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Powers/Skills Bushroot | Jinx Mammoth Neutron Psimon Shimmer. However, Darkwing Duck and the Friendly Four appear before them and stop the Muddlefoots. Origin DC - The Fearsome Five. Darkwing tries to tell them that he has it under control, but then the Fearsome Five appear, who create a force field around the city, separating the Coastal Guard from them. Alias: Gizmo Alignment: Villain Powers / Abilities: 223 IQ, A Mechanical genius capable of … Annoyed by this, NegaDuck grabs out a chainsaw and uses it to cut a model of St. Canard into four equal section for each villain to rule, while NegaDuck keeps all of the money to himself. Welcome to the Mayfair Games DC Heroes RPG online Character Database! Rebuilding Catholic Culture. https://dcanimatedmovieuniverse.fandom.com/wiki/Fearsome_Five?oldid=20762. Tank explains to Darkwing that he's in the Negaverse, a world that's opposite of his. Status The information contained herein comes primarily from the second and third editions of the game, although if a character exists only in the (pre-Crisis) 1st edition, and I feel that their stats can be reasonably used and be a good fit with the later (post-Crisis) editions, I may include them as well, for completeness sake. Doctor Light Luckily, Morgana used her magic to turn the chainsaw into a yak, giving Darkwing the chance to free the Justice Ducks. This episode takes place in the past, where the Fearsome Five are a pirate crew who are led by NegaDuck as their captain. Later at the bridge, the Coastal Guard is there with Morgana, Stankfoot, Neptunia, and GizmoDuck. Just us Justice Ducks Goals DarkWarrior Duck | During his time in jail, he overhears the villains, saying that NegaDuck is coming up with a way to free them. Isis Vanderchill | DC Animated Movie Universe Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Just then, Darkwing Duck's ancestor, Darkwing Doubloon, appears before the villains, alongside his crew. From seeing this, Darkwing Duck decided to give up. But before he could stop them, the Fearsome Five prepared a trap for him, making him fall out of the building, thus ending the first part of the episode. https://villains.fandom.com/wiki/Fearsome_Five?oldid=4059008. They take Darkwing to the imprisoned heroes, where NegaDuck is about to kill Darkwing with a chainsaw. Major Synapse | (Likes/dislikes, head-scratchers, etc...), I also think there should be a discussion, if people are interested in having one. Steelbeak | QuackerjackMegavoltBushrootLiquidator Darkwing Duck drives a garbage truck below NegaDuck, but misses him on purpose. Just then, Darkwing Duck appears. As they escape with the last of it, however, Gosalyn accidently gets locked in a crate and is later found by NegaDuck, who uses her as bait to lure Darkwing Doubloon. Crimes He then makes his way to St. Canard and starts to terrorize the city. Darkwing Duck decides to team up with the tiny villains for knowing their own weaknesses. N/A The Fearsome Five is a group of supervillains joined together to spread chaos and get money, but especially to fight a common enemy: Darkwing Duck, and mainly serving as the overall main antagonists of the Disney cartoon series Darkwing Duck. NegaDuck gets sucked into it, while Darkwing Duck makes it back to his world. First Appearance: New Teen Titans #3 (January, 1981) Email This BlogThis! United States NegaDuck sends a warrant on his head, which makes an evil version of Launch Pad and the Muddlefoots attack him. The real NegaDuck appears and is upset that his minions were trying to kill him, as he sees them chasing Darkwing Duck. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. Knowing that NegaDuck has the Mystic Eye, Darkwing Duck disguises himself as a villain and gets arrested, in order to get information about NegaDuck from the Fearsome Five. Hammerhead Hannigan | They see a ship that is owned by a royal family and robs it of its jewels. 6043 in-depth character profiles from comics, games, movies. Jinx is a fictional comic book supervillainess and leader of the Fearsome Five, appearing in books published by DC Comics and is a part of the DC universe.Created by Marv Wolfman and Chuck Patton, she first appeared in Tales of the Teen Titans #56 (August 1985).. But then, NegaDuck and his crew sinks his ship and leaves them stranded in the ocean. RobberyOrganized crimes He later shows up at SHUSH, disguised as Darkwing Duck and destroys the headquarters, leaving St. Canard defenseless. They are enemies of the Teen Titans. The Fearsome Five are a group of supervillains led by the telepath Psimon. ;), First Appearance: New Teen Titans #3 (January, 1981). Goal isn't known at this time, but it is a supervillian time that rivals the Teen Titans. N/A Alias: Jinx Alignment: Villain / Anit-Hero Powers / Abilities: Elemental sorcery, probability manipulation, various knowledge of all other minor forms of witchcraft Name: Mikron O'Jeneus. After releasing that Gosalyn is missing, Darkwing Doubloon turns back, in order to save her by giving the treasure back to NegaDuck. Paddywhack | This made the heroes form the Justice Ducks. Goal isn't known at this time, but it is a supervillian time that rivals the Teen Titans. However, Darkwing then drops the Mystic Eye on accident, giving the Fearsome Five's powers back. Luckily, Launchpad and Gosalyn saves Darkwing by throwing a giant net upon the villains. Fearsome Five At one point or another, the following characters were associated with the Fearsome Five: Charger Deuce Dr. Light . Unknown NegaDuck | As Darkwing approaches to them as NegaDuck, the Fearsome Five attacks him. He returns to the heroes but is disturbed again by Darkwing Duck, who calls him down for scones.

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