business project manager vs technical project manager

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We need to be ready to deep dive when the requirement presents itself, and be able to stand up to subject matter experts who feel that deep diving is an invasion of their territory. The core of the difference is in the title. But each also performs responsibilities exclusive to their role, skills, and realm of experience. Stakeholder analysis is one good example of collaboration between project manager and business analyst. Which skills do they need in order to be selected? In the IT sector a Project Manager is typically someone who focuses on the project schedules, milestones, coordination and reporting with other teams in the organisation, etc. Hopefully, we can clear this up. One project manager, operating in social development projects, pointed out that it was relatively easy for them to understand a new project area, and within a week or so, they could apply project management skills to that new area. A technical manager is simply focused on the technical aspects of the project and the associated deliverables. © 2020 Association for Project Management, recent community discussion on the APM website, Technical skills vs. managerial skills: the essential skills for successful management of projects. Does a project manager need to have technical skills or managerial skills in order to be successful, or a combination of the two? Some highlighted that sufficient technical skills can be acquired relatively quickly. One contributor described one project that they had led where they were not an expert, and needed to learn on the job; “As I was learning, I asked many questions and challenged some of the choices the team were making on a daily basis. With contributions from Comfort Enahoro-Parry, Andy Nichols, Pascal Martin Daguet, Rob Farahar, Dr. Manasa Dzirikure and Patrick Weaver. As a result, we gradually changed some of the working methods and managed to cut 20% of our budgeted cost. Project managers and business analysts often play similar project roles. List of Technical Skills in Project Management with Examples. Or they would have to have some level of related skill. Why don't people instead post a job for a technical manager vs. a project manager? It looks as though the project manager is responsible for collecting requirements. Don't forget to leave your comments below. They provide regular updates to the business leadership and act as that liaison. Yes, there is a difference, as far as I'm concerned. Discover the difference between operations management and project management here. Decide if you are a project manager or project technician.”. That experience made it clear to him that it was essential that a project manager should have some technical understanding and background. How to increase traffic to my photography blog? A Technical Manager manages technical resources (developers, equipment, etc) to create technical outputs (e.g. They are ultimately responsible for ensuring the project comes in on time and within budget and have to answer to business leadership if it doesn't. Critically we will be unable to facilitate the identification of pragmatic solutions to problems, or have the flexibility to identify opportunities when they present themselves. Project managers are compensated well for the crucial role they play in meeting business objectives. The stakeholder analysis is a joint effort. At one time he thought that the pure application of robust project management tools and techniques, coupled with a sceptical and open minded approach could see you through any type of project. You will get decisions based on full information of the impacts to the project and the benefit of the solution when you have both a strong PM and BA playing leadership roles on your projects. They made it clear that it is not just a focus on outcomes that allows results to be delivered, but a management of the processes to get you to those outcomes. A Project Manager/ Delivery Manager would more be leaning towards meeting clients and attending clients needs whilst getting the team running smoothly.A technical manager would be more towards a team lead/ tech lead who has a lot of knowledge in the technical scope.He may not have a lot of exposure in client handling.The concept is very evident in IT companies where developers change tracks to Project Managers/ Business Consultants. One source of confusion is the activities in both sets of tasks according to the relevant Body of Knowledge[i]. A number of contributors highlighted the value of having a project manager who can apply a fresh pair of eyes because they were not deep technical experts. Mostly technical tasks are done through consultants instead of project manager, very nice question. That raises the question of how we develop our understanding when we are in new territory. The Business Analyst conducts business analysis – “The set of tasks and techniques used to work as a liaison among stakeholders to understand the structure, policies, and operations of an organization, and to recommend solutions that enable the organization to meet its goals. Although there was a strong sense of the importance of technical skills, it was clear that simply having technical skills was not enough, and might even be an obstacle. How much would it cost to make a website similar to Netflix. On the other hand, the two roles do offer a healthy contest in project related decisions. What about relationships and credibility with team members and subject matter experts? The following question lies at the heart of this debate; “Why can’t project managers be allowed to concentrate on managerial matters and project management process and techniques, while their consultants, assistants and subject matter expert team members handle the technical matters?”. Are you sure you want to report this content? This paper examines the advantages and disadvantages of assigning one individual to the role of project manager and business analyst. Is it a good time to open a training center for kids? Business Systems Analysts », Thinking Outside of the BOKs Professional Inclusivity Beats Silos, The TRIFECTA – Bringing Together People, Process & Technology, The Project Manager manages the project – “The application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to provide activities to meet the project requirements.”. (2:30 minutes), Why AI Drives Better Business Decision Making, 10 Steps to Transition from Your Current Job to an Amazing BA Career, Critical Chain Project Management: Everything You Should Know, When "Solutioners" are the Decision Makers, Business Analysts v.s. We need to get better at transferring knowledge, as well as better at taking advantage of the facilities already out there. The result is a project that brings greatest business value to the organization. One of the contributors found himself revising his opinion. A project manager is someone who is managing all aspects of a project with all the different teams reporting into them with updates, progress, challenges, issues, etc. A project manager without those technical skills can’t make that contribution, unless they seek to build those skills as part of preparing to lead the project.

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