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A crucial conversation has three ingredients: High stakes; Strong emotions; Opposing opinions Crucial Conversation – tools for talking when stakes are high talks about How to handle disagreements and high stakes communication, this book is written on the premises that when you are stuck in any situation whether at home or at work, it is this crucial conversation which is keeping you away from your desired result, and when you learn to handle such crucial moments effectively nicely, you can accomplish the result you want in your life. First Question: Who cares – don’t involve people who don’t care, Second Question: Who knows – who has relevant expertise to help to make a proper decision, Third Question: Who must agree –who are the people who could block the implementation later on if involved in the decision making now, Fourth Question: How many people must be involved- try to involve fewer people if possible. Name: Crucial Conversations Tools for Talking When Stakes Are High Frustration? When any discussion starts to become stressful, we end up doing the exact opposite of what works, we ruin the conversation because we miss the warning signs, we turn the healthy conversation into an unhealthy or crucial conversation, hence to avoid this we must  learn to look: Read More: How to Have Confidence and Power in Dealing with People – Book Summary. A useful story CREATES EMOTIONS THAT LEAD TO HEALTHY ACTION – LIKE DIALOGUE. It doesn’t matter how right you are in an argument if no one respects you enough to listen. I am furthermore considering kik login, maybe you might talk about that occasionally. And the reality is many people do not deal with them well – or at all. In great companies crucial conversations take place and problems are never swept under the rag. However, these stories are not inevitable. This is often more difficult to do than you might think, especially since we tell ourselves stories that may or may not be fully true. Masking ( where they pretend to agree/or pretend they are listening but actually they aren’t etc”), Refuse to play the game( here it means to refuse to get caught by your emotions), Avoid the suckers choice – we often find ourselves in two situation, either to shut up or to let it go or brutal Honesty, however both ways fail, if you let it go then the other person will not know how you felt, and you will keep that thing in your mind and heart which will affect you and if you decide to be honest and want to tell the other person how you felt by being honest brutally, it will also affect you and the other person too, Recognize the purpose behind the strategy, Act – Notice your behavior, Ask – Am I in some form of silence or violence, Feel- Get in touch with your feelings, what emotions are encouraging me to act this way. Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking when Stakes are High is a 2001 book by Joseph Grenny, Al Switzler, and Ron McMillan. Whenever you are in a discussion with others and the stakes are high, it’s important that you remember to listen carefully to what others tell you. This involves honesty and integrity on the part of both parties. Ask yourself, what you want, where you want to end this conversation? You should always endeavor to stick to the facts whenever you are engaged within a crucial conversation. So how we can make the honest conversation without offending(without closing them down). Author: Kerry Patterson & Joseph Grenny Please take a moment to pin this post to Pinterest. The real issue about having the conversation is not what we are discussing but how we are going to discuss, hence we need to create right place for ourselves and for the other person, so the first thing we must do before going into any conversation is to understand that the only person you can directly control is yourself, you need to manage your emotions and mindset. Would love your thoughts, please comment. Listening is not just numbly nodding your head. For example, an innocent remark to your neighbor about their late night (noisy) parties can unexpectedly degenerate into a shouting match; overnight, your two families end up in a “cold war”, and both sides are unhappy. We all know how to talk, but too few of us know how to actively listen. These usually increase hostility within a discussion group and make people feel as though you aren’t allowing them to properly express themselves. Crucial Conversations Tools for Talking When Stakes Are High Review: The key to success is to be open-minded and start with yourself. There are four paths of powerful listening, Read More: The SPEED of Trust By Stephen M.R. Start with the heart- how to stay focused on what you really want, Learn to look at the content and conditions, Look and see whether others are moving towards silence or violence. #2 Listen! #14 Remember that It’s Difficult for Everyone We can all get caught up with our own thoughts and fears, especially during high-stakes conversations. Do comment your views and tell me if you want me to make video summary of Crucial Conversations and do share your experience how you didn’t pay the attention towards the dialogue warning and you messed up your healthy conversation and convert it to a crucial conversation. Download Audio Book For Free at: Audible ABOUT THE BOOK: Hence this book focuses on the techniques on how to hold such conversations in a positive space when surrounded by highly charged emotions. During important conversations, it is natural for people to either stand up and walk away or react angrily. We need to understand our emotion really very nicely. Fourth Question: How many people must be involved- try to involve fewer people if possible, Read More: The Art of People – Book Summary. You need to be able to evaluate your own reactions and the words as you are within a discussion so you can adjust as necessary.

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