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In 2008 while the second day of UN there is a practice of dishonest from 16 teachers SMAN Lubuk Pakam 2, From evidence it clearly that expenses cost that was spent by government doesn't have the positive result for students beg to propose so i’m strongly agree with this motion beg to purpose. Once again I say that, we are strongly disagree with the motion that the UN should be abolished at the first, I want to deliver a summary of our point of view. With that argument that have delivered, we are from opposition team strongly disagree with that motion. On the first point, UN can be score competition among the students. For example, in the motion, This house believes that Shakespeare is the world’s greatest writer, you need to find the term that adds value and then develop a criterion again, that will allow you to win the debate if you meet that criteria. Because UN be a standard graduation from the school we halve to responses, it clearly that is not on by UN be standard graduation from the school. Our motion today is “. UN also helps in deceiving one’s own personally and confidence. 1. We can see, it clearly that UN can when their ability, intelligence, and competence trough a score competition of UN with high motivation and strong belief so, it can fix the character of students especially in study harder to reach their dreams. National examination should never be abolished. Basically, national examination is same with the other exams ? We can see, national examination give negative impacts in individual perspective to students healthy, psychology and their parents, too so  national examination should be abolished we his to propose. 2. their second point was psychology they said that national examination can disturb the students psychology. We are from the the opposition team, that against this motion. One more we are from the aff team absolutely agree with this motion that UN should be abolished Thank you ladies and gentlemen, source:, Fungsi-Fungsi pada Table of Contents MS.Word. He may indicate (by an open palm) the judge in question as their name is, that if the speaking time is exceeded, he will shout, “Time!” (The watch is not stopped, "I would now like to call upon the first speaker of the proposition (speaker's name) to, To vary, he can say, “It is now my pleasure to introduce the 2, Chair), judges, ladies and gentlemen, today’s motion is ...’, the end of their speech they must have some means of showing that they have come, to the end of their speech even it if it’s a. In fact, what did we expect from national examination yield ? So, should we abolish the national examination ? Basically, UN and us are same, its differences are UN make from capital by kemendigbud and UAS from school. All rights reserved. School can decide the best students until stupid students easily, If the schools have the best students they will get the appreciation from government or usually we call Kemendigbud, Mapping the quality of programmer and or educational units, The basic of selection in to the next educational level, Give the appreciation for best school and best students easily. Debate Writing Class 11 and Debate Writing Class 12. The minister of education firm up the roles that graduation will determine from 60% result of UN 40% result of UAS. We have to responses, first 1 the purpose of an exam in school, UAS or UN is to practice our mental to pace the nations exam this is very useful to continue higher education bad get work doatest. Preparatory UN need many time to study, practice and prepare i they can make the student’s can not play they will always in house because they are very afraid if they can pass UN or not it can make the students does not sleep and having break fast lunch and dinner regular and if they have got bad result it will affect their future from the fist implementation of UN until last year, we haven’t seen the result UN used require the expressive cost buy the result is only doubt and uncertainty as NE can see, last year the education and cal tuns minister, say government. 2nd AFF ladies and gentlemen. A debate is actually a type of a competitive and two-way conversation, in which the goal is to win the argument and persuade someone, not only the other party, but more particularly the third-party observers. because without exams student would be more and more stupid, lazier and less motivated to learn. Government try to show the fair muse for all students in Indonesia so they firm up UN disturb students psychology ? This is an example of a debate by Year 5 students on the topic “That teachers should give… Year 6/7 Demonstration Debate Topic: That Father Christmas has a harder job than the Easter Bunny. Topic: “That teachers should not give lollies to students as a reward.” This is an example of a debate by Year 5 students on the topic “That teachers should give…, Topic: That Father Christmas has a harder job than the Easter Bunny. Spent expensive cost that is about billion rupiahs and factually the billion rupiahs yield many cause of illegal way that be done by some school. Do you think a score competition of UN is good ? We can graduate from school or not just by passing an exam, which is held in 3-6 days and with standard scores from education ministry. So far, national examination become a dilemma for student who will past a exam. I have 3 points on the first point.

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