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This design matches the bronze tuners as well. Hollow and semi-hollow electric guitars feature the same design choice, which means resonator guitars are partially hollow on the inside. It comes with a mahogany single-cutaway body, a maple single-cone bridge, a mahogany neck, and a rosewood fretboard. While the chart above is by no means a comprehensive list, it certainly provides a good snapshot of what’s popular in today’s resonator market.Earlier we promised to take a look at some of the different body, neck and cone styles on offer, so let’s start checking these out. There’s more on the Danelectro ’59 resonator in the full review. 10) Gold Tone Paul Beard Signature Series PBS-D Squareneck Resonator Deluxe Guitar. It’s the perfect choice for beginners and intermediate players alike. Required fields are marked *. The tone of the guitar is rich and consistent. In this case, it is meant for lap-slide playing. On a strict budget? If not, buy from somewhere with a clearly outlined returns policy. The secret sauce delivers a tone that comes straight from Louisiana. It comes in a black satin finish and a built-pickup which provides ease of play and convenience. The Gretsch is feather-light and vintage styled from its aged pearloid headstock to the soft V-shape of the neck. They produce the sound by guiding the string vibrations through the bridge via spun metal cones. 9) Regal RD-40BS Studio Series Squareneck Resophonic Guitar Black. Thankfully, several companies are putting out resonator guitars that the rest of us can afford. Also, it’s quite durable. The acoustic/electric resonator can produce sound that effortlessly fills up a large room. There’re ornate f-holes on the body, which serves to boost projection and enhance aesthetics. Still, it sounds significantly better and louder than any other resonator on the list. You may not need an amp to play this guitar because the sound is just great. But for a songwriter with a more sensitive style that’s looking for a bluesy vibe this could be just the ticket. and guitars, it features custom Lipstick pickups -’56 models. There are some additional visual treats, such as the ornate headstock and pearl/abalone split block inlays on the fretboard. Their Thinbody Cutaway resonator is bold, retro, super comfortable, and versatile. We’re closing the list with another Dean model. The spider cone lent a nasal honk to the sound, and many Dobros used wood back and sides. It has a single 9.5 inch spun aluminum resonator cone with a traditional brass-slotted cover-plate and Biscuit Bridge. But overall, the tone is lovely played either as an acoustic or an electric. Dean brings a thin cutaway electric-acoustic guitar with excellent sound capabilities and impressive style. Some of the users include Pete Townshend, Brian Jones, and. This guitar has not changed much since the 1920s when it was first introduced. Given that the company was originally based in Chicago—a hotbed of blues since the late 1920s—and remains in Illinois to this day, it’s appropriate that Washburn designs and manufactures instruments with an eye towards vintage blues vibes. Complete with a hand-spun Continental Cone that has amazing sustain and tone. We certainly hope this article makes your decision easier about which resonator guitar is the right one for you. Good luck with the search for your ideal resonator! Bottleneck slide, blues fingerpicking, or jazz strumming, this guitar is capable of handling it all. The fretboard is excellent and plays fine, but the only problem with is a piece of resonator appears to be the neck. There are some general guidelines when it comes to the resonator cones and bridges. However, tricone resonators have irregular soundholes, whereas “spider bridge” guitars may omit the hole altogether. You receive a lifetime warranty upon purchase of the resonator guitar. The Danelectro brand has excellent talent in crafting retro guitars. So if you’re looking to expand your musical styles or want to dive deep into pure country and blues, a resonator guitar could be just the ticket. The fingerboard is rosewood with high-polished nickel and silver frets. Measuring 39.5 inches in size, the Pyle PGA48BR features a rosewood bridge and fretboard, with 21 frets. It is a solid mahogany body with a natural finish that has fantastic tone and volume. Also, resonator guitars have more sustain, increased attack, and a brighter mid-range than classical guitars or steel-string guitars. This model features a solid and up-to-date design in every area of the instrument. Unlike most metal body guitars, this guitar by Dean offers a wider fretboard range and features a cutaway body. When this Regal RC-55 metal body resonator arrives, it met 95% of our expectations right out of the box. Don’t worry – stay tuned until after the chart, where we will guide you through some of the fundamentals of this exciting guitar style. With a built-in pickup, this guitar is designed for live performances. The neck feels soft and smooth, and the body is comfortable to play while sitting.

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