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Several of them did: Our favorites from this round were Voss, which makes a lime-mint sparkling water that left our palates feeling positively breezy. The real dose of lime juice here makes Spindrift's lime flavor unabashedly tart. Whether you’re looking to pour it over ice to quench your thirst or mix into an exciting new cocktail or mocktail, you’ll find a wide variety of options to choose from and these are our top picks. If you come to me for my personal rec, I'm Hal's all the way. Epicurious may earn a portion of sales from products that are purchased through our site as part of our Affiliate Partnerships with retailers. It could help in kicking a soda habit. These included waters with mint, cucumber, and lemon, as well as Key lime, which we found out is decidedly different from a more traditional lime flavor (and not, according to our team, in a good way). Sipped next to the other contenders, there really was no comparing them. It’s can be an unpleasantly rough road to stray away from the sugar-overloaded beverages that fill the shelves in the grocery store. Keep your bubbly sips simple by opting for one of the following 11 fizzy water brands—all recommended by dietitians. Sparkling mineral water, meanwhile, is slightly different. Though it’s been around since the 1980s, it’s only in the last decade that LaCroix has become a household name with its popular Lemon, Lime, Pamplemousse (grapefruit), Coconut, and other “naturally essenced” sparkling waters. Since 1995, Epicurious has been the ultimate food resource for the home cook, with daily kitchen tips, fun cooking videos, and, oh yeah, over 33,000 recipes. All seltzers were decanted into unmarked containers just before tasting and the test was conducted blind by a panel of Epi editors and staff. She loves the brand's fun packaging—and that they've continued to expand their flavor offering. “Like a gimlet without the liquor.”. It’s impossible to tell what berries are actually being “essenced” for this one, but if you love berry flavors in general, this will be right up your alley. Every delicious fact you'd ever wanted to know about Thanksgiving sweets — plus see your favorite pies in your space using augmented reality. 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But we picked a few other favorites since Spindrift is so very different from the rest of the roster. Since seltzer is my main beverage (yes, more even than coffee or chardonnay), I was intrigued. Discover seasonal accents here. When it comes to lime-flavored sparkling water, there are two camps: The first is for seltzers that taste of lime zest, the second is for seltzers that taste of lime juice. Everything You Need to Know About Japan’s Ancient Rice Wine, How to Cook Steak in the Oven Perfectly Every Time. Always bubbly and often infused with fruit flavor, sparkling water brands have built a loyal fanbase. ... Talking Rain sparkling water is currently available in four flavors that include tangerine, berry, and lemon lime. Adorable Old Navy face masks are back in stock—and 50 percent off! Sparkling water is a beverage bottled from a natural source, often a spring. The tasters did note that the Perrier had the most delightful fizzy sound of all the seltzers, and “made some good looking bubbles.” But the water “tastes like a lab from where scientists are trying to figure out what a lime tastes like.”. There was no mistaking the flavor of Ice Mountain’s Zesty Lime. So long as it was bubbly, lime-flavored, and unsweetened, it was in. One thing we wanted more of from this sample: bubbles. While you may think of Perrier as something your parents might order at a fancy restaurant, don’t discount it. The Best Healthy Cookbooks, According to RD's, The Best Facial Cleansers For Every Skin Type, 7 Great Low-Sugar Yogurts, According to Dietitians. In addition to standard flavors like Lemon, Lime and Grapefruit, this brand offers more distinctive options including Pineapple, Cucumber, Blackberry, and Half Tea & Half Lemon. As I hinted to at the top, there were several seltzers that tasted too much of lime zest, giving them an "industrial-cleaner" vibe. Are you sitting down? When she's craving something sweeter, she'll go for one of Pellegrino's fruit-flavored beverages, which are like sparkling juices. If you’re planning on stocking both your fridge and home bar with LaCroix, this should be at the top of your list. Spindrift Lime Sparkling Water, $18 for 24 (12-ounce cans) on Amazon, Hal's New York Lime Seltzer Water, $38 for 24 (20-ounce) bottles on Amazon, Poland Spring Zesty Lime Natural Spring Sparkling Water, $19 for eight (16.9-ounce) bottles on Amazon, Polar 100% Natural Lime Seltzer, $25 for 12 (12-ounce) cans on Amazon, Voss Artesian Lime-Mint Sparkling Water, $29 for 12 (12.7-ounce) glass bottles on Amazon, Schweppes Lemon-Lime Sparkling Seltzer Water, $6 for 12 (12-ounce) cans on Instacart, Canada-Dry Lemon-Lime Sparkling Seltzer Water, Montane Cucumber-Lime Sparkling Spring Water, Perrier Cucumber and a Hint of Lime Carbonated Mineral Water, Perrier Lime Sparkling Natural Mineral Water. Read full article. To test bubble retention, I opened several of the top contenders and left them on my desk for half a day, sipping each at regular intervals, noting which ones had fallen flat and which were still giving off a hit of carbonation.

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