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Teen Titans GO! Whatever the case, Mosley will surely bring a level of gravitas to the role. Voice Actor: Rodger Bumpass; A recurring secondary villain in the series, Dr. Light—as his name implies—is a normal, powerless man who is often in use of a battle suit with offensive-capability light-energy weapons. Raven and Gar Logan aka. First episode Residence Suddenly, Dick Grayson appeared on the van, now suited up as Nightwing. Doctor Light's supersuit serves as a collecting, focusing, and amplification device for the visible frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum, i.e. Meanwhile, outside Slade's head, Slade is struggling to keep Jericho in as he tries to kill him by stepping out into traffic but fails as Slade moves quickly. The TV weatherperson previously made his return to the Today show set on Monday. He intercepted them while they were driving in a van, managing to destroy the engine, causing the vehicle to stop. Slade doesn't seem to hesitate or feel any remorse after killing or torturing his targets. Beast Boy, as they joined forces and attempted to unravel the mystery surrounding Rachel. This Is Who He Left His Wife For, John Oliver Reveals The Donald Trump Question That 'Pisses' Him Off The Most, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Celebrate First Thanksgiving in New Montecito Home. The cast of Titans season 2 continues to expand, with Ozark's Michael Mosley reportedly cast to play the villainous Doctor Arthur Light. Character information Deathstroke He became more prominently the latter in the mid-2000s when it was revealed that the villain was a serial rapist. While Slade is sharpening his sword, Jason tells him that he is not afraid and his friends will come for, but Slade rebukes that statement by saying he should be afraid and that his death will hurt the Titans even more, including Dick Grayson. Light panics, while Slade actually says this development is good. When the Titans find Light dead, Slade calls them on a burner phone he put on Light, while relentlessly beating on Jason. After Dr. Light was caught by Robin siphoning power in a San Francisco train tunnel, Deathstroke provided backup, subduing and kidnapping Robin from the scene.[1]. Soon after, he gained metahuman powers after a failed experiment involving light manipulation. Et petit twist scénaristique, la séquence qui sert en pré-Crise vient d'une scène non utilisé tournée pour la saison 1 initiale (Donc en gros le rebootage du Multivers a aussi eu un impact sur la série, mais les épisodes diffusés étaient ceux post-crise). Shares Heartfelt Holiday Message From Alex Trebek — Watch, Jennifer Aniston Poses with Her Adorable Puppy Lord Chesterfield for Thanksgiving: 'We're Grateful'. And Doctor Light will no doubt prove a handful for the fledgling superhero team. [Source]. Dr. Arthur Light was a metahuman physicist and a criminal who was an enemy of the Titans. https://titans.fandom.com/fr/wiki/Titans_(s%C3%A9rie)?oldid=2414. Sauf mention contraire, le contenu de la communauté est disponible sous licence. I feel like a failure," Ashley Spivey wrote. Sad little man (by Raven)Skinny Dude (by Beast Boy) Metahuman First episode After suiting up and arming himself, Slade tracked down the Titans. An instant hit - especially on Netflix - the show was quickly renewed. We will remove this and make the changes needed. Deathstroke, assuming Rose changed her mind, told Dick she was a mole the whole time. Unknown Aucuns d'entre eux n'a fait de tournage supplémentaire pour le crossover. When Robin knocked out Light, he attempted to escape. Teen Titans Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. The Titans promptly responded, and when Raven chose to confront him again with the appearance of this form ( "Remember me? Related: Titans Season 2 Poster Provides Best Look At Deathstroke Yet. Mosley’s previous credits also include last year’s Peppermint, Criminal Minds, and several other TV shows. He was trapped under a motorbike by Donna Troy, but managed to escape after a distraction. "Nightwing" Slade also dislikes people who insult his family or his plans; like when Arthur Light criticized him for his patience with killing Titans, which then got Light killed. Place of Origin vs. Species Titans (TV Series 2018– ) - Michael Mosley as Dr. Light - IMDb. Doctor Light. Drake Defends The Weeknd, Says Grammys ‘May No Longer Matter’, Producer Dorothea G. Petrie, Emmy-Winning Producer for ‘Caroline?’ and ‘Love Is Never Silent,’ Dies at 95. When Dick arrived at the location, he sees photos of his friends revealing that Slade left all those messages for the other Titans to find, while in the Tower. Other names Doctor Light is a super villain and enemy of the Teen Titans. Just before the Titans' final confrontation with the Brotherhood of Evil, https://teentitans.fandom.com/wiki/Doctor_Light?oldid=111351, Gifted Intellect in the Fields of Technology and Science. After Dr. Light was caught by Robin siphoning power in a San Francisco train tunnel, Deathstroke provided backup, subduing and kidnapping Robin from the scene. His Ozark co-star Esai … However, Rose proclaims that the Titans are her family, joining Nightwing's side and drawing her swords. 'West Wing' star describes his dark days while in the hospital for COVID-19: 'It didn’t look good', Pat Sajak apologizes for yelling at 'ungrateful' contestant on 'Wheel of Fortune': 'I finally snapped', Jane Seymour, 69, clarifies comment about being able to play 25: 'I did not say that', Jennifer Lopez, 51, bares all in cover art for new single, Celebrities defend Meghan Markle for revealing miscarriage: 'People need to know they aren't alone', Jeopardy! A day later, Slade had called Rose after she told Jason Todd everything and said that the Titans are getting back together and he needs her back in San Francisco. He then shoots Arthur Light in his car, tying him to a support beam and place's Robin's tracker in his bullet wound. (2013 TV Show) Doctor Light. When you listen to the lyrics, you’ll understand why. Despite his name, he has served as both a comedic menace and a more darkly serious threat. Doctor Light is a villain who likes to brag, and he considers himself the most accomplished, clever and mightiest bad, Doctor Light scared of Beast Boy as a bat. According to Deadline, Mosley will join them and play the notorious light-based villain in Titans' sophomore outing. Rose Wilson (daughter)Jericho (son)Adeline (ex-wife)

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