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We really have to pray so hard for the priests and consecrated religious, as Our Lady asks. they cried. Again I thank you very much for praying with me, for me and having me as your shipmate!! In her own way our lady managed to pull him of his depression and bitterness against his mother and sent him to take care of her. Testimony I don't know - WHY - this "grace" or change in my life has lasted only so short time but I am thankfull for this experience. Bind my Ears and Cover them that I hear No Evil.. Bind my Eyes and Cover them That I see No Evil. We have our trust in Him. This event occurred at apparition time!! We will keep on sailing until we reach the shore of Heaven. My husband, daughter and myself were in Medjugorje during Holy week, and Mary has been drawing us closer to her son. My earliest childhood memories are probably similar to those of most children raised in the 60s. Hello Cathy, I'm Testimonial of medjugorje was when I was down at the risen Jesus's I'd not long arrived in medjugorje it was in the afternoon and after my dinner our group went done and I seen the sun spinning and it didn't hurt my eyes it was so beautiful, the peace I can not explain it is not of this world so so amazing I live medjugorje and hoping to be going back this September our blessed mother is truly there in medjugorje thank you god bless from Helen, Ireland. Meanwhile, The Lord had plans for a man, Jim on our pilgrimage also. Slavko and told him what the ladies had said, and he replied, " Good - you can do it again tomorrow for the Rosary. His stage 4 cancer had come back and the tumors were spreading really quickly in his neck. What an amazing 2018 Youth Festival ! i am so grateful for having gone twice to MEDJUGORJE, my life has changed so much! I catch the kids at Father Lopez Catholic High School I am very thankful that it has been posted on the website and will be watching it again. Kris Ohio, On my return home from Medjugorje in May 2017, I was bereft and deeply longed to return to Medjugorje - I sorely missed the peace that I experienced in Medjugorje. She had Alzheimers and also had a great love of Mary. called Kathy and her sweet captain Dennis, asking if they knew anyone down here in Texas that would have a Prayer cloth that I could borrow quickly as my older brother Michael, who has battle diabetes all his life, had a bad infection settle into his body and was very close to death. I am very happy because in May 13 celebration of Apparitions. But a miracle happened! i am so humbled by how GREAT GOD IS!!! My mom is suffering greatly due to pancreatic cancer and my sisters are exhausted with all the care she requires. This is my testimony, we have to be grateful to God, to Jesus, to the Holy Spirit, to Her, to express this gratitude in our. Arriving at the hotel I heard a very strong inner call that told me: "Come, come on the hill". His knees were sagging as they took the full weight of his suffering on the threshold of the cross. Recently, our son in law Steven, who recently became catholic, got a bad injury to his leg. I have been praying to Mary for a lot of things regarding my relationship with my boyfriend, one most important prayer of mine was regarding the communication between me and my boyfriend.Im praying novenas to our mother and the other day I prayed here to our mother of Medjugorge by watching the hour of mercy and praying to her during the hour of Mercy.I have been praying assumption novena too for the communication between me and my boyfriend to improve.Our communication has been a bit off lately and we are in two countries now and don't know when we will be able to see each other again due to a lot of problems, travel restrictions and visa restrictions due to coronavirus to begin with.On the 4th day of assumption novena, I prayed during hour of mercy too to our mother and since then our communication has improved- he has been calling me everyday.I know our mother is with me and she has held my hand and I'm sure she will be answering all my prayers and will protect me and my relationship.She is hearing mesh can hear everyone. Praise be Jesus and Mary ! Wow. His mother became very sick and he had to step to the hospital to take care of her. Kathy and Dennis graciously sent our family a cloth and words of the Magnificat ” My soul magnifies the Lord and my spirit Then I started seeing straight lines around the cross like a monstrance that were coming and going. I am casting down my sorrows for joy every morning I wake up to the sound of joyful hearts on MaryTV. I think what he was saying to me was look Maura love and holiness through me transforms all suffering, even death itself into life. I felt the protection and the Love of our Blessed Mother. Love, pray and witness my presence to all those who are far away. A supernatural Cross of Light in the heavens on Ascension Thursday - what a Great Sign!! I put in prayer requests for Clarence ( next to Mary) and Mary (sitting in chair) my co workers Grandmapents. Ever since I asked a friend to place a little prayer card of St Anne next to the blue cross in Medjugorje amazing things have been happening to me. It was a large, perfect Cross of White Light! I just wanted to look at it forever. In the Eucharist all things are renewed into perfect joy in Christ. Thank you for your prayers for my Mother who is in hospice care at winsdor manor in Illinois. In early June, I asked for prayer for my adult son who was in a financial crisis.. Credit Card / ACH Bank Donation:Best for INSIDE USA and Canada. The love of Christ was very much alive and present in our home in the way our parents loved us and instilled in us the values of Christ’s sense of compassion, forgiveness, honesty, and respect. I saw. Today, I watched the broadcast during Mother Marys' apparition time. Always remember the greatest power on earth is prayer. Behold, also today I want to call you to start living a new life as of today. When she got to the village, she thought that she could go no farther, so she returned to the hotel. Members of our new Spiritual Life Commission were at each of the four entrances with a basket filled with saint cards. This was another Christ centred moment on my vocation journey. So many people have been praying on my behalf for this position and salary thank you Jesus for hearing my prayer thank you Mary interceding thank you to all of the Saints have, Thank you Mary, Jesus and all the Saints for answering my prayer for the job at EHP. She was the one who told me about Medjugorje. I am so deeply grateful for the ability to post prayer requests... it's as though Our Lady is forming a little community of warriors, able to call on one another in our own battles. Thanks! I don't need to be THIS single-minded, THIS outspoken against the ways of our culture..." I lost more peace. I heard the words, "you, be tender". We heard from Thomas, Praise Jesus !!! As I was talking with our Holy Mother about my life and how much I love her, I felt the presence of many angels and truly felt that an army of Angels were surrounding the City of Medjugorje. Well he did call but not in the way I expected. In a short time, the Holy Spirit has opened up my mind to understanding the reason for Our Lady's coming to us through your reflections. Medjugorje is a blessed place where peace can be found if one is open to the message of our Holy Mother. I read in her book how she felt when Mary told her She would no more go to visit her everyday, so I can imagine how she is suffering now, the hard times she is going to go through just "alone", I can imagine her spiritual pain. I have no words to explain such a mysterious and yet simple and pure love. It was impossible for me, then, to grow up without a strong sense of Christ being at work in the ups and downs, the trials and tribulations as well as the joys and, successes in my life. Thank you Jesus.If you read this please send my thanks with your prayers also. I have had many graces through. I am continually amazed at how God is so concerned with each one of us and hears each of our prayers. The Gospa made me abandon myself in her, in the will of God, to see the grace and faith of Medjugorge, I was filled with Faith and love to return to my children and husband and in love with God to make this donation without knowing if I could reject him , or die, or die both, but it is the faith and thanks of Jesus that Mary gave me that assurance of trusting that what would come would be the best. Thank you, Dear Mother Mary: Our Blessed Mother insists that we forgive one another to be like Her Son. My friend said that she has survived what her sisters didn't. Give me the grace of freedom for my son-in-law and deep give me faith for my relatives and fix all evil in their lives. I had been out for a walk a few days before the healing service along the same stretch of water where I had entered the river that night of the near drowning.

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