best tea to drink when sick with a cold

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Nonetheless, the scientific proof that having a hot drink, relaxing, boosting your system with antioxidants and flushing out your system by rehydrating is an excellent way to get over your cold quicker. Drink teas during the season that contain these herbs, and double down if you notice you are not feeling well. Save 15% on our 'Cold Pack' collection of teas - our top 6 teas, Copyright © 2020 The Whistling Kettle• It’s refreshing, naturally sweet and gently replenishes your energy with a low level of caffeine and l-theanine. Passport Health is an Outlier business Copyright © 2020, We customize our services to fit your needs, Mining, Oil and Other Natural Resource Workers, Passport Health looks forward to taking care of all your travel medicine needs. For employees around the world, tea can also help soothe the symptoms of an illness while on the clock. Along with fluids, doctors will recommend rest to get over your illness. The coolness of peppermint tea can numb the pain in your throat. It turns thick, heavy mucus on your chest or in your nose into a more liquid state, making it easier to blow out and helping you breathe easier. Loaded with those antioxidants, elderberries offers help to the immune system. The tea also decreases pain, inflammation, and body aches. Elderberry is shown to have antiviral and antimicrobial properties, so it can assist your body with fighting off those cold and flu pathogens. Echinacea is a tasty herb from the purple coneflower plant. Ginger antioxidants and compounds can actually kill the rhinoviruses that are the cause of the common cold. Mentally, it prepares you for the healing process, keeping you awake and alert yet calm and focused on getting better. Like chili and cayenne pepper (more on cayenne tea below), menthol clears out your pipes! We've created a sampler that contains feel better, plus additional green and herbal teas. Green tea is rich in antioxidants too, which neutralise free radicals and bacteria that could make your cold worse. More: Is It Safe to Drink Matcha Green Tea While Pregnant? Drink hot peppermint tea if you’re feeling cold and need warming up or try iced peppermint tea if you have a fever that needs to be brought down or a sore throat to quickly numb. Try a ¼ teaspoon of ground cinnamon in your honey, lemon or ginger tea to add a little natural sweetness and warming, Christmas-like flavour. Like all teas, it also contains l-theanine to prevent you from having that caffeine crash at the end of the day. Putting aside the properties of the tea ingredients for a moment, having a hot cup of tea can: Whether you just don’t like drinking water or desperately need a home remedy to get rid of your cold as quickly as possible, any of these teas could help you enormously. To make chamomile tea, infuse 1 teaspoon of dried flowers or several teaspoons of fresh flowers in freshly boiled water. While you may think all teas are the same when it comes to helping with a cold or the flu, this is not the case. Unfortunately, chamomile tea is not recommended to drink if you are pregnant. Chamomile plants have flavonoids in the petals which have a tranquilizing reaction. Quertectin are found in foods like capers, onions, kale, apples and berries. Try ginger tea with a teaspoon of honey and a slice of lemon to create a power drink for the flu season! Zinc is known to inhibit virus activity. The tea can also clear up sinuses and congestion, while reducing vomiting and motion sickness. It also increases antibacterial properties that aid in promptly curing colds. You could harvest them yourself if you’re lucky enough to be near an elder plant at the end of summer, but you can easily find elderberry teas at the supermarket or online instead. And the grand daddy of EGCG? Chamomile tea goes very well with a drop or two of honey. Clove is also a very cleansing, natural cleaner. Tea to Drink When You are Sick. It’s particularly high in vitamin C and zinc, so could even prevent a cold from developing. Like green tea, it’s rich in antioxidants. Saying this tea out loud with a blocked nose is never fun, but it’s worth asking for this herb at the supermarket or looking for herbal blends that contain it. The tea’s warm liquid alleviates your throat and helps with congestion. The anti-inflammatory properties in echinacea can also help your immune system, shortening your time spent with a cold or flu. Some teas contain properties that give the immune system a boost and get rid of bad germs. You will find this combination especially high in green and white teas. Although a cold is often more of a nuisance than real illness, it’s certainly irritating. Both are relatively safe with a low side effect profile. Compared to green tea, black tea and all other types of teas, white tea has the highest level of antioxidants. Tea is such a great drink for a cold or flu. The best teas to drink for a cold. Most herbal teas can be consumed on a regular basis without negative side effects. Ginger tea is undoubtedly the most popular and well-known herbal tea for colds and flu. If you cold or flu is accompanied by a sore throat, peppermint is even more suitable. Cayenne is a common spice used in fiery, warm dishes. The gingerol in ginger cures a sore throat quickly and the warming, fiery flavour is very good for keeping you warm. Passport Health can help! One drug based ionosphore is hydroxychloroquine, and it has been in the news recently. Pre-ground cinnamon works just fine. Did you know that simply drinking tea on a daily basis will help boost your immune system? But, since most employees continue working while sick, we often need some help dealing with symptoms while at the office. Just keep in mind, the right tea is in no way a substitute for the antibiotics or medication prescribed to help with your illness. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. It can be hard to focus on one area where green tea affects health. It turns out there are studies that show certain components found in tea - specifically EGCG and L-theanine help strengthen the immune system by priming T cell activity. Do you have any other questions about the cold and flu in your office? Nettle plants are rich in a lot of vitamin and minerals, but two of the most important are vitamin C and carotene. Best Teas for A Cold. It goes very well with other ingredients such as lemon, honey, spices and herbs that can fight off your cold too. Chamomile flowers can fight infections that cause colds and even relieve menstrual cramps (although that’s not related, it’s still good to know). Both properties further help your immune system fight foreign bacteria. Found in North America, this purple flower decreases the risk of you getting a cold by 58% if taken as a supplement. Is It Safe to Drink Matcha Green Tea While Pregnant. Best herbal tea for colds and flu Besides green tea, there is an arsenal of beneficial herbs that have been associated with helping overcome a cold or flu. When you’re sick with a cold or the flu, one of the first recommendations from a doctor is to drink more fluids. ¼ teaspoon of cayenne pepper (the kind you find at the supermarket) plus a squeeze of lemon or honey, is the best way to make this tea. Turmeric certainly won’t cure a cold or the flu, but it can help you ease some of the symptoms. A hot cup of black tea is probably the most comforting drink on this list if you’re accustomed to having a black tea each day. Give us a call at or fill out a contact form for more information. So, if you’re feeling under the weather with your cold but can’t justify taking painkillers or medication, herbal tea could soothe your symptoms and potentially help you get better sooner! The last spice herb on our best teas for a cold list. The lemon cuts through mucus in your throat while providing your body with immune system boosting vitamin C. Honey, on the other hand, offers you a little energy if you’ve lost your appetite for solid food. Adding supplements to any tea, like ginger, honey, or lemon will help soothe the symptoms of the virus. Tea is such a great drink for a cold or flu. It’s certainly great when iced but drinking hot chamomile tea can also help ease away your cold.

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