bacon, lettuce, tomato avocado wraps

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This inspired me! I wrap my bacon, lettuce, and tomato in provolone cheese. She loves bacon. 3 points – what a deal! I was just discussing a diet with my doctor this morning, and he recommended low carb. Lettuce, chicken, bacon and avocados tossed in a yummy dressing and layered inside a tortilla. Why didn't I think of it sooner? I just made this for lunch and it was great- bonus, I don't feel guilty for eating too much but I am still satisfied. Perfect summer lunch! Whenever muy lettuce leaves don't cooperate, I shred them and serve the tomatoes and bacon on top. =) And let me tell ya.. SOOOOO good!!!! Awesome! Skip the bread and enjoy all the flavors you love in a BLT, without all the carbs in these easy lettuce wraps! *, Such a quick and easy lunch option! Place bacon in a large skillet and cook over medium-high heat, turning occasionally, until evenly browned, about 10 minutes. Off to see what else you have here for those of us who love food but not looking like we do! It has all the tast I'd expect from a BLT, and it might actually taste better, without the bread in the way of the tomato and bacon. . I brought these to the beach the other day and just assembled as i ate them. Add tomato then bacon and roll it like a wrap and dig in! BLTs are something my mom would make in the summer…heaven forbid she turn on the oven when it was above 80. So easy and seriously satisfies my BLT cravings. BLT Lettuce Wraps. Thank you. I used romaine lettuce when I tried this, because we didn't have any iceberg. This looks awesome! Thanks for the recipe! it came out delicious and was super fast to make during my lunch break!! I can't wait! (same for 4 slices turkey bacon). The leaves of butter or boston lettuce are smaller, but also wonderful. : ). Place lettuce cups on a plate, top with shredded lettuce. omg soo gooddd,! yummy!!! It might have worked better for me as a salad, but the flavor was just great. thanks for recipe, will try too have you published your recipe book? Yum! So, I counted the 2 wraps I just ate for 3 pts. Skip the bread and enjoy all the flavors you love in a BLT, without all the carbs! These were delicious, so simple but just perfect. I like to use iceberg lettuce for larger cups. Center cut Oscar Mayer bacon is 2 pts for four slices, and the mayonaisse is 1 pt. I love BLTs but I usually make them with cream cheese instead of mayo b/c i have a strong hatred for the stuff. thank you!!! lovely healthy wraps. These were so good and simple to make! What a great way to enjoy the typical indulgence without all those pesky carbs and fat. I tried these last night for dinner and they were absolutely delicious! We aren't mayo people so we just had it with the B, the L, and the T. Really good! Your email address will not be published. Thanks, Gina! I shared the recipe on Facebook! Thanks for the terrific recipe ❤️. It’s no secret that “wrap” recipes are one of my favorite things to share with you guys. This is my fav. Simple ingredients, but man does it look delicious! Thumbs up! Thanks! I usually use center cut bacon which is sliced close to the bone so it’s slightly leaner than regular bacon but tastes just like the real thing. Hi, I’m Gina Homolka, a busy mom of two girls, author and recipe developer here at My friend and I made these last week…SO GOOD! Mixed it with romaine lettuce then put tomatoes on top and crumbled bacon. These are much lunch for the week – though I decided to go for the extra points of putting everything in a pita.

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