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John Outterbridge - 'East Coast / West Coast: Part II', In Tribute to Jack Tilton - 'A Selection from 35 Years', Soul of a Nation - 'Art in the Age of Black Power'. Display the full interactive exhibition history and all related artist, exhibition venue, and curator pages for your research. Search and bid online on all original art and artworks by David Hammons on artnet auctions 24/7. New York Magazine commissioned voting stickers with imaginative designs by 48 artists. Search Artist-Portfolios, Network Visualization Examples ..Building upon this sculpture are a number of Hammons' body prints dating from 1969 to c.. ”, “ Since the 1960s, David Hammons has confronted American cultural stereotypes and racial issues through wittily incisive sculptures, installations, performances, and body prints. Today you find 191131 artists, and 7807 curators in 218862 exhibitions in 12481 venues (resulting in 730957 network edges) from 1880 to present, in 1527 cities in 163 countries, plus 283 professional and private artwork offers. ”. Get the newly listed art for sale by David Hammons. Available for sale from Richard Gray Gallery, David Hammons, Untitled (1976-1977), Wire, rope, pipe cleaner, hair, rubber, mesh, aluminum, sand paper and t… David Hammons biography and art for sale. While naming the work Bliz-aard Ball Sale, Hammons was also referring to the action that was happening around him as the sale proceeded. But, David Hammons’ Bliz-aard Ball Sale is much different from all those. Dec 15, 2020, Il Ponte Auction House, Via Pontaccio $1,892,291 - 2,519,736 In it, Hammons – the artist –brings to life everyday issues that Americans faced in the 1980s.  Exhibition Place. $59,889 - 90,704 ..By the mid-1970s, Hammons would abandon this kind of work, beginning to create an abstract art from the materials of black culture.. Books at abebooks.com for this artist Show all, Subscribe to our monthly artist-info.com Newsletteron our Newsletter Subscription page. From his X-ray-like body prints made with grease, to his "Spade" series of garden spades (a reclamation of the racial slur), to Pissed Off (1981), in which he urinated against a Richard Serra sculpture, Hammons combines political sentiment with powerful aesthetic statements. ..Hammons is one of the most significant artists of the last 50 years.. There’s no better indication that an event or period has been relegated to the past than seeing it become the subject of a volume of oral history. Please note that this site uses cookies. There are 3 galleries and art dealers listing works of art by David Hammons as either "Wanted" or "For Sale" . ”, “ You probably have. Interested in discovering more of this artist's networks? | Total Sold Value $6,406,460 For more information, see our, What's Happening in the Art World in November, Kaws, Adam Pendleton and Friends Reimagine the I Voted Sticker, Untitled, 2020. 1943, “ David Hammons was born in 1943. Nov 25,2020 Total Sold Value $8,716,395 ..Hammons removed the many panes of glass in order to silkscreen a body print onto one side of each and then returned the glass panes into the frame.. Dec 16, 2020, Sworders Artist   There are 24 … A copy of this inquiry will be send to your email address. Gangnam-gu | Seoul | South Korea Est. Three perspectives on the art of the present, Punta della Dogana, François Pinault Foundation, Reframing Minimalism: McArthur Binion and his Contemporaries in New York, 1973 – 1992, Coat of a priest with pictures of children, Artists, Including David Hammons and Barbara Kruger, Reimagine “I Voted” Stickers. - Jan 08,2021, American In David Hammons' early artworks, the artist also directly challenges the use of racial language by employing the spade, which is a slur against African Americans. Curator David Hammons is an American Postwar & Contemporary artist who was born in 1943. To use Insight Basic or Insight Analytics, Use Analytics tools for more insight based on documented exhibitions. - Jan 30,2021, MAXXI National Museum of 21st Century Arts The symbol recurs in Hammons' 'Body Prints', including in Spade (Power for the Spade) (1969) and Three Spades (1971), and sculptures that transform used shovels into forms reminiscent of African masks, such as Spade with Chains (1973). The SUMMARY above shows today's available scope. Est. St. James's | London | UK ..Since the late 1970s, when he began to use hair and bottles, Hammons spoke about the way the spirits of other people remained in the objects he used.. More details on your RESEARCH user page. 3 easy steps: Register, buy a package for a visualization, select the artist. ”, “ His work was featured in numerous exhibitions at key galleries and museums, including the Hauser & Wirth, New York, 69th Street and the Whitney Museum of American Art. Since 1999 the record price for this artist at auction is $8,005,000 USD for Untitled, sold at Phillips New York in 2013. Buy art at exclusive members only pricing at the leading online contemporary art marketplace. Total Sold Value $5,693,305 1969), Enamel on Masonite, 36 × 48 in Est. David Hammons was a creative artist, who was born in the United States. Nov 24, 2020 - Nov 25, 2020, White Cube, London (Mason's Yard) Nov 23, 2020, Sotheby's London See examples how visualization looks like for an artist, a curator, or an exhibition place: Gallery, museum, non-profit place, or collector. Postal ballot voters can take pride in wearing these new versions of the classic lapel label. David Hammons has been featured in articles for the ARTnews, The Wall Street Journal and The Magazine Antiques . David Hammons has 4 artist signature examples available in our database. David Hammons's work has been offered at auction multiple times, with realized prices ranging from $1,399 USD to $8,005,000 USD, depending on the size and medium of the artwork. Limited-Edition Prints by Leading Artists, Reframing Minimalism: McArthur Binion and his Contemporaries in New York, 1973-1992, Wire, rope, pipe cleaner, hair, rubber, mesh, aluminum, sand paper and thumb tack, Other works from Reframing Minimalism: McArthur Binion and his Contemporaries in New York, 1973-1992, Just Above Midtown, David Hammons, Camille Billops, Black Currant, Inaugural Issue, 1982, Obama Shrine - 16th Century - Obama, Japan, 2012. https://www.artist-info.com/artist/David-Hammons. Rome | Italy - Mar 07,2021, Gallery Baton There are 0 artworks for sale on our website by galleries and art dealers . The most recent article is Kaws, Adam Pendleton and Friends Reimagine the I Voted Sticker written for the Phaidon in October 2020. Nov 17, 2020 - Nov 24, 2020, Bukowskis, Stockholm Dec 15, 2020, Christie's London Nov 26,2020 Placing himself somewhere between Arte Povera and Dada, Hammons has made art from the refuse and cast-offs of stereotypical African-American life: chicken wings, Thunderbird and Night Train bottles, dreadlock clippings, basketball hoops, elephant dung, and bottle caps. $275,014 - 409,055 Some of the artist's contemporaries that are born around the same year and in the same country include Chuck Close, Dale Chihuly, Bruce Nauman, James Turrell and Barbara Kruger.. About David Hammons' work View upcoming auction estimates and receive personalized email alerts for the artists you follow. Available for sale from Michael Rosenfeld Gallery, David Hammons, Untitled (ca. (Includes Inisght Basic) COMING SOON, Details Stedelijk Museum voor Actuele Kunst, Search exhibition places by country and city. David Hammons is an American Postwar & Contemporary artist who was born in 1943.

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