audix d6 vs d112

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It does have that scooped tonality but workable, i would use it on more of a mellow material, but it does take EQ very well, also, Audix f6 sounds just about the same and is less expensive, i think the whole kit is about $500US. I don't like audix. It captures more of the beating and action. They're good at different things. I think it's the new kick drum mic to watch. A lot. The D112 is probably more versatile. It's beautiful on bass cabs, vocals and floor tom, and nice on guitar cabs if you want guitar fattened up. If you can swing getting both, I like d6 on the hole, d112 wrapped around back facing the beater. No worries. I have a D112 . Mike Green. Products, practices, and stories about the profession or hobby of recording, editing, and producing audio. Has anyone compared The d6 with the E902? Favourite kick mic is the Shure Beta 52a. Ian Paice (Deep Purple) used AKG D112's inside his toms and kick for many many many live shows. I'd buy 10 D6s before I bought a D112. ... After I tested the D6 against D112, D12, RE20, some combos with SM91, Beta 91 with a bunch of mikes for the bottom. When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Worked for him. Oh well. Attached are the files. We've been using it loads on bass drums recently, ahead of many so called specialist bass drum mics. The D112 has a pronounced "clock" sound to the midrange (between 1 & 2 kHz) where the D6 has more of a "tick" to the attack centered much higher, probably 8 to 10 kHz). That's funny - the one trick I use my D6 for is kick! I've been really digging it inside the kick shell to capture the attack of the kick pedal. AKG D112 Vs Shure Beta 52A Conclusion If in personally, we prefer and recommend you to choose the Beta 52A over the AKG D112 just because the IMHO the 52 gives you more to work with and just that straight up rock and roll thump. Mostly with live gigs, though, where it makes the kick, well, really kick! Create a username and password below and an account will be created and your post entered. Hey guys, I'm currently looking to purchase a cheap large diaphragm dynamic mic for use with kick drum, bass amp, etc. Click here to login, The ability to reply to and create new discussions, Access to members-only giveaways & competitions, Interact with VIP industry experts in our guest Q&As, Access to members-only sub forum discussions, Get INSTANT ACCESS to the world's best private pro audio, Promote your eBay auctions and listings for free. I want to know pros and con's of both and hear good and bad experiences with each. You can see also Audix D6 Vs Shure Beta 52A Comparison. The D6 is massively scooped as compared to the D112, with significantly more high-frequency response. :-). I love these kind of tests, even though I always fail. I was wondering what your opinions on which to buy are? I did the research and it all suggested the D112, which I'm amazingly happy with for my kick drum, but on anything else it's not ideal. AKG D112 vs Audix D6 vs Stagg D5010 - Bass Drum.avi - YouTube This is a Mapex M Birch Kick, Remo Powerstroke 3 batter head with a Falam Slam Pad, nothing on the reso side. I find the D6 isolates from the other drums or instruments better, it has what I consider a dull simple thud to it that lacks a little balls to me, and the D112 has a wider more versatile sound. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. I don't personally like the d112, but the AKG DVR12 is pretty cool. Two totally different mics. i own a Beta52 and D6, and i have worked with D112 a lot of times, here are my impressions: WOw, what a difference a year makes. The 91 gets used the most for me. Let the battle begin. The D112 boosts higher frequencies, around 100Hz. Both mics are heavily sculpted and consequently deliver quite specific kick sounds, where mics like an EV RE 20 are much flatter and less specific in the shaping. I find my mic choices change like my women. Learn more Page 2 of 2 < 1 2 Reply OPTIONS. The D112 has a pronounced "clock" sound to the midrange (between 1 & 2 kHz) where the D6 has more of a "tick" to the attack centered much higher, probably 8 to 10 kHz). (Read also : Audix D6 Vs AKG D112 Comparison) Technical Specs. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. Audix D6 Shure Beta 52A - Type : Dynamic - Type : Dynamic (moving coil) - Polar Pattern : Cardioid - Polar Pattern : Supercardioid - Frequency Response : 30Hz - 15kHz - Frequency Response : 20 to 10,000 Hz - Impedance : 280 ohms - Impedance : 150 ohms : Shure Beta 52A The Shure Beta 52A Kick Drum Mic is a high-output and a … shure beta 52a if you wanna use it on several music styles. Here's a blind test comparing the M82 to the new AKG D12VR, E-V RE320, and the beyerdynamic M99: M82, M99, D12VR, RE320 on kick drum. I am never amazed when it comes to this stuff. I love taking tests like this, even if I fail. I bought one, but it doesn't take high enough SPL. The Sennheiser 602 and 902 are both definitely scopped as well, but not as specific as either the D112 or D6. Press J to jump to the feed. I'd guess that more tracks have been recorded with D112's than D6's as well, because the D6 is unheard of in a lot of studios. check out the. IMO the best combo! 20th April 2013 #31. Other lower end instruments, like Bass Guitar, end up sounding just sort of muddy and lackluster in my experience. Sort of a midway point between the D112 and a D6.

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