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In this space I generally keep a running journal of sightings and photos. Two of the birds were flushed from the fields themselves (one ragweed, one overgrown squash), and one responded to pishing the tangles at the base of staghorn sumac at the edge of a pumpkin field that was overgrown with ragweed. Blackburnian Warbler. Great post Nick! There was a … By Chris Wood, published May 19, 2017. Once seen well, Worm-eating Warblers are unlikely to be confused with any other expected species in Connecticut. In recent years, thanks to good old fashioned field work, Tim Spahr of Massachusetts has developed a knack for finding Connecticut Warblers in southern New England during autumn migration. Hooded Warbler. Cold fronts in November are no joke. The Connecticut Warbler is an infamously hard-to-find bird that forages on the ground in remote muskeg, spruce bogs, and poplar forests. Read more. Will try it this fall. Sighting a Fox Sparrow alone doesn’t mean that a Mourning Warbler is nearby. Western Massachusetts: Highlights from Pittsfield last week included two ruddy ducks at Richmond Pond and two horned grebes at Onota Lake. I mean, this has been going on for years,” Frank said. familiar... October is an exciting month to be birding on the Avalon Peninsula, Connecticut Warbler: Large ground-walking warbler, olive-gray upperparts, dull yellow underparts. © Frank Mantlik, “I thought seriously about hopping in the car and driving up to Cedar Hill in Hartford where it had been found. Without a clear photo, and none taken by others, I began to doubt my own sighting. Usually first noticed by a ringing “weeta, weeta, weeteeo” song, a Hooded Warbler sighting highlights almost any bird walk in the Connecticut woods. Published April 30, 2015. Similar to Mourning Warbler and immature Common Yellowthroat; look for complete white eyering, large size, long undertail coverts, and habit of walking rather than hopping. The weather on Long Island Sound was looking good yesterday, save for some PM thunderstorms that were likely to pop up. Among the crowd was Russ Smiley, a Connecticut Audubon member who lives in Marlborough: “I arrived at about 9:30, shortly after a few others arrived in response to Tina’s posting about Paul’s discovery. We’ve got you covered. horizon, I’m up and pulling myself out from sleep-warmed sheets and into Learn more about Connecticut Warbler from…. 17 April 2020. It arrived with a jolt. I remember trying to identify it, not sure if it was a Nashville, Yellowthroat, or Mourning Warbler, but when I saw it walk on the ground like a thrush, and immediately realized that it was a Connecticut! Blue-winged, Worm-eating, Canada, Hooded, Blackburnian, and Swainson’s; and American Redstart. I have had luck with finding CONW in edges of mugwort near White Pine groves.I read that CONW like White Pine plantations in migration.This was in the Peterson Warbler Guide. April 20, 2020 — For that portion of the Connecticut birding world that chases after rarities, word of a Townsend’s Warbler in Hartford was a great substitute for caffeine on Friday morning. Hooded Warbler. The crowd grew to about 30, many wearing masks, everybody keeping their distance. One of those “little brown jobs,” it has been seen in the states around Connecticut but never here. “Some people thought they saw it, but most did not, and it was quite frustrating when it could no longer be seen. Connecticut warbler Conservation status. A yellow-breasted chat was spotted on Deer Island. At one point, I wan't sure we would make it on Only 446 have ever been recorded here, according to the Connecticut Ornithological Association. The sparrow represents only one of the many conditions needed to support Oporornis, namely tangled brush and thickets. Large, skulky, and seldom-seen warbler. A late spring migrant. Breeds in boggy forest with spruce or tamarack. But the system worked perfectly for those with the time.”, For many it did. For more information about bird sightings or to report sightings, call the Mass Audubon Society at 781-259-8805 or go to Sightings from the EAST TEXAS area, Lehigh County: CONNECTICUT WARBLER - 1 on 10/23. The sun still two hours from breaching the Those almost always occur in the fall. Good info. These medium-sized warblers measure in length, with a wingspan. When in full view, the proportions of a Connecticut Warbler will appear strange, as often these birds are storing so much fat they are bulging like a shorebird ahead of long migration. Immature has brownish hood, not gray. There were two common gallinules at the Cogall Beach Road marshes in Richmond. While overall numbers were down from yesterday, Sightings from the FOGELSVILLE area, Lehigh County: At the Nestle Way retention ponds: White-rumped Sandpipers - 5 on 10/27. Look at a map of Townsend’s Warbler’s range and you see nothing east of the Rocky Mountains. Thanks Nick and Tim.Andrew Block. Female slightly duller than male. Bird sightings from the Mass Audubon Society. Highly Regarded Works. Newfoundland. A few ruby-throated hummingbirds were still being reported at feeders, with one seen in Woods Hole. Gilles Carter, a member of Connecticut Audubon’s Board of Directors who lives in New Haven, emailed us: “When my text-messaging alert went off this morning on my cell phone, it was early enough there could only be a couple of ‘sender’ possibilities. By Chris Wood, published May 19, 2017. The species is shy and skulking, much more often heard than seen, but careful observers may glimpse a compact, short-tailed warbler with a bold, complete eyering. As far as is known, only one person — the late Noble Proctor, who saw 404 species — has ever recorded more than Frank. Lemon-yellow below and olive-brown above with gray hood and complete white eyering. After years of digiscoping I purchased a dSLR, the Canon 7D, in July 2011 along with the 400mm f5.6 prime lens. Elsewhere in Acoaxet there were four northern shovelers and two pectoral sandpipers. In migration, found where weedy fields meet a forest edge, especially with dense thickets, goldenrod, and jewelweed. It was sheer dumb luck. Reviewed records by the TBRC for North-central Texas since 1988. At Franklin Park in Boston, observers found a black-billed cuckoo and a dickcissel. American Redstart. Blackburnian Warbler. Russ Smiley said, “I decided I had to find it again.”, Frank Mantlik described the scene: “Russ yells out and everybody starts chasing everybody else thinking somebody must have it. These sightings have all been in New York on Long Island in Queens County. Connecticut Warbler - One (1988-238) in Grand Prairie, Dallas on 30 April 1988 (KN).. Connecticut Warbler - One (1988-244, TPRF #703) netted and banded on 5 September 1988 in Plano, Collin (AV). diversit... December 20, 4:00 AM. Breeds in boggy forest with spruce or tamarack. Townsend’s Warbler photographed by Aidan Kiley. But there is the possibility of an overshoot in spring when birds move back to their breeding grounds, which reach as far north as Virginia. It's not the first time that a rare goose has graced the... October 29th was a shite weather day; raw, windy, and set against a canvas Recent sightings (through Oct. 6) as reported to Mass Audubon. eit... On sale 17 November 2020 from Clarkson Potter – a new Backyard Birds Jigsaw big flight this morning. Swainson’s Warbler. Look for bright yellow underparts that contrast strongly with white undertail coverts. Comprehensive life histories for all bird species and families. During the breeding season, Canada Warblers are found in mixed coniferous-deciduous forests with a well-developed understory, which often includes dense stands of mountain laurel. The next few weeks will be warbler weeks in Connecticut. Recent sightings as reported to Mass Audubon. So this autumn, starting in mid-September, how about checking your local fallow pumpkin or squash field, or other field overgrown with ragweed, and see if you can find a Connecticut Warbler? In the spring, listen for the distinctive, ringing song of the male, a repetition of two- or three-part phrases. Connecticut Warblers weigh when they fledge, attaining an average weight of around as adults. Free, global bird ID and field guide app powered by your sightings and media. Sections. You figure one of those birds is going to have to go through Connecticut one of these years.”, For Frank, it was a special bird: it was the 400th species he’s seen in Connecticut. Blackburnian Warbler. By Chris Wood, published May 19, 2017. Bird is an absolute pain.”, Frank Mantlik, a member of the regional board of the Milford Point Coastal Center, was there by mid-morning, prepared to spend the day looking for it, if that’s what it took. Frank said that all of the states surrounding Connecticut have had multiple sightings of birds blown off course by the weather; Newfoundland had about 10 last year. Eric, good to know! Typically found very low in dense tangles and thickets, where it walks along branches or on the ground. There was a clay-colored sparrow at the Bridge St Boat Launch in Westport. I have also heard jewelweed and goldenrod as target plants, but my yield has been pretty low in those habitats over the years here in CT. *MEGA* First CT Record. Looking forward to it? Check out our blog for more sightings of intriguing, uncommon, or otherwise notable birds. I upgraded to the 7D MarkII in September of 2016. The enthusiasm that had filled him as he left his house was drained by late morning: “No photos.

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