basque chorizo vs mexican chorizo

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How it’s made and sold: Mexican chorizo is a spicy ground meat sausage that is most commonly sold fresh and uncooked, either loose or in a casing, although dried versions do exist.It is sold with other raw meats or sausages at the grocery store. Join the discussion today. Get the Queso Fundido recipe. Chorizo is usually made from pork or beef, though chicken versions exist, as do more creative renditions made from meats such as iguana or ostrich. Ingredients: While it is usually made of pork, Mexican chorizo is a highly seasoned fatty sausage and can be made out of other meats like beef. This pepper, then, crucial to both the flavor and color of chorizo today, was brought back to Spain by early conquistadors and traders. Chorizo is a type of sausage with origins in the Iberian Peninsula, which is now Spain and Portugal. Alexis deBoschnek, A hot, cheesy dip is always a good idea; load it up with crispy chorizo and it's even better. © Provided by Chowhound © Provided by Chowhound Chowhound's Chorizo Breakfast Burritos, But Sánchez has a favorite way to prepare it that’s going to make your mouth water. The finished product is usually stuffed into short links in edible or inedible casings and “aged” by air-drying for anywhere from one day to a week. That means don’t consider it a meat that needs to strictly stay within the bounds of Mexican cuisine. Chowhound's Chorizo and Olive Flatbread. ), you’ll be running out to find some after reading this. “You will sometimes find special names like Longaniza, which describes a particular style of Mexican chorizo,” Sánchez adds. The mix is stuffed into natural or artificial casings and formed into links that can be short to quite a long length. Mexican vs Spanish Chorizo. Neither type of modern-day chorizo could have existed without the encounter between Europe and the New World in the decades after 1492. Here, we delve into the difference between Mexican chorizo and Spanish chorizo. I usually place it in a skillet over medium heat and break it up into tiny pieces with a wooden spoon while cooking. Mexican chorizo is almost always made with ground fresh, raw pork. It is made from ground pork and…”, Mexican chorizo can be made from pork, beef, or even soy, and it’s so saturated with the flavors of those herbs and spices that it requires barely any manipulation to make it taste great. Spanish and Portuguese chorizo, having been cured or smoked, does not need to be cooked before consumption. The pronunciation of the word "chorizo" in Mexican Spanish is choh-REE-soh, with the "z" pronounced like an "s." In Castillian Spanish, chorizo is pronounced more like choh-REE-thoh, with the "z" having a "th" sound. chorizo and olive flatbread Today, the Mexican variety is made all over the country, though the area around Toluca (capital city of Mexico State) is the region most renowned for sausage making and, in recent decades, the development of chorizo verde, a green-colored sausage that owes its color to the inclusion of cilantro, tomatillos, and/or green chiles. Both are must-tries, but they’re importantly different. © Provided by Chowhound empanada recipe Portuguese chouriço tortilha (like a Spanish tortilla or an Italian frittata) is a simple egg dish, slowly cooked over a stove with potatoes and chouriço, Think of our Mushroom and Chorizo Pizza recipe as an open-face alternative to our Mushroom and Chorizo Quesadilla recipe—but know that you can't go wrong with either one. Connect with friends faster than ever with the new Facebook app. Chorizo with scrambled eggs is a common example, as is refried beans flavored with the sausage. Scotch eggs are a traditional UK pub treat, but swapping in chorizo for the usual breakfast sausage gives them a kick. © Provided by CBS Interactive Inc. (video). For more details, see our, A Quick Guide to Sausages From Around the World, Ham, Cheese, and Chorizo Appetizer With Bread, Spanish Chorizo and Its Traditional Preparation, Spain's Food and the 6 Different Culinary Regions. Because the chorizos have been made differently, they are prepared differently before serving. linguine with clams and chorizo A lighter, spicier take on surf and turf, this pasta pairs briny clams and Mexican chorizo sausage with fresh parsley, garlic, and a little vodka. Chowhound. Chúuk Restaurant on Instagram: “What is Mexican Chorizo? If you’re a sausage lover who hasn’t tried chorizo (we’re not sure how that’s possible, but we’re not judging you! Even cooked chorizo is rarely eaten as is; its strong, spicy flavor makes it a great element for combining (in relatively small quantities) with other ingredients. © Provided by Chowhound Read the Basque Chorizos - GEM MEATING PACKING CO. IDAHO discussion from the Chowhound Restaurants, Mountain States food community. You can do traditional components of stuffing, such as cooked cornbread, but then amp it up with chorizo,” says Sánchez. Any excess grease is poured off before the meat is eaten. “Mexican style chorizo is actually raw meat that’s been heavily seasoned with dry chilies and aromatic spices like cinnamon and clove.

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