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You might say that, all around, there’s a somewhat more “unhinged” design approach at work than before – the first Deathsmiles could certainly earn itself a “what were they smoking when they made this” award nomination in places, but II’s unique brand of old-style gaming nonsense is in a league by itself. If you’re anything but a stone-hearted, unsmiling, “my hobby must take itself 100-percent seriously” gamer, it’s tough not to chuckle a bit as Satan Claws, astride a Godzilla-sized reindeer, screeches a delirious “Merriiii Kurisumaaaaas!” as he blankets the screen in festive seasonal death. It’s rather difficult to guess what the designers were thinking in shackling such restraints upon a series so recently and successfully built on openness, but across nearly a half-dozen “revised” editions of Deathsmiles II released to arcades these elements were left entirely intact; the development team certainly wasn’t acknowledging any miscues on their part. BTW, my waifu is Windia-chan. Those who need to immerse themselves even further can snag a second themed arcade stick from Hori, or even download an i-mode cell phone offshoot, starring Supe, titled Deathsmiles Gaiden. Each of the little buggers has different characteristics (speed, jump, etc.) Deathsmiles II is also helped by the fact that its stages, though spartan in appearance and limited in number, are packed with action: while Deathsmiles was hardly plagued by dull moments, even its highlights can sometimes appear tame compared to those found in the sequel. I've played Deathsmiles 1 on Steam, absolutely superb shoot 'em up. Somewhat predictably, Deathsmiles II‘s uneven blend of steps forward and steps back was greeted with mixed reviews, but the game garnered enough interest to green-light an “enhanced” trip to the XBox 360, somewhat cheesily titled Deathsmiles IIX: for fans expecting a de facto apology for some of Cave’s more questionable moves in the arcades, though, things get off to a pretty bad start. Craggy preview screenshots notwithstanding, a number of fans shrugged off the nay-saying “graphics whores” among them and eagerly headed for the arcades to give the sequel a spin: even most of the true believers, however, were utterly aghast at the regressive restructuring awaiting them there. Her familiar, believe it or not, is the ghostly remnant of Tyrannosatan from the first game, who bestows strong offensive power but somewhat limits her scoring potential. Optimized visual settings for non-widescreen displays, replay saving/sharing, online co-op, leaderboards, and any sort of training mode are simply nowhere to be seen, with some nasty bugs taking their place… oh, and did I forget to mention that the “warning” indicators to signal approaching enemies are, for some inexplicable reason, gone too? Eradicate this devilish assault! Lei immediately determines to follow… but neglects to change his getup first. The colorful bullet patterns and explosions do still look good, and a few noteworthy touches are present (if you look closely, the “flying book” enemies in one level bear the title “History of danmaku Shooting Game” on their covers), but on most fronts the visuals simply don’t hold a candle to their sprite-based forebears in either charm or technical merit. A far more striking shift, though, has taken place in-game, the result of a sudden switch from Cave’s standard SH3 arcade hardware to a custom PC-based setup (which, interestingly, arcade operators had the option to “rent” instead of buy outright, a first for the company): no, your eyes do not deceive you, those are honest-to-goodness polygons. I'll explain some very basic things which will help you to clear the game. There's something strangely mesmerizing to it, and I... Ce guide est une explication des moyens d'obtention des succès proposés dans la version steam du jeu Deathsmiles. While skating on a frozen pond the ice beneath her feet suddenly gave way, and next thing she knew she’d landed in Gilverado: Windia encounters the cold and frightened Supe (sometimes mistranslated as “Soupy”) on the street and invites her home to meet the Count, but Satan Claws had found her first, and was watching. Check out this guide for game help clearing the game: 2:58. Seuls les succès masqués ou présentant une difficulté particulière seront détaillés. By the way, items don’t “bounce and split” anymore, so feel free to just grab ’em all as soon as they appear: finally, your “overall” multiplier no longer resets once power-up mode ends (though it gradually drains during boss fights), so if you can boost it early and avoid bombing or dying you can ride it out for a good long time. Deathsmiles is CAVE's bullet-hell shoot-'em-up where you take the role of one of five Angels to defend the magical land of Gilverado from an invasion by Hell itself! A second press mid-flight summons it back early, while “focusing” slows it down and allows some measure of direct control. Eradicate this devilish assault! 32bit or 64bitも教えてください。 All in all, while “Arrange” mode makes for quite the spectacle, some may find it too gimmicky and slow-paced to compete with the disc’s other offerings. Rosa and Follett make their triumphant return to playable status as well, though both are perhaps a bit too overpowered compared to everyone else this time around; two new stages (one required, one optional) have also appeared on the map, and another hidden final boss can be challenged, but perhaps most importantly the series’ marquee “difficulty selector” has been reinstated, allowing for much more newbie-friendly gaming sessions when your (open-minded) friends are over. Any thoughts? They referred to it as “Multiplatform Expansion No. DeathSmiles - Official Steam Trailer. Even more noticeably, while “power-up” mode lasts longer here, all enemies destroyed in this state release a new type of “suicide bullet”, which initially streaks towards you but slows down when close, leaving you surrounded by hovering threats whenever you gun down a big group. © Valve Corporation. (Answer: Yes they are.) And no, this is not Cave’s first-ever attempt at 3D graphics, though you might be forgiven for thinking so. などを教えて頂ければと思います So consider this a love letter to CAVE, Degica (who are bringing these amazing games to Steam) and fellow CAVE aficionados around here. We are taking note and want to help. After appearing in a distant part of town, a bum named Goldberg happens upon Lei and lends him the only dry clothes he can get: a maid uniform. How many giant evil possessed chess sets can one villain own? These seemingly minor changes add an extra “risk/reward” dimension to one’s positioning and offensive strategies, not to mention a fresh approach to high-score runs: the scoring system, speaking of which, has received an even bigger (but similarly positive) overhaul. Compatibility modes don't work, and I tried installing older DirectX runtimes unsuccessfully. Rirus 6 Aug 17 @ 12:50pm How do you get this to run on Windows 10? At times the screen-clogging bevy of baddies, bullets and bonuses can be downright disorienting, but for the most part it’s a welcome rush: finally making it all the way to the top of the giant well in the Ruins unscathed is a great feeling, as is vaporizing the seemingly endless waves of poltergeists blocking your path to the final corridor of the Dead Man’s Mansion. The lock shot no longer drains your item counter when used, but is instead fueled by a separate gauge displayed as a circle around your character; it recharges fairly quickly when left dormant, but abuse the attack and you’ll still be stuck without it for a bit. The basic controls and scoring principles from the arcade edition remain, with a couple of twists. CPU: The obvious intended highlights of the package are the two 360-exclusive play modes, both of which are much more polished, at least from a technical perspective. Before you report an issue, or if you already have, please try verifying your game install like so...

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