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Swords may be top tier in PVE because they're high risk and high rewards, but in PVP, the risk is much higher than the reward. That’s because you can only carry one Kinetic, one Energy, and one Heavy weapon at a time. Lastest "meta change": Auto rifles were buffed with Season of the Worthy, receiving increased base and precision damage. They are powerful and can come with great perks. Auto rifles received a significant buff with Season of the Worthy, especially 600 RPM variants. PS: If you’re looking for the complete rundown of the state of the current Meta for PVP and PVP, check out our Destiny 2 Meta weapons guide. Hand Cannons were the indisputable top tier choice for PVP, but after a nerf to their effective range last year, they no longer dominate the meta as they used to. Lastest "meta change": Fusion rifles were nerfed with Season of the Worthy, receiving an increased damage falloff and a decreased effective range. A big thank you to Pattycakes for helping me put together this selection. The roll you have is 100% more a PvP roll, Full Auto (Pretty useless in PvE might I add) is useable in PvP and makes it easier to use under fire. For the record, this list is based on my experience playing the PC version of the game. In this section, we cover the best primary PVP weapons. PS: Bungie just released a tribute quest that rewards you with another Exotic Cipher. In this guide, we’ll cover both Exotic and Legendary weapons (including their PVP god rolls), give you an overview of the current PVP meta, and provide quick guides on how to obtain the top PVP exotics. Lastest "meta change": Bows haven't received any noticeable PVP changes in a long time. This makes sense when comparing weapons against each other. You can rest assured, though, as this overview is up to date with the current Season of Arrivals and will be updated as soon as a new meta arrives. Sidearms have been slept on for far too long. Lastest "meta change": Linear fusion rifles haven't seen any significant changes in a while. Up until now, we have split our Top PVP guns into Primaries, Special and Heavy weapons. You now see more and more top players main sidearms alongside their favorite sniper. But unlike shotguns, they have a higher skill-ceiling. But things are definitely changing, especially since their target acquisition was buffed. You can read all about it in our Destiny 2 TTK guide. Lastest "meta change": Swords were buffed with Season of the Worthy, receiving a complete overhaul of how they function. This means your damage phases would largely require formations and … Bungie finally introduced a method to acquire exotic weapons from previous seasons. appended or tactical mag / Clown / Firing Line makes it fantastic. These are the different Tier levels used for these Tier lists: The list starts with S Tier and moves down until it reaches the bottom Tier. In a nutshell, there are only a few ways you can get exotic engrams in Destiny 2: There isn’t much more that can be said about grinding Exotic engrams, only that they have a higher chance to drop from end-game activities. If you’re particularly interested in these unique exotics, check out our Exotic Tier list including every exotic weapon currently in the game. Would arrowhead be best in slot for barrel to raise the recoil direction from 52 to 82? Reload MW. They are workhorses that consistently get the job done. Lastest "meta change": Grenade launchers were nerfed with Season of the Worthy, receiving a reduced damage to all Rapid-fire frames. It also calls for a toxic type of gameplay, which is why most hate it and are glad to see it sunset next season. If you’re looking to improve your PVP game, you should definitely check him out on YouTube. In other words, it's harder to master a sniper than it is to master a shotgun, but in the hands of a talented players, there's nothing deadlier than a sniper rifle in the entire game. God rolls for Menagerie weapons in Destiny 2. Trace rifles don't have much going for them in PVP. Being a 140 makes it the best for burst damage, and with the 25% boost from FL it becomes incredible. Weapons such as Eriana’s Vow are too unique to be representative of an entire weapon type. And the higher the difficulty (Master level and above), the higher the chance to get one. If you sometimes get confused between Kinetic, Primary, Energy, and Special weapons, just remember Primary weapons use “normal” ammo, aka, white ammo boxes: PS: Remember, our selection of top PVP guns is limited to weapons viable for endgame content with Beyond Light. PvE PC. This is how our Top PVP weapons look like, filtered by slot and not by ammo type: If we mix and match the top kinetic and energy weapons, some of the potential top PVP loadouts might something like this: Hopefully, this list should help you plan and prepare for Beyond Light. They have never been the best but neither the worst. Dire Promise PVP God Roll: Perk 3: Opening Shot (also good: Snapshot Sights) Perk 4: Rangefinder (on controller: Elemental Capacitor w/Void) The natural replacement to the infamous Spare Rations, Dire Promise is a 150 RPM hand cannon with an insane TTK and Lightweight frame that grants extra handling and mobility. Unlike snipers, shotguns are easier to use and can one-hit kill any guardian with a well placed shot in close range. Grenade launchers can be excellent options in PVP. Tactical Mag / Accurized Rounds. This is why you won’t see any Pinnacle weapon such as Revoker or Mountaintop in here! A word about TTK: You’ll see us talk a lot about TTK, or time-to-kill, throughout this guide. Lastest "meta change": Sniper rifles were nerfed with Season of the Worthy, receiving For example, if you’re committed to using a Dire Promise as your primary weapon, then your Special weapon will have to be Energy. With Season of Arrivals, Bungie added an item called Exotic Cipher to the Season Pass (available to all, including free-to-play players). Firing Line. Lastest "meta change": Trace rifles haven't received any noticeable PVP changes in a long time. For the sake of clarity, we’ll split our selection of weapons into three categories: primary, special and heavy weapons. My Escape Velocity God roll for pve is the IS 2 Classic scope, Steady Rounds, Overflow and Surrounded. In other words, we’re talking about the weapons that use “heavy” ammo, aka, purple ammo boxes: Every sandbox change comes with a new meta. PvP: Acc rounds / Pulse mon / Opening shot is the best you can really do, there are a lot better options for 140s in PvP PvE: this is where this gun really shines. But in PVP, you wan't the opposite. PS: Meta refers to the most used weapons for a particular activity. My Escape Velocity God Roll for pvp would be the Model 6 Loop scope, Stead Rounds again (console player), Zen Moment and Quickdraw. In this section, we cover the best Special PVP weapons. TTK is particularly important in PVP, because the lowest the TTK, the more quickly you can kill your opponent. Lastest "meta change": Sidearms were buffed with Season of Dawn, receiving "increased target acquisition". Up until recently, if you missed Season of the Undying, you could not get Bastion anymore. The difficulty of an exotic quest can vary from long and hard (such as Xenophage’s quest) to fast and easy (The Chaperone). Unlike Primary and Special weapons that can be in either the Kinetic or Energy slots, Heavy weapons can only be in the Heavy slot. In this case, Heavy snipers, shotguns, and fusion rifles have been excluded: Lastest "meta change": Rocket launchers were nerfed with Shadowkeep, having their DPS destroyed with the removal of instant reloading capabilities. This one also requires a certain degree of coordination and can be pretty niche. As you can see, the Meta can completely change in a heartbeat. He will exchange you one several Exotic weapons from previous seasons, including Bastion.

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