chocolate royal icing using egg white

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Do you think I could safely halve this recipe? It also dried prettier. Adhere to your cookie with dabs of royal icing. Made a quarter of this recipe today. We always seem to end up with pink when we add red dye. This one is very special! The test batch I made which I mentioned here, rippled on the surface of the icing, but did dry. Draw the lines around the perimeter of  the deer head using an edible ink black pen. 828,190 suggested recipes. I love your blog by the way! In hindsight, I think that the first recipe might have worked a bit better if I had whipped it longer, but with such vague instructions, how would I have ever known that? I am concerned about the raw egg whites (and would prefer not to buy the meringue powder if not necessary). […], Your email address will not be published. Remember, it gets darker as it dries. Happy November! Note that the icing transfers are fragile and can break easily, to I make sure I let mine dry for a few days at least and always make extra shapes than I need. Thanks. Hello, hello! The daisies I piped on parchment using a #2 tip for the petals and centers. Doing string work with a chocolate base….mmm. […] like this idea. The egg whites are what allows the icing to dry hard. What an amazing post! You absolutely can and should start yourself out with a chocolate base for black icing!! Required fields are marked *. Is there anything to do with the cookie if this happens? I’m ready to share another recipe with you… A recipe I like to use as cookie decorating base… Melt-in-your-mouth, delicious, buttery shortbread. The cup measurement can vary greatly from person to person depending on whether they sift, pack…etc. The pine cone was made using fondant colored brown and pressed into this mold. Place on a baking sheet and bake at 200 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 minutes to dry crumbs out). Usually, “He is Risen” is shared around Easter time, referring to Jesus’ resurrection, and Christmas time is a celebration of His birth, but because I made these for a church event last week, and the He is Risen stencil is the only one I had relating to Jesus, I used it. At Michael’s or AC Moore, anywhere that sells Wilton products…or on line…go to Amazon, or right to the Wilton site. any time. (Icing may also be kept in airtight squeeze bottles.). I am still in there a recipe for white chocolate royal icing? For the roses, I colored fondant red with paste food coloring and pressed it into the molds, let them set in the freezer for 5 minutes, popped them out and adhered them to the wreath with small dabs of royal icing. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. If you’d like to start baking and decorating early, click on the links to find posts on freezing cookies, thawing cookies and the shelf life of cookies. *Note: Use the best quality (your favorite) cocoa powder for best flavor. The trick is to add milk/cream to get the right texture for filling or outlining. May I know how long can this be kept? Now, I’m cooking for my family and sharing all my tested & perfected recipes with you here! The consistency of the icing for piping lines should be like toothpaste. They’re a very sweet group of traditional cookie bakers. Reconstitute the powdered egg whites according to the package instructions, making sure the powder is completely dissolved, and proceed with the recipe. ©2020 The Sweet Adventures of Sugar Belle. Pingback: Chocolate Cookies with Raspberry Royal Icing Recipe. I am making moose cookies and need to ship them from SoCal to Wyoming. Worst of of all, it took FOREVER to dry. One bust, one fix, then one batch for tweaking. It was also way darker than I would have liked. Loved it! Thanks so much. I left it over night and it is still tacky. I have a similar video here if you’d like to check it out. Your recipes and hints are awesome as well. Thanks so much too, have fun decorating! Hi Lauren, I wouldn’t risk using unpasteurized egg whites (particularly with a toddler). It has a rough look. A few notes to share with you about the icing. LOVE your cookies and your tutorials! My toddler and I would like to use this recipe to decorate your gingerbread men cookies we plan to make for the holiday season. Any darker color, like black of course, yes, but I haven’t tried with lighter colors. Jenn, I am making your gingerbread man cookies with my excited 4 year olds and only have regular eggs. For the transfers I would probably do about 4 extra for 12 cookies. To pipe the sweater pattern, use tip #1.5 to outline the neck, cuffs and around the perimeter of the cookie and pipe the “knit” using tip #2. Tint with food colorings and/or thin the icing with small amounts of warm water to reach the desired consistency. Sorry my answer isn’t more specific. Sorry the information is not precise, it was the first time I’d tried it so just experimented a bit. You’ve motivated me to keep practicing with my cookie decorating. Walmart has it, near the cards and party supplies… they have a small “cake decorating ” section. And mix on medium-low speed until thick and shiny, 3 to 5 minutes. Professional! Pipe the antlers and let them dry at least one day before you remove the icing transfer. Thank you for this recipe. Somewhat thick so the line holds its shape, but not too thick so that the icing becomes brittle and breaks easily. Hi Run a toothpick or scribe tool through the circles to make them a little uneven. Hi Marian! Perhaps this flavoring? Just found this reciepe and can not wait to try your cookie reciepe as well as your chocolateroyal icing one. asking for confirmation of your subscription. Once you sign up you will recieve an email The icing is already slightly unstable because of the cocoa powder, and after, For those of you who cannot do eggs, try this, 1/2 cup cocoa powder {I like Hershey’s Special Dark}. It looked like this: I still ended up using the cookies by covering them with lines. You can still end up seeing some of the cocoa powder granules…. Thanks so much for your comment! I usually store my RI at room temperature. ♥ That’s what they tell me, ha. She didn’t make a habit of saying things for nothing, so, I assume there is some truth to this observation, even though I don’t have the facts to back it up. There are two ways you can make the egg white royal icing. I kind of flick the paint brush over the cookies to get that splatter look. I feel like the the measurements were way off. I have learned so much from you over the years. I used different consistencies for some of the details of the cookies, and will explain according to each cookie below. I didn’t have allspice so I substituted with nutmeg, it turned it wonderfully, as I always find with your recipes. Thank you Andrea! Just a note that the moss food coloring I tried at first ended up making the crumbs too dark, so went with Wilton’s leaf green, which is what you see pictured here. Hi Cindy, Not really – royal icing has a matte finish. I love all your posts and videos on decorating! Mix powdered sugar, cocoa and egg whites. Do you know what to do about brown royal icing that won’t dry? I thought coconut might work but wasn’t sure so did a google search and found their tutorials – both excellent! Get your personalized results . (If you’ve added too much water, you can add a spoonful of stiff icing to thicken it back up. It seems like a small amount of cocoa powder….I’m hoping the chocolate flavor is enough to really tell it’s chocolate. Sweet Sugar Belle's Chocolate Royal Icing. I soooo wanted to cookie but knew so little!! Lots of factors. The details seemed to be more precise the closer I went to the stencil, but again, I don’t think I should be sharing airbrushing information as I’m a beginner. If you dip a spoon into the icing there should be a peak… The tip of it will flop over, but it’ll be a fairly thick icing. It looks so light before coloring that I wonder if another color would be possible. xo. I started learning how to decorate cookies 6 years ago by watching your videos and now I teach through our local parks and recs dept and I recommend your videos to my students. Sorry! Will there be a video camera and a projector showing what you’re doing on a screen for everyone to see?

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