concentration in a sentence

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Besides, the less favourably situated towns suffered through the concentration of trade in the hands of their more fortunate sisters. Jonny was silent and still, his eyes closed in concentration. Third concentration is stopping serial abductors or serial killers. iodide concentration was about 40% of that measured in laboratory rats. He had wanted to convey to Cynthia his concerns over Billy Langstrom's death, but he felt he owed his election bid at least a modicum of concentration if he didn't want to make a fool of himself. so that the chlorine can act upon the caustic soda or potash at a higher concentration and temperature, in which case chlorates are directly formed in the liquid: KC1+3H 2 0 = KC103+3H2. The tendency towards the concentration of capital in great industrial corporations had been active to an extent previously undreamt of, with incidental consequences that had aroused much apprehension; and the Democrats accused President McKinley and the Republican party of having fostered the "trusts.". An action in the West Indies would have ruined the emperor's plan of concentration, and Villeneuve decided to sail at once for Ferrol. The state of the prison, the desperation of the prisoners, broadly hinted in their conversation and plainly expressed in their conduct, the uproar of oaths, complaints and obscenity, the indescribable stench, presented together a concentration of the utmost misery and the utmost guilt.". A third consideration is the condensation of the vapours formed in the concentrating process; the further the concentration proceeds the more sulphuric acid they contain. For this purpose was needed the concentration of a philosophic intellect of the first order on the problems of practice. The ores of the Joplin district, in the Ozark uplift in the Mississippi Valley, are remarkable in that they are specially adapted to mechanical concentration. Visceral commissure short, tendency to concentration of all ganglia in dorsal side of oesophagus. This was used to prepare a glycerol stock by adding glycerol to a final concentration of 15% before storage at -80°C. The Motienling pass, however, had been seized without difficulty, and Keller's power of counterattack had been reduced to nothing by the despatch of most of his forces to the concentration at Tashichiao. Pure water, then, has a hydrogen-ion concentration of io 7 but sea-water gives (because of the mixture of the salts in solution) the concentration 108 ' 2 and when photosynthesis by the larger alga, or diatoms, is very active this figure falls to about 109 ' 1. The Hydromedusae are distinguished from the Scyphozoa chiefly by negative characters; they have no stomodaeum, that is, no ingrowth of ectoderm at the mouth to form an oesophagus; they have no mesenteries (radiating partitions) which incompletely subdivide the coelenteron; and they have no concentration of digestive cells into special organs. Then again, to plant down a portion of the Allied troops on one side of the Straits, while continuing operations on the other side, would mean voluntary dispersion of resources in place of concentration. The area has a concentration of Neolithic megaliths, standing stones, passageways and court tombs. The alcohol is removed by distillation in vacuo, and by further concentration in vacuo a solution may be obtained which evolves 580 volumes of oxygen. The processes of evaporation and concentration are carried on as they are in a cane sugar factory, but with this advantage, that the beet solutions are freer from gum and glucose than those obtained from sugar-canes, and are therefore easier to cook. All Rights Reserved. : (I) Internal Freedom, the underlying relation being that of the individual's will to his judgment of it; (2) Perfection, the relation being that of his several volitions to each other in respect of intensity, variety and concentration; (3) Benevolence, the relation being that between his own will and the thought of another's; (4) Right, in case of actual conflict with another; and (5) Retribution or Equity, for intended good or evil done. examinations are necessary in order to test the efficiency of schools to which grants of public money are given (this argument has become somewhat out of date owing to the recent substitution of " inspection " for examination as a test of the efficiency of schools; a combination of inspection and examination is also sometimes used); (xiv.) Examples of concentration in a sentence: 1. As the silicon crystal grows oxygen is incorporated as an interstitial atom in the silicon matrix at a concentration of typically 10-40 ppm. anise oil was strongly irritant when tested at a 1% concentration. A series of holes of different sizes perforate a revolving disk below the stage plate at an equal radial distance from the axis of the disk, so that the holes can be brought under the preparation in turn, the centre of the diaphragms always being a continuation of the optical axis of the microscope. I know it's a shame most of your family couldn't make it as they didn't survive the concentration camps. The concentration of these substances is least in the warm equatorial seas and greatest near the poles. The practice of concentration will cure that. In Britain the brine is so pure that, keeping a small stream of it running into the pan to replace the losses by evaporation and the removal of the salt, it is only necessary occasionally (not often) to reject the mother-liquor when at last it becomes too impure with magnesium chloride; but in some works the mother-liquor not only contains more of this impurity but becomes quite brown from organic matter on concentration, and totally unfit for further service after yielding but two or three crops of salt crystals. The observable effects of drinking alcohol are directly related to the blood alcohol concentration. Thus, diminishing the concentration of the cadmium iodine solution from normal to one-twentieth normal changes the transport number from I 12 to o 64. In the meantime, the concentration camps were becoming filled to overflowing, and a steady stream of captures and surrenders were reducing the hostile power of the republics. lapses in concentration - often just five minutes apart! The colonization of the eastern provinces and the struggle against the Sla y s necessitated a stronger concentration of aristocratic power, and the reception of Roman law during the 5th and 16th centuries hardened the forms of subjection originated by customary conditions. The ore was so fine-grained that the mechanical methods of concentration then in use could not trap it. In fact dissemination seems to have taken place, as usual, by the conversion of one house after another into a focus of disease, a process favoured by the fatal custom of shutting up infected houses with all their inmates, which was not only almost equivalent to a sentence of death on all therein, but caused a dangerous concentration of the poison. On concentration of the solution, the major portion of the aluminium present separates as alum, and the mother liquor remaining contains beryllium and iron sulphates together with a little alum. Chirocrinus-alter, one of of the nervous, waterthe Rhomb i fera, showing the reduced vascular and blood-vas number and regular arrangement of the cular systems, testified thecal plates, and the concentration of to their Pelmatozoan ancestry. catecholamine degradation is faster, when its concentration is higher. In the latter, especially at Sao Joao da Chapada, the minerals accompanying the diamond are scarcely worn at all; in the terraces and the river beds they are more worn and more abundant; the terraces, therefore, are to be regarded as a first concentration of the plateau material by the old rivers; and the cascalho as a second concentration by the modern rivers.

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