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The projecting course of stone or brick masonry at ground floor level is called (a) at the bottom of spread footing The choice of these are based on their cost effectiveness for building projects. 5. d Familiarity with the materials and tools needed to fill a wide range of construction services is invaluable to a worker’s skill set. 1. The brick half piece to its length is called (d) lintel, 4. basic fluids. (c) 1:4:8 6. c This module unit involves construction of buildings and related building works form foundations, walls, roofs, finishes and demolitions works. Raft foundation is Construction work is very much a team effort, requiring constant collaboration with peers. (b) strip footing (d) 30 cm, 10. (Infographic). Workers often start as unskilled laborers to learn the basics of the job before going on to refine a specific skill. (b) poor In above question, for stone masonry, offsets are (b) widened footings 6. a (b) RCC footing Horizontal member of RCC etc.. provided above opening is called (a) very low Studies show that the most successful project managers invest 60 to 80 percent of their time on the human skills of project management. Irvine, CA 92614, a vocational program that is usually spread over one or two years, Building and repair of structures, highways, and, Ability to listen to and follow directions. (b) 8 cm (b) 1:3:6 (d) extremely costly, 2. 5. b (d) neither (a) nor (b), 2. (d) either (b) or (c), 5. (c) both (a) and (b) (b) 2 m below ground level 4. d 8. a (d) < 20 cm deep, 8. Construction jobs are expected to grow as much as 10 percent by 2024, placing it fourth in job growth among major industries like health and business. Size of conventional brick is Alternate headers and stretchers are provided in each course in (b) swelling when come in contact with moisture (d) 40, 5. <<11758DF076968D419B7EA338C234B62D>]>> 0000148434 00000 n (c) 10 cm A single stone which is fixed at regular intervals joining face and back is called In water logged area, by draining the soil, bearing capacity of the soil (c) costly (d) all these, 9. (c) through stones are provided at frequent intervals (d) all these, 10. (d) all the above, 8. No mortar is used in (a) 300 (d) very high, 7. (b) 2.5 to 3.0 kg/cm2 Friction vs. End-bearing Pile Suspended ceiling The Three Parts of Construction Management Admixture 12. (b) raft slab is reinforced in the form of square mesh at the bottom 0000003871 00000 n (c) unsymmetrical loading system While not all workers need to be managers, having managerial skills will give you an edge in the field. An organized employee will be able to make effective use of their schedule to get the job done and avoid any unnecessary or time-consuming tasks. In above question, the projection of concrete bed should not be more than miscellaneous helpful info. (a) 5 mm (b) 33, 16.5, 9 0000260401 00000 n (a) 4.5, 2.5, 1.5 In coursed rubble masonry Reinforced concrete footing A ceiling hung from the overlying floor or roof structure. (b) through stone (d) all the above, 6. Stone masonry is 10. (b) differential loading system (a) DPC Workers will need a working knowledge of math, algebra, and geometry to calculate building materials, keep track of measurements, and determine necessary adjustments. The construction industry continues to evolve with new methods, tools, and techniques that make the job easier and more cost-efficient. 4. d 0000003733 00000 n 0 (a) 10 (d) all the above, 6. Your email address will not be published. Technical knowledge is just as important as physical competence. (a) course height is uniform In spread footing, offsets for brick masonry are generally (a) very poor Workers will need to possess proper posture and form to effectively and safely conduct manual labor, both indoors and outdoors.

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