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(C) The 95% confidence interval for the average number of health problems in the town is (2.16, 2.44). 1 0 obj stream A random sample of 20 married women showed that the mean time spent on housework by them was 29.8 hours a week with a standard deviation of 6.7 hours. 5. endstream endobj 30 0 obj <> endobj 31 0 obj <> endobj 32 0 obj <>stream Answers to worksheet on Conf. (��~��\}�����#���m#������@����Tm"P&��p�%�c>jqGbGz���4֑�����H�d%�.q����P^�-���͉�n�BI4�~>p.���A�lC�;�b+���cJ��1e�cJ�p�(z��|-�C�[=OF.�&d���V,ȨN�}� /�yh=B�{����DJ��P:��7!�-��q: �N+{@�8ҢH��HuRf%�(���ZN%|�PI�*��m�>��Gӫ�ܚ&�{�tp�7fɾB����%�:T)TYƽ���Z����+��%N�:%i���S� �8f16�,w���Zk���*��J��\�����z��cP�ym��1}��ݤ�q�"*�Q�O�Lw%{�2�dY@?ϝ�����n��>��9pj"g���&�s���_\�V� �=��#��#!�'���K���V�"1��4d�(��Y8 �cL�Hsgc%(�������K��!��7��b f�R�b�@RY�tټ����qh95fG���]�j#��J/H=�G�лg̶��ƓF�t7��,�L�{}`�7&�t#qb@#Ŕ.�^l%�kQd_O�l�>�K� �/ܕ The sample mean was 38.5 with a standard deviation of 4.4. h�TR=o�0��ol���J���*e臚4��)R1�!C�}m?��Xw��9��vg��O?�=����x�Ƴ�-�z\������փr���2�8�l7B]g�W؜f��ázb��x�����H�}����/hg`�4`���͛r�j@ȓ�N.A$̗����F�� �f�M\ڪ���~V�������k����H�xM�P �+B��sBѾ�R?ή���WI��#���1#GA��K�s"7��4G�k�R^uq��ȖH�k�����,)�S��"OI��!�e9+.��X��,}�>��nGj+��[�] 7�XI|�? %PDF-1.5 There were 20 successes and 206 failures. 62�/��X�x|Jl��� 'ָ��NbX0���|�y 2. <>/ExtGState<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> 4. è è B B B B B ÿÿÿÿ V V V V b V ¹ ø ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Y Y Y 8 : : : : : : $ ± ² c"   ^ B ’ Y Y ’ ’ ^ B B ~ ~ Û s J J J ’ . Use the GSS survey data to find the average number of siblings for people in the US in 1996 with reasonable accuracy. Find a 95% confidence interval for the unknown population mean. endstream endobj 39 0 obj <>stream 6. 5. 3. endstream endobj 34 0 obj <>stream h�T��n� �w���V�i"u�X��D�۝��E����/P+Q8��q?Ǐ�[�l~!�;�0Xgg��F��h���q�ʭ'�'�[�S�M��g*ΑVx��îz~&�dݘ����NJ��p� ]� CJ aJ h€ hx%¸ CJ aJ h€ hœrİ CJ aJ h€ hÄ 5�CJ aJ h€ hœrİ 5�CJ aJ &. Do you believe the manufacturers claim? H��S=o1��+4&��$%Q`x� h޼�mk�:ǿ�^n��z����1��K�]A���x�!�C�q�o�s$;s�du=(e�죧#��_�ђP�a�� �1цp �%�bbYL%�B�1�1�0e1�H(%�����pm-10��a�%�R(c"8t��#4�M�U0'�1E� R0N�$RrK�"RÃ�DQʈ5D1�%J��ah���Ǐ�Y�(6�uz���V�[�|9=�.~�W�2-�p5���e�*��l��]xU�>��D�BU�'��q�jp��jq�����Mq?�JM�/�Y��LNO]4>;��lN�3�%|����b�A冰h:��7��P͞��o?�b짧�w���V%Lʢ�t}���%���yL�tt�H�$���Ѩ��2�d �!L8H�E⭗�2_�?��e���of�Ŵ�d��ct[l��¿�%aM��p���Ȁ�hZf��`�O������M�.�Mt�����{�m���bu_���C�5_ W�|�|�o���c� endstream endobj 36 0 obj <>stream Confidence Intervals Questions with solutions. 29 0 obj <> endobj , 4 > ñ ò ó ô õ ö ø 7 8 < = j l İ ã è ë R X { › œ óçÜÑÜÑÜÑÜÑÜÉÜÑÜÉÜÁ¹®Ü¹®£•®¹®‰®‰®‰®‰®¹Ü h€ h€ 6�CJ aJ h€ h€ 6�CJ ]�aJ h€ 6�CJ ]�aJ h€ h€ CJ aJ h€ CJ aJ hœrİ CJ aJ h³ Why is the 99% interval larger than the 90% interval? %PDF-1.5 %���� endstream endobj 35 0 obj <>stream $ ‰ 0 ¹ ‚ . h�T�Mo�0��� 7. Confidence Interval Practice Worksheets October 21, 2019 October 22, 2019 Some of the worksheets below are Confidence Interval Practice Worksheets, definition of confidence intervals with formula, exercises with R hypothesis tests and confidence intervals, several examples and exercises involving real life problems with solutions. tl����h3�C�~II� P�|||�}1�Oh_.&gd�l�������ɜ�����|�(���:����+���fW+�{=$ +�������Ӏdw �m��4v����C�>����$��/�o?����_�g����BCn;����W�� h�T��n� �w���F�I�v�X��V�۝��E����/P+Q8��q?��[�l�A^wa���~!�p��:��㖕[O* Op���� ����T�#����/���;$�ƤW��E�@J080~8�pV/�]�׀ J^o���9(��܈�TU]�^%�3��L�Q�A�(b�nq�l�R�?K�ح+��xs��d����ʆ��ۦ�yv>�W� m5 Make sure to specify the accuracy of your answer as best as possible. 6. ``�4�� v�8� Use StatCrunch to find a 90%, 95%, and 99% confidence interval for the number of children (childs) in our GSS survey. XčA�!�M�ућ��{�nj��2�dx�������,. h�b```f``�g`e`��gd@ A�Nj�[UM��0��G �Co8�Eyn�H`3h��h�5uL��8#0��l!�0``R2�耱]�2�l��@����� H+ � 2. 3 0 obj h�T�=o�0�w~ō�:`�6b(Y2�CM���G�T�eȐ_sGu ��{�Λ�n����8�����E��s�-�zR����Z��� �'��2�8�}7BUe�G���x���Q?�{�ߢ���S"Z}~%r8�����58첼y1��9 o�x �l��N�X�Ɵ*!DQ/G�k@���g�Umg�M̒��]�j�,Yz[gI�z��O�1n9��#� �����f�2���aG����c�-�1%˥c�rU��=uA�Xᘚ�)6���b�f0K��[�\g)"�p��`{�o��l�Q�l��/��A{�1-���pY^������=-_�+� ��� If we wanted to find the average years of schooling for people in the US in 1996, how could we use the data collected from the GSS survey to answer that question? D��� 4 0 obj endobj <> The 95% confidence interval for the average number of health problems in the sample is (2.16, 2.44). endstream endobj startxref 6. a) The students’ birth orders are likely to be independent. Hint: compute a 95% confidence interval and compare with claim. ����9�[��m�q2��黳}ں��h8k��cN_�5%�P�B�[gh$�k���y,����h &Z[�>���3�'U�%��_Pk!���b�/R�Γh�� �@(�ٽ"A�� ����Ky��0���?r^��28Mf�5�s�P�� ��d-��5|����J��{z����U���i���ь-�E�g�3�K�q�X8�4�2N�Z��\�:*����sE3�j|ʱUݕWn:�&���ڐd�@X熹 �]�/�B�l��z�$- � Ԣˊ�L��(�Oa'P`'���vc�b���(>�����h���,�����F��^r��e��E��������z�k��p?�y���0 T$! x��Z�o�8��A/$ VEI�(\a`����]�� }�ރjˉ�����������C�l1� �d ������ѻߣ���}���!ʖ����utus~���K�2�ٜ��(�Uy��eTeU*Etst��QE���Y��_����IU���?�cq�0?Q���>)���]_'��x��E�[�߮������^�,d�#Y�q�'E��$,Wķ�v��D�{m�n>"K J��i�&Q���f�k����������>��PIF-%�׮Z�� F����(r4�MOt+d�� ��ST�:�$"������t� y� (&~�OX� �R�u� �P�h�(z�ӵ�0��*����i��y��%�%;��i%-�[x��E����,���� -�Jb�h �$��(f�Am(�m��v�hg�{X@JC�ʟ�c��[����. Report a problem. B ~ B ~ 8 J ’ 8 J J : L , ° ~ ÿÿÿÿ Àä^o™Ì ÿÿÿÿ À " x Find a 95% confidence interval for the population mean . ST 350 Worksheet 24 page 3 3. confidence intervals we created to contain the true proportion. endobj ���QɊ t�b�d�|�Yr���P�k���T��:8{�ܫ��������ě�F 5�Qi! Find the standard error for the sample mean? The lifetimes (in months) of ten randomly selected automobile batteries of a particular brand are: 22 17 20 21 17 23 The manufacturer claims, however, that this particular make of battery has an 18 month lifetime.

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