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That’s a really cheap breakfast! One thing I do find interesting is that one serving of traditional oats is 1/2 cup while one serving of the steel cut oats is 1/4 cup. I write these reviews to help my fellow shoppers. If you’re looking for a bit of extra protein with your breakfast, try adding a little bit of Greek or skyr yogurt if you’re making cold overnight oats. It would take more time to get the instant pot ready than to actually cook. Each of the flavors is pretty tasty and tastes more or less like you’d expect. Sure you can use the instant pot, but it seems so much easier to just use a pot. Shop for organic foods. I’ve had a few products from Nature’s Path in the past and I always seem to enjoy them, so when I saw this big box of Nature’s Path Organic Superfood Oats on sale in the cereal aisle at Costco, it was an easy decision to give them a try. To see more of my Costco food reviews, Costco Kentucky Woods Bourbon Barrel Cake Review, Are you interested in a very unique tasting cake? I recently got hooked on to these and absolute love them. We go through this stuff pretty quickly. These cookies do not store any personal information. Great idea on adding salt. I originally thought that the calories seemed a little bit high for the amount of oatmeal that was in each packet, but the oats are actually really filling; one packet left me feeling satisfied and not the least bit hungry. There have been times I am unable to find this at Costco so I just get it shipped directly to my door. Were you able to get that information off their website? Bob’s Red Mill Quick Cooking Steel Oats are also: They are available in a 112 oz bag and is priced at $7.99. I can barely make it out the door for work with a coffee in hand, so if you’re the kind of person that gets up and makes a hearty breakfast, I’m super impressed! Thanks for the information. Costco Nature’s Path Organic Creamy Coconut Superfood Instant Oatmeal Dry, Costco Nature’s Path Organic Creamy Coconut Superfood Instant Oatmeal Nutrition. As far as the gluten free, I’ve got a close friend who eats these almost every day & he is sensitive to gluten. Keep it up! Kirkland Signature Whole Dried Blueberries, Kirkland Signature Grass-Fed Beef Patties, Costco In-Warehouse Hot Buys 11/14/20 – 11/22/20, Costco September 2020 Coupon Book 09/02/20 to 09/27/20, Costco August In-Warehouse Hot Buys 08/15/20 to 08/23/20, Costco August 2020 Coupon Book 08/05/20 to 08/30/20, Costco May 2020 Coupon Book 05/20/20 to 06/14/20, Costco April 2020 Coupon Book 04/15/20 to 05/10/20, Modern Ribbed Self-Contained Outdoor Fountain. It takes me 5 minutes to cook them in a pot with water & a pinch of salt. I couldn’t find it for a couple months. I’ll have to try walnuts next time. I actually preferred the originally big bag because it was quiet (have a little one) & resealable. I can throw in some maple sugar or raisins along with some milk and the texture is always impeccable. Looking through the cooking instructions, it seems you can cook the quick-cooking steel cut oats the same way you would cook the old-fashioned rolled oats. The overall list of ingredients is short, which is always a bonus from a health perspective. For a second I thought the box might include the cute little jar that’s pictured on the front, but sadly it doesn’t. My Costco was hit or miss with them as well & I think I just got lucky that they were in stock the day I went. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. The best before date is about a year from the date I purchased the oatmeal. They’re awesome. No added sugar! You can use water to make hot oatmeal (either using a kettle or a microwave) or you can do the overnight method where you add your preferred milk option (dairy or non-dairy) and let the oats soak overnight. Maybe it’s the same here because there were a few months I didn’t see it on the shelves. Personally, I like to eat hot oatmeal in the winter and overnight oats (cold oatmeal) in the summer. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Your email address will not be published. Kirkland Signature Complete Nutrition Chocolate Shake, Kirkland Signature Oven Browned Turkey Breast, Seasoned Turkey Breast with Stuffing and Gravy, Kirkland Signature Seasoned Turkey Breast With…. Would try cinnamon after reading your blog. If you like my blog and want to show your appreciation, please follow me on Instagram or Facebook, or tell your friends to check out my blog! Beyond the calories and macronutrients, whole grain oats are great for heart health and lowering cholesterol, plus each flavor includes hemp hearts and chia seeds which are also good for you. I hope you find them soon! Nut butter, fresh fruit, protein powder and yogurt were some that came to mind for me, but I’m sure there are lots of other good options too. Costco Nature’s Path Organic Creamy Coconut Superfood Instant Oatmeal Dry Convenience I like to use these packets to make overnight oats in the summer, you can use non-dairy milk, dairy milk, yogurt and water or just water let them soak overnight. Shop for oatmeal at Costco. I unfortunately have been cursed with a super sweet tooth so I found the oatmeal tasted slightly like it was missing something (sugar). I like to use these packets to make overnight oats in the summer, you can use non-dairy milk, dairy milk, yogurt and water or just water let them soak overnight.

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