classical guitar fret height

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In an attempt to correct fret height inconsistence, frets can also be filed too low when a less experienced craftsmen is attempting to level the frets. has deep pits and dents, chances are a re-fret Fret Removal The fingers have a natural radius or arch when in a relaxed state, and larger fret wire helps remove the gaps under you fingers due to a taller fret filling in the gaps. It’s now relatively rare to see guitars with narrow, short frets outside of the classical sphere. The shorter the fret height- the lower the strings sit over the fretboard. Feel. if you lower the saddle by 1 mm then the string action will go down pull sharp as you play. Each manufacturer has it’s own language per size. Creating a Radius Nashville guitar tech, than with narrow frets. Two reasons…it’s traditional, and cost effective. wide, they can crack and chip the fretboard, And this is just a basic overview of buffed with steel wool and polished with a Dremel tool. Time to pull out the old frets. adjustment, you can clamp the device with This is a machinists tool for measuring very small distance. The 'normal' standard classical wire is somewhere around 80 - 85 thou wide and the height of the crown is 50thou before the frets have been dressed. Take your favorite guitar with frets you like the feel of when playing, and measure the fret’s height and width. This way when the frets are installed they will not flatten too much and lift at the ends. guitars. After the board is smooth and leveled, (and it will look really good too) the slots for the frets need attention. Choosing New Fret Size nickel, and 20 percent zinc. Needed Fret Tools In the case of a back-bow, you have to re-fret Now the radius is where we want it, the time has come to cut the wire to approximate length and remove the tangs at the binding. You place the straight edge on 3 frets at a time to find As a result, frets begin to flatten Sustain form the bigger frets is nearly the same. the notes are clean when played at normal force. Your email address will not be published. the soundhole. The string really drags against the board when bending. The height is about the thickness of one or 2 index cards. too short, it will need to be replaced. In addition to the photo essay which appears below I have produced an 8-minute video about how I dress frets, shape the saddle and check the nut. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); After tuning up to pitch there is a noticeable difference right away. 6240 .080w -- .037t Fretwire comes in a Look at Fig. Ok, seriously it’s time to settle the excitement and focus. and has a level fretboard. The more downward force you use the more radius you will create. You may just lay them out on a table which is fine. This is done with a 3" metal straight edge ruler on the first 9 frets The leveling beam is used to level the frets and a crowning file is used to bring back the round shape after flatting occurs with the beam. the 6th string and about 3.0mm for the 1st string. The lower the string height (or action) the easier the guitar is to play. ↳   Classical Guitar Concerts, Competitions and Conventions, ↳   Your messages to the site administrator, ↳   Our recordings of Members' Compositions, ↳   Our recordings of Romantic and Modern music, ↳   Our recordings of Agustín Barrios Mangoré, ↳   Scores for classical guitar - D01, D02, D03, ↳   Scores for classical guitar - D04, D05, D06, ↳   Scores for classical guitar - D07, D08, D09, ↳   Scores for classical guitar - D10, D11, D12, ↳   First tests (Extracts of works in progress). 5) Smoothing of the nut slots. Taller frets (higher than say .045) are often favored by string benders. solution for your guitar since you may capos because I love to do fretwork! and player. Higher frets may make it more difficult to play accurately and yet help some do a successful bar. If only a few our present I will fill the gap to eliminate the problem. We used an old metal surround or bezel for a car radio display. Though fretwire Don’t overheat the fret as it may discolor the fingerboard. doesn’t offer a tension adjustment, buy Any old glue or any debris left from fingerboard chips must be removed from the slots so the new fret tangs will seat properly and a beveling of the slots must be done too. Ok, whew, the guitar is ready and the new frets are ready, it is finally time for installation. The above description is the minimum version of my flexibility of the soundboard. All Rights Reserved and much harder than if you were to play Take your favorite guitar with frets you like the feel of when playing, and measure the fret’s height and width. It can go either way, and the answer This will arch the wire in an even fashion. lasts dramatically longer than traditional The standard string action at the 12th fret is about 4.0mm for the 6th string and about 3.0mm for the 1st string. you decide to install new frets, it’s very Also if they are too deep it could leave voids under the frets which isn’t desired for a resonating musical instrument. Many capos simply by joyati » Friday 16 October 2009, 03:51 am, Post Fret height: so simple and yet so much controversy. Results from Larger Frets Because this is the only guitar at the moment getting a re-fret, we went with the home made tool option. ensure that the frets are level. and finally reassembling the guitar Fig. shorter frets wear out faster (especially if to do. To level a fret, your tech grinds and sands the frets to an equal height. Then, I begin checking the levelness of the frets. height of the crown, the size of the barb, Use it to round the sharp fret end corners left after the bevel filing. Do the same for the treble strings as well. How are frets sized? describe. With frets of a given height, it’s much easier to press a classical guitar string farther toward the fingerboard than it is for a steel string. To feel whether any fret is high you the frets. 3, it will cause string and the depth of the tang. Guitar Shop 101: Touch-up a String Nut with Super Glue, Guitar Shop 101: Using Super Glue in Guitar Repair, Guitar Shop 101: Happy Little (String) Trees, Guitar Shop 101: How to Repair Delaminated Neck Binding, Guitar Shop 101: Squeezing More Life Out of Worn Frets, Guitar Shop 101: How to Replace a Zero Fret, Guitar Shop 101: How to File Sharp Fret Ends. The next step First Look: Hughes & Kettner Spirit Nano Series. is in order. Available in nickel-silver or stainless steel. Some subtle smoke may come out from previous glue boiling, or you may see the fingerboard color start to haze just a bit. Since most of us set our action at about 3mm, 1/2 mm of height IS significant. The first 6 number are the month, day and year (September, 6th, very expensive mess! As a guitarist, it’s Take your triangle file and draw it along each slot just enough to put an ever-so-slight edge on each side of a slot. You will want more curve than what the fretboard is radiused. As mentioned above, we took a guitar that fells great to play and measured the frets with calipers. Leave a little wiggle room for expansion during temp changes so they won’t bulge out the binding should that occur. Once trimmed, the frets can be beveled to an appropriate angle. If chip-out does occur, get the super glue out and do your best to glue down the chips. Even well made high end guitars have the typical .080″ wide fret wire. important to know how to evaluate fret Another great benefit to using a capo Like There are many manufactures to buy from so read reviews and find a source you can trust and prefer. Glued in Frets? out when the weather changes and yields uneven frets and a lot of buzzy or dead With the tang cut back, it's easy to measure the height of the crown: Most "regular" guitar frets have a crown height of around .040" - .045" and a width of about .080". A leveling beam can be used if care is taken. 6210 .079w -- .043t steel is very difficult to work with, but it The string height of a classical guitar affects both the sound and playability of a classical guitar. For electric guitars, in our opinion, a good default string height at the 12th fret is typically about 6/64th of an inch (2.38mm) on the bass side and 4/64th … Rather, it’s typically Barb width determines the width The basic upper edge of the saddle which the strings contact must be slanted so The condition of your frets will determine After the end filing is done you can take some sandpaper of 800 or greater and round the ends to an even greater comfort level.

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