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Our top picks for the best online master’s in liberal arts are affordable, highly regarded, and customizable. Stanford University's MLA Program offers students the opportunity to pursue an interdisciplinary course of study in the liberal arts. Then we calculated an Intelligent Score for each program on a scale of 0 to 100. What Can You Do With A Liberal Arts Degree? Association of American Colleges and Universities, Best Colleges' ranking of the top online master's in liberal arts programs. The amount of information available for specific degrees are plentiful, and Best Masters Degrees aims to provide as many resources as we can. A master’s degree can significantly increase your earning potential. Here's a quick breakdown of how we organize ranking data: Nearly half of the data used to score each ranking involves finances and are acquired from sources such as the National Center for Education Statistics, the U.S. Department of Labor, U.S. Department of Education, Glassdoor, and PayScale. The MALS degree focuses on the interdisciplinary nature of discourses and provides students with the ability to study a broad range of topics, including English, Math, Philosophy, and Political Science. If increased earning potential and career advancement in a certain field is important to you, research the employment growth and salary rates for, Liberal arts is a broad, interdisciplinary field. Whereas most graduate programs ask you to become more and more specialized, the MLA expects you to both broaden and … If you are currently working, find out if your job offers employee tuition benefits. Second, consider delivery method. It's not uncommon for students to begin their MA while feeling unsure of their long-term career trajectory, because many students decide their next course of study at a later date. Alumni of Toledo University have praised the University's online program for how it enabled them to earn their degree remotely and stay employed while maintaining their course loads. Additionally, because there is no singular career path for graduates of liberal arts programs, predicting job placement and return-on-investment can be difficult. According to data released by College Board, learners attending a public institution and receiving in-state tuition currently pay an average of $8,670 annually. After graduation, they can take advantage of ongoing relationships with former professors or fellow alumni to forge connections that may lead to jobs. The researchers and writers at Best Masters Degrees don't make recommendations based upon preference– we back our rankings with science. While the courses listed below exist to give students a general idea of what to expect, they should check with prospective schools to get a more accurate sense of coursework they may encounter after enrolling. Wise Bread offers practical ideas for career paths that look for and value the knowledge gained from these programs. Georgetown University's Master of Arts in Liberal Studies is a 30-credit program dedicated to the interdisciplinary teaching of many subjects, such as art, literature, and religion. The curriculum is focused on the analysis and interpretation of critical texts, and how this training can be used to develop research methods one can apply to many fields. The remaining 27 credits consist of electives. Whether studying online or in person, students can benefit greatly from a program's support services. If living on campus, students can expect to pay roughly $10,000-$11,500, depending on whether they attend a public or private school, respectively. Focus areas have historically involved Ethics, European Studies, Literature, and Social and Public Policy. The final 25 percent of collected data is dependent on student and alumni reviews from sources such as PayScale, Rate My Professor, and Students Review. Students in this class study the evolving thoughts surrounding gender, with specific topics covering the idea of masculinity, the rise of feminism, the LGBTQ population, and the sexual revolution. This will be the layout from which they finish their degree: the student will come up with a theme, or title, for an individual course of study. The Master of Arts in Liberal Studies is CSU's first graduate degree program. The second largest category of information involves the quality of education, how competitive degree applicants should be for consideration, and how exclusive a degree program is overall. Alongside traditional liberal arts subjects, students consider war, peace, politics, forms of governing, and anthropological advancements to gain a greater understanding of global culture. Conversely, some learners want to finish more quickly. Many master's in liberal arts programs require students to complete an internship, so students should find out what resources and support services exist to help them find a suitable location. In addition to providing useful information about various types of Master’s degrees you can obtain, our editors also provide reviews and rankings to help you narrow down the field when it comes to selecting which programs to pursue. Third, explore any expected projects or internships. Our goal for this list was to find the best MA in liberal arts programs. Degree seekers who fail to attend a regionally, nationally, or programmatically accredited school may find it difficult to transfer credits, move into a Ph.D. program, receive licensure (if necessary), or compete against other job candidates who did so. Nearing graduation, they can contact career services for assistance with finding jobs, securing internships, and creating resumes. We also sought programs that meet high standards of quality set by objective and knowledgeable parties. All Georgetown students are asked to finish two foundational courses, one academic writing workshop, and an elective cluster best suited for an individual's academic focus area. While this path works for many, others may need an alternative timeline to make the program suit their needs. 14 Program is no longer accepting new students.. The degree may attract students transitioning from an undergraduate degree and professionals who want to add a graduate degree to their resume. A liberal arts degree will equip you with leadership, communication, and cultural awareness skills that can’t be automated. The MALS requires, either, a 30-credit thesis track or36-credit non-thesis track. Once we narrowed our list of programs, we evaluated each of them on the basis of reputation, faculty, outcomes, cost, and flexibility. Students who want to understand the role and impact of religion across the ages pursue this concentration as it helps connect the dots between many historical and contemporary movements. Pursuing a Master's in Liberal Studies or Liberal Arts is perfect for the undergraduate student who's interested in the interdisciplinary nature of discourse. One of our major criteria was that programs be delivered completely or primarily online. Established in 1962, the Johns Hopkins Master of Liberal Arts (MLA) Program has gained national recognition for the quality of its teaching and the breadth of its course offerings.

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