best places for agriculture in the world

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Some examples include the National action plan, the EU rural development program, etc. In fact, in the pre-industrial revolution world, the majority of humanity’s labor was concentrated on agriculture because that was the main way to survive. (FiBL, IFOAM, ITC 2009). In 2014 Germany reached 1,047,633 hectares of farmland accounting for 6.3% of total farmland. However, over the recent past, governments have been supportive of the Australian Standards issue. [9] The biggest barrier is still price, which is much higher when compared to conventional products. [10], Organic agricultural products are produced mainly in three different areas: Northeast China, the coastal areas of Eastern China and Southeast China. Lavender is inseparably linked to Provence, just like cotton is linked to the Cotton Belt in the USA. Finally, fine lavender is appreciated for its aromatic qualities and for its refined essence. In the United States, the National Organic Program has been in force since 2002. According to Shanghai Organics, some consumers still view organic as a foreign idea, separate from food safety issues that garner the most attention. The already wonderful places in Provence, in the south-east of France, have a special color in June and July, due to the huge lavender plantations, and the whole region becomes a large violet plain. Agriculture is where it all started and where it keeps on giving for these 10 most advanced countries in agriculture. The platform's vision paper reveals the potential of organic food production to mitigate some of the major global problems from climate change and food security, to the whole range of socio-economic challenges in the rural areas. The highest shares of organic land of all agricultural land are in Timor Leste (seven percent). Organic farming is practiced around the globe, but the markets for sale are strongest in North America and Europe, while the greatest dedicated area is accounted for by Australia, the greatest number of producers are in India, and the Falkland Islands record the highest share of agricultural land dedicated to organic production.[1]. The leading countries are Argentina (2'777'959 hectares), Brazil (1'765'793 hectares) and Uruguay(930'965 hectares). Aquaculture protects marine animals and seaweed in that it aims to minimize the productions’ negative impact on aquatic environments. Biodynamic and Organic Agriculture in France: Support for organic farming in the European Union and the neighboring countries includes grants under rural development programs, legal protection and a European as well as national action plans. The first Pacific Organic Standard was endorsed by Pacific Leaders in September 2008. The contact numbers and addresses are also provided here. Wine regulations ban the use of labels stating "wine from organic production grapes" and only allows organic labels to be used if all organic products were used. Increasing expenditures on organic agriculture and programs to approximately 112 million US Dollars1 over the course of its five-year life, the 2008 Farm Bill provides a fivefold increase for the organic sector compared with federal funding in the previous bill. The already wonderful places in Provence, in the south-east of France, have a special color in June and July, due to the huge lavender plantations, and the whole region becomes a large violet plain. One of the first certified organic products to come out of China was tea from Lin’an County in Zhejiang Province, which was exported to the Netherland signifying the beginning of organic production in China. Lavender is the symbol of the Provence region. In terms of an organic logo, "There is a French logo, the AB mark, which is owned by the French Ministry of Agriculture which is used according to the AB mark rules" (Organic Europe – Country Report – France – 2012).

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