does my deceased husband still love me

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When I write to my father…..I kind of get quiet and connected, and see within me what his answers would be. I have not turned our home into a shrine. Oana  September 2, 2019 at 3:18 am Reply, This is so true. Required fields are marked *. Eleanor  January 18, 2016 at 4:10 pm Reply. I would have given my life for him. Good article, always. The loneliness that only he can cure? I feel as if I know the guy well enough that when we honored his birthday on January 6, 2016, I ate a piece of cake in his memory and felt as if it was more than just participating because it’s what Richard was doing. He was just 36. Our loved ones never leave our hearts. The point is I know we could all continue to have a relationship with those who passed away, and we can take at a minimum their memories and love with us as we travel through life, and then one day reunite with them at the time we make our transition to heaven. I need to know – if she were here today, what would she want? I am moving forward with my husband in spirit. katherinecrofton December 2, 2015. I’m so glad for articles like this – I’m three months into bereavement, and these articles make it so much easier for me to disregard “Let Go and Move On.” If I can’t take him with me as I go on, I ain’t going. While my daughter had no children, my son had three children now almost all grown. We were scared to tell him, not knowing how he would react. Im going thru something similar.. my boyfriend was killed in front of me and we were so in love. I natter to him daily as I would here. Just lost my fiancé four weeks ago due to a blood clot, and blaming myself we were together that night and I was the last person with him. Your deceased husband is not anywhere. Ugh sorry about that. YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS WILL NOT BE PUBLISHED. I particularly appreciate reading about your experiences with your mother because I relate so much to it. Subscribe to stay up to date on all our posts. We had a long fight with an illness for as long as we knew/loved each other. Beatrice, try not to put such a heavy burden on yourself. I feel so angry at times other times I feel so sad I don’t know how I’m feeling. Jenna Wright  February 10, 2016 at 11:28 pm Reply. Then I made sure I didn't order too much food or try to celebrate our anniversary or his birthday. We still are! Your motherless” She looked at me horrified and said ”ofcourse I have a mom” I looked at her and said ”I rest my case! I miss them both so much. what comforting thoughts from so many people that have lost a loved one. She’s a lot like you were: kind, considerate, never willing to let anyone suffer even the tiniest emotional confusion or disquiet if she thinks she can make them feel better just by being with them.” He went on talking like that for a few minutes as he introduced people. I never talk to anyone dead in that manner with an extreme exception that I feel wholly uncomfortable explaining online. Tonight a friend tells me she tattooed Matthew, my boyfriends name. it will be a year in one week. Death and Grieving were my only teachers. Unfortunately she was such a neat freak she didn’t leave me much. When I was done excavating every corner of my history, I started picking through other people’s memories and mementos. I’m NOT judging him. Love never dies..hold on to each other. They say they do, but they don’t. The sun will never be quite as bright again. I too am a mother who has lost her children (to cancer and to miscarriage). I lost my husband 6 yrs.ago,he was the love of my life. my husband was everything to me. Nosipho Gcabashe  October 17, 2019 at 9:02 am Reply, Hi,I lost the love of my life, last xmas,25 December 2018, we were together for 10 years…he had respiratory problems and passed on when we got to the hospital,we have a year old boy who is a spitting image of him. How would she feel? It isn’t always easy but worth it when I see the smiles on the kid’s faces.

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