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Of course, you can just store any extra Gear in your inventory and swap it out when the need arises. This is, unfortunately, a significant regression compared to the previous two parts of the series. The descriptions were supplemented with high-quality images where we have marked all the important places and treasures. There, you will find various pages about character progression as well as his skills and equipment. This guide also contains a number of additional chapters. Throughout his adventure, Booker DeWitt will encounter various locations spread across Columbia. Although it doesn’t deal much damage per shot, the Pistol can fire very quickly—as fast as you can pull the trigger! Smoking restores Salts, but at the cost of a large portion of health. We show the exact locations of all major types of collectibles, which include voxophones, vantage points (kinetoscopes and telescopes), infusions, and gear. The descriptions of secrets/collectibles in BioShock Infinite are in several different chapters. Burial at Sea Episode 1 and Episode 2 are two big story expansions that take you back to Rapture, an underwater city. But there is also a chance that you might be a board games enthusiast (or become one after reading this). Moreover, Rapture found in the Burial at Sea expansions is presented in the "intact" version, before it got destroyed. Visit our corporate site. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. However, both episodes of the Burial at Sea DLC allow you to move to the underwater Rapture city, known from the two previous BioShock games. Of course, not every chapter takes the same amount of time to complete. Does BioShock Infinite have a hard platinum trophy? Most Gear is carefully hidden, so you should always keep an eye out for more pieces. Food items restore the Health Meter a small amount. Try to memorize them before starting a campaign for the first time: Additional tips and tricks can be found on our starting tips page and in walkthrough chapters. page in the FAQ section. You have to complete the vast majority of chapters without any maps etc. Consult the walkthrough of this guide to make sure that you find them all! Thank you for signing up to GamesRadar+. How to unlock the highest difficulty level - 1999 Mode? These beverages should only be used in an emergency because the trade-off of health for Salts usually isn’t worth it. You’ll slow him down with every shot, so make sure you keep unloading on him until he explodes. His target? The selected difficulty level has a great impact on the time spent with the game - the 1999 Mode makes the game much more challenging. The full controls for the PC and console versions are in the Controls chapter. If you get too close, the Fireman attacks with a close-range explosive attack. The Broadsider Pistol is the first weapon you’ll find in Columbia. The most important ones are: Yes, getting the "platinum" isn't easy. Being the limited edition hardback version it also looks and feels the part. The 1999 Mode is the highest difficulty level in BioShock Infinite. BioShock Infinite Signature Series Guide (Signature Series Guides) [Doug Walsh, BradyGames] on If you miss a secret, you won't have to go through the entire campaign again. It points the way to the current main mission goal and can help you if you get lost in some larger or multi-level locations. There are also many Vigor bottles in various places that can be picked up and used. In addition to our walkthrough, we have also included chapters dedicated to the collectibles/secrets available in BioShock Infinite. page in the FAQ section. Each of these DLCs offers trophies, but they aren't necessary to unlock the platinum trophy. This gives you the opportunity to explore this place when it was still a busy metropolis. Non-alcoholic beverages restore the Salts Meter a small amount. New York, The game automatically creates new checkpoints when you reach a new location or complete an important story event. The full list of trophies/achievements can be found in our trophy/achievement guide. Can I complete the game by playing as a pacifist? These are almost never worth using because Salts are fairly plentiful. You will learn about vigors and their combinations, increasing the hero's stats using infusions, or available types of weapons. Below you will find some quick tips for BioShock Infinite. BioShock Infinite doesn't have the option to save the game manually. The tips section is an important part of our BioShock Infinite guide. If you entered the code correctly, you will receive a message about unlocking the 1999 Mode (picture above). They also fully restore whatever meter you’re upgrading. This is mainly because you must finish the game at the highest difficulty level (1999 Mode) and, in addition, without using dollar bill vending machines. You’ll find plenty of them all around, but it might take a few of these items to fully restore Booker’s health if he is really hurting. More about choices and endings on Does the game have important choices and different endings? Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? There are a few moments in the game where you have to make a choice, but none of them will affect the ending. Using the information contained in our guide will help you get 100% of the secrets and unlock all achievements/trophies related to collectibles. WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF BIOSHOCK INFINITEHere's a small preview of the official BradyGames strategy guide for Bioshock Infinite.Set in 1912, the player This is especially useful for getting collectibles you have missed during your initial playthrough - the game keeps count of them throughout all the playthroughs. BioShock Infinite takes place in the floating city of Columbia. Each of these additions can only end in one way. NY 10036. Before this attack occurs, the Fireman glows brighter and brighter before exploding. The Pistol doesn’t deal much damage, but its speed and high ammo count make it a valuable weapon throughout most of the game. You can enter the code in the game's main menu presented in the picture above. Yes and no. GamesRadar+ is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher.

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