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Studies show that 68% of diseases are related to indoor bacterial contamination. It is reported that the R & D team and design team of New Zealand’s leading brand for rhinitis BEGGI have successfully launched the world’s first smart pulse nasal washer “smart whale” after years of efforts recently. Create one. All Rights reserved. “Small and smooth machine body design, and the equipment of intelligent LCD display, make this nose washer a combination of technology and fashion.” A senior industry insider commented, “its design of portable wireless charging, 30-day long endurance and other details is unique among the nasal washing products, and it will certainly lead to a new trend in the consumption of nasal washing products all over the world.”, Media ContactCompany Name: BEGGI PHARMACEUTICALS LIMITEDContact Person: TonyEmail: Send EmailCountry: New ZealandWebsite: Moreover, researchers also added some special elements such as the unique Eucalyptus essential oil from Tasmania, Australia and quercus phillyraeoides-made carbon anion technology in the mask, which made the product capable of eliminating germ, nourish nose and repair users’ breathing system. If you have any questions feel free to call us at 1-877-440-ZING or email us at The reporter learned that BEGGI pharmaceuticals, a big New Zealand health giant, has developed a natural disinfectant spray with an antibacterial effect of up to 99% after repeated trials for more than three years, investing tens of millions of yuan in research and development of this spray. The important ingredient in BEGGI disinfectant spray that can effectively inhibit bacterial regeneration is “Eucalyptus essential oil”. Free and open company data on New Zealand company BEGGI PHARMACEUTICALS LIMITED (company number 7194895), Unit 8, 15 Trugood Drive, East Tamaki, Auckland, 2013 Now available: over 400m key company lifecycle events, from officer changes to gazette notices. It also has skin care effect while cleansing the hands. The natural factors in the ingredients also have the effects of relieving cough and promoting breathing. The active ingredients are absorbed into the nasal skin cells, building a natural barrier while helping to soothe irritation. In the BEGGI disinfectant spray, high-tech purified manuka essential oil is added. Contact us for more information or advice about our products, please fill up the form below. This product contains the three precious ingredients, including Manuka Factor unique to New Zealand, Australian Eucalyptus essential oil, and Aloe vera curacao in Africa, and it can safely and effectively suppress germs and microorganisms with gently spray without rinsing. It is reported that the product will be launched in more than 20 countries including Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, America, and China in the near future. It is reported that one of the three nose-protective product giants, BEGGI pharmacy from New Zealand announced that it had invented the globally-first intelligent temperature-controlled breathing mask following famous gauze mask brands like 3M of America and Pitta from Japan. It has a natural and fresh smell and excellent sterilization effects. It is said that compared with previous breathing mask, the most distinguishing feature of the smart temp-controlled breathing mask strongly advocated by BEGGI is the innovative features added in it. Washing noses with nasal washing water can not only clean the nasal cavity comprehensively, but also effectively eliminate inflammation and sterilization, which has become the most common way to prevent and improve rhinitis. As a New Zealand big health industry giant brand, the BEGGI pharmaceutical team has been working on this historic challenge for three years, and finally overcome this historic problem after continuous researches and developments. This new product will be later released in more than 20 countries for the first time. By then, consumers around the world will be able to use this natural disinfectant spray. With the increasing concern about breathing health, a competition centered on the market of breathing mask is playing all over the world. Don't have a Benzinga account? Please enter the full ID code into the field to verify your BEGGI product. net: 300mg x 30 capsules. Relevant principals in the Global Research and Development Center of BEGGI introduced that first, the mask could keep out the cold. The reporter learned that as soon as this kind of nasal washer was officially launched in the world, it has become one of the new products with the highest attention in the field of rhinitis due to its innovative advantages such as “black technology” and “high level of appearance”. “As the leader and promoter of New Zealand’s big health industry, BEGGI is well on its way to developing new products.” A senior observer in the Australian and New Zealand medical and health industry commented, “Its applied nose-protective cream, nose-protective water, temperature-sensitive masks and other products have received rave reviews for their effective nose care experience. These products are not suitable for people with respiratory diseases and sensitive skin as well as young children, and accidental ingestion can also lead to poisoning. © 2018 Copyright Gadgetine theme. Get pre-market outlook, mid-day update and after-market roundup emails in your inbox. Innovatively addition of Australian and New Zealand natural plant essential oil ingredients into this product and blend into the fine spray, which make the spray mild and non-irritating and can be directly sprayed on hands and face. New Zealand’s health industry giant BEGGI pharmaceuticals invented the world’s first moderate disinfectant spray. For example, common 84 disinfectants and medical alcohol have strong sterilization effect, but they also have extremely irritants. As one of the first users, Miss Pei from Beijing said, “I have always regarded breathing mask as just a dustproof item, but the BEGGI mask really surprised me, letting me know that such a small mask can also keep us warm, improve and protect the allergic nose, and can even beautify our skin. Subscribe to our mailing list and get updates weekly. The reporter learned that BEGGI’s new nasal washer subverts the simple, direct, and rude nasal washing method of traditional nasal washers by using the core technology of smart pulse, and provides rhinitis patients with massage-like nasal washing enjoyment, with a brand new nose care concept of “maintenance first and washing later”, effectively eliminating the rhinitis problems. Unlike the common disinfectant products on the market, BEGGI disinfectant spray can also be applied directly to the skin, thanks to another ingredient, aloe vera extract, which has a good softening, moisturizing and whitening effects because of containing polysaccharides and multivitamins for human skin. There is an answer to this question. The smart temp-controlled system is able to continuously release hot steam, acts like a constant water sprayer, keeping users’ skin even more moisturized; third, the mask is uniquely-tailored into a 4D effect which can lift the skin upwards, making our face become thinner; fourth, this brand-new product is absolutely comparable with other international brands in terms of the feature of blocking out dust.

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