or stock-yard or any portion thereof and the premises occupied for any municipal market, slaughter-house or stock-yard or any portion thereof so closed shall be vacated by the occupants in accordance with such notice. Savings as to certain suits and proceedings. (3) Subject to such standing orders as may be made by the Mayor-in-Council in this behalf,-. (5) On an application from a person interested, the Chief Registrar or the Registrar shall issue an extract from an entry of birth or death in the register of births and deaths on payment of such fee as may be determined by regulation. - (1) Each ward of the Corporation shall have a Ward Committee. Periodic assessment. Exemption of Central Government properties. Powers and functions of the Mayor-in-Council. Annual Budget. 10. (h) public works including road construction and housing. [(5)] the Corporation may levy a sewer charge at such rate as it may determine. Itinerant vendors hawking goods for sale. Occupier to carry out work in place of owner. 0000002308 00000 n [(7)] The Corporation shall prepare the revised budget estimate for a year along with the budget estimate for the next year in such manner as may be prescribed. Appointment of officers for Corporation from cadres of State Government. (4) The amount due as penalty or interest under this section shall be recoverable as an arrear of tax under this Act.

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