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At the same time, digital information is often only available to those who can afford internet access and the technological infrastructure needed to provide that access. Does the proliferation of sections lead to the disaggregation of knowledge with little aggregation once it is produced; meaning, do the knowledge claims produced in Foreign Policy Analysis ever cross into International Political Economy, or those in International Law cross into International Organization? Have some topics become less marginalized as a result of the increased empowerment of voices within ISA? E-books and e-readers are revolutionizing reading and libraries the world over. Stephanie Tan, Singapore, Tribal College Libraries Serving Diverse Needs: Resources and Programming for Students, Faculty, and Intergenerational Indigenous Communities - Sandy Toro, Mary Anne Hansen, Aaron LaFromboise, and Joy Bridwell, U.S.A. ISA lags behind other professional associations in its incorporation of practitioners in our annual conference and other activities. Open Calls for Submission (13), Upcoming Events (117) This program explored global efforts to improve distribution of publications to library collections. All of these have an impact on communities, how they function, interact as well as a bearing on who gets ahead and who falls behind. 50 E Huron St. ISA 61st Annual Convention March 25th - 28th, 2020, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. 2020-11-27 ~ 2020-11-29 The 4th International conference on Interdisciplinary research on Computer Science, Psychology, and Education (ICICPE 2020) 2020-12-21 ~ 2020-12-23 This year’s program will explore successful projects and initiatives implemented by libraries around the world to preserve local history and to open up their cultural heritage to the global community. Email: mnez[@] Particular attention was given to presentations which highlighted the transformation that has occurred in different areas of library service due to technological change. Liauw Toong Tjiek (Aditya Nugraha), Library Director, Petra Christian University We encourage panels that take stock of progress (or the lack thereof) to date, those that stimulate bridge building, and those that leverage unique perspectives on traditional as well as emerging topics. How does knowledge formed in ISA’s subgroups get transmitted to the larger ISA community? Croatian International Relations Review (CIRR) Vol. Nanan Hasanah, Librarian, Institute of Technology Bandung Seventh, what role should we seek for practitioners in our organization? The effect of large-scale disaster and economic disruption are being felt far and wide and impacting libraries in diverse ways. What do we know about international relations as a result of the growing participation of Global South scholars in ISA? What mechanisms enable the sharing and cumulation of knowledge and which ones are left to build or dismantle toward that end? What topics remain marginalized? In sum, we seek to explore the interplay between our roles as experts, researchers, and subjects of our disciplines, and examine how these roles shape and are shaped by the field. Sixth, in terms of the intellectual identities represented by our many sections, how do they interact with other forms of identity to stimulate knowledge? Today, its membership truly reflects the organization’s name with over 6600 members from over 100 countries. ICPR2020 call for Papers. Description: Increasingly, economic, political and human crises, along with natural disasters, constitute a recurrent reality around the world. The focus was on successful initiatives, and provided helpful advice on assuring that library surplus materials reach their destinations in a timely, cost-effective manner, " The Role of Charity in Collection Building: Four Models for Cooperative Collection Development" (PowerPoint version) - Sharolynn J. Pyeatt, Brigham Young University, Provo, UT, "Collection Development through International Partnerships" - Leslie Alter Hage, Director, Notre Dame University-Louaize, Lebanon, "Cooperation and Resource Sharing between Academic Libraries in Lebanon" - Dr. Fawz Abdallah, Assistant Professor, Beirut Arab University, Lebanon; President, Lebanese Library Association, ------------------------------------------------------------------, "Resource Sharing & Collection Building Through a Consortium: an Indonesian Model Created by International Collaboration", Luki Wijayanti, Central Library Director, University of Indonesia Description: Because Libraries reach a large cross-section of the public, they are in a unique position to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in the promotion of sustainable environments, social justice, and quality education. Safirotu Khoir, Librarian, Gadjah Mada University It also has expanded beyond political science to include a wide variety of academic disciplines. Speakers: *Mr. Mads Gaml, Head of Project Management, Copenhagen Libraries, DENMARK; *Florencia García Oyandel, Encargada de Fomento Lector, Sistema Nacional de Bibliotecas Públicas, CHILE; *Lili Luo, Assistant Professor, School of Library and Information Science, San Jose State University, CA, USA; * Wenyi Ding, PhD Candidate, Department of Information Management, Peking University, CHINA.

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