best beer for cooking brats

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Having lived in Germany for well over a decade, I never once saw brats cooked in beer before grilling. If there's a specific kind you've had great results with please post the details here. Combine ingredients in foil pan. A nice overnight soak and then boil in PBR is my personal favorite, but that wasn't one of the voting options. Using second-place votes as the tie breaker, Johnny Blood won the day. All rights reserved. Bratifact check: Wisconsin wisdom says to use whatever beer is in your fridge to par-boil brats or for your brat beer bath. Beer and bratwurst video using, Miller Lite, Weihenstephaner Pilsner, DC Brau Corruption IPA, Aecht Schlenkerla Eiche, Schlenkerla gravy. 5 bratwurst (we used Johnsonville for our test), 1 medium onion, cut into rings about ⅓-inch thick, 1 large red bell pepper, cut into rings about ⅓-inch thick. But any beer is a good choice. You can also vote for more than one kind. You could taste them in the Brat, but the onions really soaked it up. The solution: Cook your sausages lower and slower by simmering them in liquid. Unfortunately, good brats aren't that easy to find on this side of the pond. My preference is for stouts. To make beer-infused baked brats, marinate the uncooked bratwurst in one can or bottle of beer for 30 minutes before cooking. Is racking to secondary optional with a stout? We suspect the caramel and somewhat sweet flavor profiles of reds, stouts and porters provide a nice complement the fatty, salty bratwurst. Both were hits, though the stout was slightly favored. I love a brown like Janet's Brown, or a doppelbock, marzen/o-fest, or a European amber lager. Testing methodology: Co-workers sampled a piece of each bratwurst (no bun or condiments) and ranked each 1 to 3 based simply on personal taste. I appreciate the input Gratus, I haven't tried stouts or browns yet. hey, never thought of a cider, i think my wife might like that, might have to try that, the only sweet beer that I can think of is applehead by shipyard, hmmm . Curious about using craft beer in bratwurst preparation, Jim Rosandick, who's been the man behind the video camera for our series, tested Louie's Demise and Road Slush (oatmeal stout, New Glarus Brewing) during a backyard grilling session with family and friends. I've never tried cooking with it, but I'm curious. Don't marinate longer than that since they could turn mushy. try boiling your brats in beer after you grill them. What I do is first cook the brats in beer (use same kind of beer above)and onions on the stove. Try a bite without condiments first, we don't think they need it. © 2020 Beers tested:  Miller High Life, Johnny Blood Red, and Night Rain (porter, O'so Brewing). The last time I did it was with a blonde ale and while it wasn't bad, very little beer flavor came through. I could make it four, and mix beer into the mix before I stuff them, but I use milk and like the results. Laughing Skull - Amber Ale What's this achieve? Total time for the bratwurst mixture on the grill is about 15 minutes. Once they're cooked, I put them into a warm beer (120F or so) to keep them warm and add some flavor, and then, or course, is the beer I pair it with when I'm eating it - and that varies depending on the time of year and the weather. The onions were fantastic with the Amber, that is probably where I noticed the flavor the most. RELATED: Readers tell us which brat toppings are approved. All rights reserved. Previously, Jim McCabe, Milwaukee Brewing co-owner, says Louie's Demise (American amber ale) is his brat beer of choice. This allows the sausages to cook evenly all the way through. Then cook them on the grill until they are nice and browned and oozing juices. My fav actually was a bottle of bigfoot barleywine and lots of onions. Turn frequently to avoid splitting. I parboil my brats first in a light american lager (BMC), then grill them - it gets them cooked through with far less splitting of the casing and charring. With a good results on a small test, we decided it was time for larger quasi-scientific test. I realize the poll doesn't include every specific category, of beer but I tried to cover the general ones. The cheaper and skunkier the better. Specialty, Fruit, Historical, Other Recipes. Add brats, beer, 3/4 stick of butter, garlic, 1/2 onion, and salt to pot. Remove bratwurst from mixture and brown on grill grate over medium to medium-low heat. I'd never even consider giving these babies a beer bath before grilling. I voted for both porter and brown ale, I use both fairly regularly with brats. Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by 3000, May 22, 2012. Cook until almost done but not bursting at all. Allow to brats and mixture to come to a boil. I think if you're going to boil your brats in beer, it should be a beer that imparts some obvious flavour that will last after grilling. The past month I've done two different styles of beer. Background: Truthfully, we never would have challenged Wisconsin wisdom when it comes to bratwurst if it weren't for a few knowledgeable beer folk featured in our WisBrewView series. The cheaper and skunkier the better. . | Respect Beer®. Then I grill them. I'm fortunate to be able to pick up some great brats at a suburban Baltimore German butcher shop (Muellers Deli iin Parkville, MD). Something nice and malty. They come out awesome, and we top them with the onions on a good roll with spicy brown mustard. . Boiling them in beer will remove a lot of the natural flavor and juiciness from the brats, as the spices essentially work themselves into the water/beer that you discard. First thing you want to do is boil your can of beer. Tell us: Experiment with craft beers (I'd steer clear of IPAs) in your bratwurst and share your results with us. Conclusion: Whoever told you to just use the skunkiest beer you have on hand isn't wrong — or right. Don't marinate longer than that since they could turn mushy. Each bratwurst garnered seven first-place votes. I think the secret is getting good brats and simply grilling them. Once the liquid is bubbling allow to cook for a few minutes longer. If you really want to bring out more flavor you can soak the brats in beer overnight. Why Do Beer Kits only Include One Yeast Package. While your brats … Once brats, onions and peppers are good and golden brown, slide into a bun. Cover and place in refrigerator for 2 hours to overnight. Most recently, Dave Oldenburg, Titletown Brewing brewmaster, who says he likes Johnny Blood Red (Irish-style amber ale) as a bratwurst beer. Yogi, that sounds fantastic. This isn’t necessary if you find the Johnsonville Beer Brats. Enjoy! . It's really disappointing 70+ people have looked at this and couldn't just at least throw a quick vote in.

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