bioshock infinite post credits scene

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The scene is actually quite easy to explain, although Booker dies at the baptism, this only prevents all versions of Comstock being born, not all versions of Booker, it should be noted though that the Booker that you play as does indeed die, but the alternate versions of Booker are still alive, and since Comstock never existed, Anna is never taken, meaning it's very likely that she is in the crib. Comstock must be eliminated, and any DeWitt who has crossed path with Comstock must sadly perish; this would indicate that there are considerably fewer Comstock actors than DeWitt actors - considering the vast amount of effort, chance and energy required to engineer the Comstock future this seems likely. Does this really mean that the cat is both alive and dead at the same time? From there you enter the Columbia megaverse, a subset of possibilities within the entire multiverse all having to do with Columbia/Elizabeth/Booker.3. Moreover, since the vast majority of the universe is practically irrelevant to events that take place on earth (after all, the number of grains of sand on a planet in another galaxy does not affect earth's history in the slightest), we really only need to look at alternate universes in which something on earth is different. I think so. That this does not happen strongly suggests that Elizabeth has transcended the space-time continuum (likely shifted into probability space) which avoids any time-related paradoxes and complications with unforeseen consequences (e.g. Entanglement occurs when two objects are non-locally connected and transfer information instantaneously. This is why multiple Elizabeths appear, and why there are no longer any people at the baptism with Booker. From both Robert Lutece and Comstock we know the first cross is not an easy event (Lutece was greatly concerned and Comstock was made sterile). Namely, Bioshock Infinite includes themes about American Exceptionalism, Absolutism, Objectivism, and the concept of redemption among others. I'd like to think that Booker has been shown Divine Grace. The second is where DeWitt refuses the baptism, thus creating the man you play as throughout the game. Mild Sexual Themes, Intense Violence, Blood and Gore, Language, Use of Alcohol and Tobacco. Also, after you flip "heads" early on in Columbia and the Luteces mark a 13th notch on the chalkboard, Robert turns around and there are 2 columns of 11 sets of 5 notches, making 123 total notches including your playthrough. Infinities are a little funny. At the end of the game, Elizabeth takes Booker to the lighthouses so he can comprehend things and show him what needs to be done for the greater good. They happened. What she can do is reflexively move to the nearest, living Booker to continue her (at this point unconscious) mission. I came up with one idea to help myself understand this: Every time Booker crosses to a different universe, his consciousness enters the body of the Booker in that world. The idea is centered on two facts within the game: 1) During the course of the game Elizabeth states that when she was young, she not only had the ability to create tears but she had the ability to create whatever was in her mind. In the second universe, Booker accepts the baptism and becomes Comstock, creates Columbia, and foresees the future through use of Rosalind Lutece's tears in the universe. In fact, Comstock is killed in the end of the game, as Booker becomes Comstock while beneath the water. However, this can be explained with a paradox and the theory that nature will always correct a paradox. For one, it would mean that all the choices Booker and Elizabeth make are basically meaningless since there always is an alternate reality in which their alter egos made the exact opposite choice. 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During the ending sequence Elizabeth first speaks of thousands and later 'a million millions', but I'd interpret that as her (being overwhelmed herself) essentially saying 'very many', maybe billions, but definitely not infinitely many. In the established timeline, Elizabeth is always born after the baptism event and so should be affected, but even if she had been born before the pre-Baptism Comstock-to-be Booker in the final scene cannot be one who had a daughter (indicated by his bleeding nose in the boat and increasingly confused memories as a result of being fused with another version of himself) or the drowning would have no effect. First, I very much enjoyed this game, including the ending. When you are baptised on first arrival in Columbia, the priest sees you for who you are and drowns you. Thus, the ending scene is more of a symbolic act that represents all (baptism-rejecting and -accepting) instantiations of Booker to emphasize both their sacrifices, which is supported by the generally anti-objectivist narrative, leaning heavily towards a Zen-like approach to dealing with the struggle that is life. When Rosalind hands Booker the shield during the Comstock Center Rooftops portion of the game, both her and Robert are surprised that it doesn't kill him. Does this Booker have any knowledge of the events in the game, like a bad dream? This also explains the conversation between Booker and Elizabeth when he says he had never heard of Columbia before arriving there.

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