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He was already prepared, yet he had to finish off one thing. Outros to One Minute Melee Characters: We had to restrict him so hard that we left out some of his other insanely awesome Rider feats such as being able to fucking fly after tanking the nuke and being able to grow up to the size of his rival at the time: Ultraman, just so it wasn't too much for Falcon to deal with, not that he couldn't deal with it in the first place! Boomstick : And like Falcon, he also screams his attacks like a madman, but ONLY when he's finishing them off, which could mean it WOULDN'T finish them off if they're smart enough to dodge it. Wiz: Masks. He has a furturistic pistol, although it's only been shown to be used once, so we can assume he uses it as a last resort. He was hit right on and suddenly started feeling emotional. Also, Claus has a Shield Killer, which can instantly destroy an enemy's shield. Uh, yeah, I don't think you can be born dead. When the time came, Takeshi delivered an insane flip kick sending Falcon into the air. By activating a switch inside the Typhoon belt, he can unleash the Rider Power, which greatly increases his strength and power, making him a tough to take down. You're gonna pay for that! That same boot had now been engulfed in flamed and hit Kamen Rider 1 in the gut yet again, sending him with Captain Falcon until they hit a wall. There is a bounty out for you. Wiz: Claus could use his superior range to keep Falcon at a bay, as well as use his wings to fly, something that Captain Falcon cannot do. Even though little is known of his past, F-Zero Climax gave his date of birth and even his blood type. (vs. Dante) "Vampire hunting is not a game. BECAUSE WHEN HE DOES IT THEY FUCKING EXPLODE! Boomstick : But that doesn't matter, because who needs that thing when you can make punches made out of fucking fire?! Both had braced themselves and used the best of their driving abilities to jump off the ramp, being cautious despite reaching nearly unbreakable records of speed. The Masked Man simply shrugged off the bullets. This gave him another reason to fight against Shocker, so men with so much potential like him don't have to face and lose their lives against him or the other Kamen Riders. Wiz : But for the years of experience Takeshi has taken on as one of the many saviors of the Rider family, he knows the safety of Humanity lies within his grasp. That must be some strong metal. That'll teach them not to mess with the most badass man around! Boomstick : Why would you need it if you're fast enough to give 'em a Falcon Punch? Wiz : Falcon is also incredibly fast and agile. He only thought of possible strategies until Falcon impatiently jumped down, whom was waiting for a response. It wasn't over. Spawn) "Hellspawn? He faced downwards and charged his fist with a flaming aura, getting hotter and more fiery the second it went. Your car is fast, but it can't match the Blue Falcon! Takeshi didn't say anything. Not only that, but it can attack by spinning around rapidly, which can be used offensively or defensively. Falcon was a bit shocked, yet still fearless. Hell, one time they stole his DNA so they can make an evil clone of him called Blood Falcon! The team's name was known to him and others looking out as Shocker. Intro: I can’t let you destroy the universe! He spit out the small amount of asphalt that was caught into his mouth and looked out into the distance. The Masked Man then stepped on Captain Falcon and quickly sliced at his neck, decapitating him. Plus, Claus could always keep Captain Falcon off guard due to his wide aresenal. He just kind of kept going, or what actually happened and WAS FUCKING SENT FLYING ALL THE WAY TO AUSTRALIA AND WAS STILL UNSCATHED! Wiz: He can use the Raptor Boost, an attack where he rushes quickly at the opponent and delivers a powerful uppercut, although if he misses he is left wide open. ... Captain Falcon. White eyes gleamed through the hazy smoke caused by the blast, and Falcon did a pose so manly it separated just so he could reveal himself. It also comes with a ramming attack and the Cyclone Cutters, weapons on the side of the bike that can kill his enemies as easily as he can with a finishing move of his own. It took a few moments to gaze and wander around in the greyed wasteland. This guy is my god damn idol! No longer was it just simple tires and regular build cars lapping around a long oval. Boomstick : No, I'm talking about advanced spacecrafts going at incredible speeds! Wiz : Takeshi Hongo was born on August 12, 1948. Boomstick: Does this guy have anything that doesn't involve birds? Wiz : Most of the Rider attacks, especially the Rider Kick, have numerous versions of the main strike, whether it's a different movement, pace, technique, or maybe an extra element combined into the attack. "Show yourself." Wiz : Without his bike, Takeshi may seem hopeless in speed, but you'd be wrong there. Smashtasm Episode 6 release date in 20 days! Captain Falcon then got another idea. All systems were ready and fine, so this should be easy. He looked like a kiddie version of himself! But Falcon isn't without his own weaknesses. Rider was merely a small distance away in terms of him getting to him. Boomstick : Since his model was based off of a grasshopper, Shocker decided to give him the ability to jump farther and higher than the average man. Not as strong as the Falcon Punch at full blast, but hot damn that's pretty insane! The man struggled, but prevailed all the way through. Whether he liked it or not, Falcon was struck. D. DB, OMM and DBX: … Claus prepared PK Love Ω. Claus fired his PK attack before the Captain could reach him, sending him flying back. He raced the Creators, a group of beings who are pretty much God, and won. Claus crashed into the ground, stunned. Sorry, kid. F-Zero vs. Kamen Rider! johnny depp. Because that one thing is really starting to bug me. Wiz: Back to the analysis. DarkSarcasm, Ada-Holloway and 6 others like this . The Blue Falcon can reach speeds up to 500 mph, and she has 3,200 Horsepower (HP)! Wiz : But before we finish this off, let me remind you that the Falcon Punch is NOT strong enough to destroy a galaxy. Guess I can't talk you out of that speeding ticket, huh? Skidding on the ground, he only got up and smiled, ready for combat. I wish things coulda worked out for you. Turns out he's pretty sick at using a motorcycle! The former town was fairly huge, but citizen had left for unknown reasons. He could already hear the noises from the presumed sneak attack, and they sounded springy. He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick! You're gonna burn up with just one of my punches! The essential item used to conceal one's identity and remain elusive and secret. Wiz : The Falcon Dive is where he will grapple his foes before then encasing them within a small fiery combustion act. Special thanks to Dimension-Dino and MetaMaster54610 for most of the quotes. They planned to take on a new World Order by making cyborgs the new leaders of the world. How do you make the bag fly in home run contest? Intro: Doesn't look like a Falcon Punch is gonna work on you. fan art. So, how about we settle this in a more orderly fashion? I told you to show me your moves, not copy mine! Also, many of Captain Falcon's greatest feats are racing related, which do not apply in a Death Battle. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. He also has a Falcon Kick, which if used on the ground lets him speed forward with a flaming kick, and he has the Falcon Dive, a move where he jumps up, clings to the opponent, and makes them explode. Wiz : Captain Falcon, famous bounty hunter and driver of the Blue Falcon. The Captain ran over to him, but before he reached his target, Claus recovered his senses and got up. Falcon: Fine then, a race is always good. However, the distance was so large whilst the Blue Falcon moving so fast that by the time Takeshi had landed, he was already hit by the futuristic spacecraft. And before Shocker's second attempt at making Takeshi their slave, the bike was needed for his transformation. There's a reason forest fires exist. Boomstick : "But Wizard, what about Falcon's blaster?". Yet Falcon made a spontaneous landing despite having thudded onto the pavement once. Boomstick : He's incredibly strong and stronger thanks to his added abilities from his second encounter with Shocker. Boomstick: Ha ha ha! Boomstick: *grabs shotgun and turns the safety off* Do it. Kamen Rider: Climax Heroes Fourze - Let's Go Rider Kick! Boomstick: And I thought this guy couldn't get better! As for his bike, it kept going for a little ways longer before falling over. This is how he supposedly retains the "Captain" part of his racing name, meaning it's not just there for show. Let's see who's the true racing champion! It was time, and they both yelled their final attacks. Death... born. Claus fired energy blasts from his arm cannon at the Captain, hitting him right on. Falcon: I'm Captain Falcon, the man who's gonna take you down! Intros to Death Battle Characters: Wiz : Amazing fighters have their own techniques. Ah, some variety to the kick eh? Lucas, Claus, Hinawa, and Flint. Falcon posed yet again before charging at incredible speeds, this time successfully. This is getting more metal by the second! Boomstick : But this wasn't the best thing, because it earned him many foes such as his self-proclaimed rival Samurai Goroh and his actual rival Black Shadow.

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