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2017 Cyclades are a cluster of islands scattered around the Aegean and Santorini is one of them. In fact, the reason is a lot more mundane. Cycladic Architecture Made of Dream Material. Set out on a Mystical Journey. Overall, the facades give an impression of the buildings growing out of the ground. The houses in Cyclades are built with plain materials and the building exteriors are rather simple; yet they exude unparalleled harmony, balance and grace. The islands were known for their white marble, mined during the Greek Bronze Age and throughout Classical history. Cycladic art therefore comprises one of the three main branches of Aegean art. However, the real reason behind Cycladic architecture color scheme wasn’t exactly a decision based on aesthetics. Unpretentious and modest, a family friendly house beautifully detailed in its celebration of its unique position, using the best and most handsome of local materials. The Cyclades are a group of Greek islands in the Aegean Sea that encircle the island of Delos. Cycladic Architecture: Elegance in Simplicity One of the main reasons why Santorini stands out among other islands is its remarkable traditional architecture. Laid Back Moments. material, the islands were susceptible to earthquakes and the people preferred more permanent structures [1]. Shopping in Santorini. Cycladic art during the Greek Bronze Age is noted for its abstract, geometric designs of male and female figures. The real reason buildings are blue and white in Greece. The best known type of artwork that has survived is the marble figurine, most commonly a single full-length female figure with arms folded across the front. Cycladic architecture uses simple and minimal aesthetics but a style that is characterized by strength and daring. The Writer’s home & Guest-home is a well-appointed feature of the pleasingly simple Cycladic Architecture. The type is known to archaeologists as a "FAF" for "folded-arm figure(ine)". All the Cycladic islands have formed similarities in the way they have ben inhabited. In 1938, there was an outbreak of cholera in Greece, including the Cycladic islands. The most visible element in Cycladic architecture is the flat earthen roof (doma) used for drying products, sleeping on hot summer nights, or for social contacts, an element harmonized with the hot dry climate. All the Cycladic islands share the typical whitewashed houses, blue-domed churches, and cobblestoned alleys, however, Santorini’s volcanic landscape, played a catalytic part to the architectural style of the island.

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