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They are perfect producers of sleek metal guitars too. If this were a list of the Top 10 Shred Guitar Brands Charvel would be a lot higher than number seven. Stratocasters continue to be versatile – in terms of metal, it’s a little surprising to see a guitar model without a humbucker at the bridge. Schechter is also known for providing a spectacular range of choice on its pickups, and impressive neck styles. Many guitars mimic the Les Paul design and tonewood profile, but nothing else has the guttural roar along with the perfect high-end details and articulation. That’s because I really feel that Schecter is going to be one of the most important guitar companies in the future, especially when it comes to heavy music. They’re essentially hot-rodded Strats, with all the bells and whistles you need to shred your brains out. Other models in the collection include the Parallexe series which provides a metal blend with classical designs. If I get enough votes for one brand over the others, I just might have to edit my post to reflect the public’s opinion! ESP LTD EC-1000VA. But everyone can’t be number one, so here they sit with two guitar brands ahead of them. They hold a reputation for producing terrific guitar models like the Mockingbird, Bich and Virgin. Yes, my list is based on my personal preferences established over 30 years of playing guitar. Professional guitarists all over the world highly … I guess I have a different benchmark here. I’m interested in seeing how the votes turn out. They are renowned for their flat necks that most shredders would prefer. There you have it: The top guitar brands for metal, according to me. The BC rich pro x warlock with its 24 fret Ebony fingerboard is a spectacle to behold. Some brands may be more appropriate for certain subgenres within the metal umbrella, but they’re all built for serious sound and performance. Guitar Gopher is a guitarist and bassist with over 35 years of experience as a musician. From the headstock to the fret boards, the bridge and the body, their guitars are always spot-on. Over the years, this fast rising brand has come to stamp its name on the rolls of the big boys in the game. In fact, there was a time when if you played in a metal band and didn’t play a Jackson it meant you were probably intellectually confused in a significant way. Eventually, the evolution of metal instruments to accommodate the nu metal, death metal, grunge, and alternative metal genre in modern times has featured newer brands with novel modifications. This was owing to its perfection in sound, shape, resonance and design. Though the years Jackson has weathered the storms and continued to stand out as one of the most iconic metal brands in the world. A stock Fender guitar with single-coil pickups usually won’t get it done for you if you play extreme metal. Their natural finishing and powerful pickups is remarkable too. When it comes to affordability and durability plus quality, Fender is a hot pick. If you’re in the process of choosing a new guitar I hope you found this article helpful. The Fenders, Gibsons and Epiphones of the world are on top because they make amazing guitars and have managed to … I never thought of Mark Tremonti as a top guitar player in metal. Their influence has faded over the years, but they are on the comeback with some solid entries that will please metalheads. Some guitar makers are so deeply associated with heavy metal that it’s hard to imagine guitarists using their instruments for any other purpose. I couldn’t. The dinky were built to resemble the soloist models but with a lot in between. Here is my list of the top 10 guitar brands for metal: Read on to learn more about each guitar brand. Initially, the ESP guitars were expensive high-end customized guitars and weren’t accessible to an average guitarist. Renowned for being hot-rodded superstrats, it’s a formidable brand in the metal space. While both designs might look somewhat similar, there exists a great deal of differences. They also have extremely elaborate finish options which jack up the price quite a bit. With the popularity of heavy metal music in the 80s came the superstrats with their pointy appearances, powerful sound, and rigid designs. When it comes to sound, the RG bleats more of a heavy-knit classy sound while the S series is apt for heavy metal with its blazing and vibrating tones. What’s more, apart from the quality it exudes, most of Washburn’s collection is quite affordable. Read the full LTD EC-1000 EverTune review. With an iconic production such as the flying V, Explorer and the SG versions, Gibson stands as one of the best metal guitar producers in the world. Not only is fender notable for metal guitars, they are also one of the best in the production of massive guitar amplifier and other acoustic enhancers. There’s also the Sona master series, the Idol series, the Hollow body series and lot way. Back in the early 1990s, ESP guitars were popping up in the hands of metal guitar players around the world, or at least the famous ones. For that reason, I think there are much better options for out there than Fender. The Charvel Pro-Mod San Dimas and So Cal-style guitars are among my favorite guitars in the world. Choice what you like en wat make you feel comfortable. In this article you’ll read about the top ten guitar brands for heavy metal. Washburn has some other cool designs like their Parallaxe series, which are built for serious metal and shred. For a long time, Jackson has set many of the benchmarks in the metal guitar world. None of the guitar makers discussed in this post are going anywhere any time soon, and in my opinion Schecter still has a long way to go to unseat the brands listed ahead of them on this list. With exclusive versions such as the Hellraiser series which is a blend of modern and classic design, the c-pro series, demon series and the platinum series, it is no doubt that Schechter is a formidable brand. They are at the frontline of creating different sleek designs of guitars with top bridges and humbuckers. Good luck with your playing. Rich. Its trajectory spans from the 80s till this present time. Check out the Best Metal Guitars Under $500 or the Best Guitars Under $300 article if you’re looking for some great heavy metal guitars on a … Christopher carroll on February 01, 2017: I respect your decisions made in numbering this list of guitars for you are a very experienced player. Also, a remarkable guitar signature produced by Dean was driven by the legend, Dave Mustaine who was the pioneer of the Grammy award-winning band for best metal album, Megadeth in 2017. The Jackson brand is notable for its production of the quality instruments to soothe the need of guitar players regardless of their level of play. These are names that have proven themselves on the metal battlefield over the years, and they’re well respected in the heavy rock community. On the other hand, there are some great superstrats out there to consider. Solo-shredders fall in love with the Charvel brands for its simple designs. If you believe never going out of tune is crucial to you, this is one of the best guitars for metal going. Schecter guitars are well-made, and incorporate some great choices in pickups and hardware from third-party suppliers. Their guitars are one of a kind with the notoriously rich blend of tones and resonance they produce. Truthfully, I feel a little uneasy putting Schecter ahead of B.C. But I want to know what you think too! They have a legacy rooted in metal, and for decades some of the best, heaviest and meanest guitarists have carried B.C. Add a Floyd Rose bridge and you have a decent Stratocaster for metal. Today, Jackson has a lot of competition, but they are still among the best of the best. According to me! Then, a few years later, came ESP LTD. Whether you are into extreme metal, shred classic metal or just about anything Dean probably builds something you love. In the view of some guitarists, many guitar designs were tailored towards the Les Paul.

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