drakeblood greatsword best infusion

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Crystal gives us 132+389+71 which turns into 357 (56+289+12).Lightning gives us the same results as crystal.Blessed gives us 325+92+174 which turns into 345 (230+22+93).Dark/Chaos give us 158+104+104+314 which turns into 360 (78+31+31+220). Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. In infused with Blessed, its base damage and Lightning damage will also scale with Faith. Blessed doesn't have split damage while lightning does. It’s a shitty weapon for its class. Alternatively work towards 30/30 int/Faith and infuse it Dark or Chaos. This gives us 302+142+142 which turns into 211+64+64 (339 damage; 1HR1). Thanks a lot for the calculations!! It's so so so much worse than pretty much all your options when you are high level. Utility: BlessedDamage: Dark (PVP) or Chaos (PVE). This weapon has the same … terrible advice, 4 way split damage means that every r1 would hit for like 200 damage. (You will still see drop in ar due to dbgs being imbued with lightning already. The dragon slayers axe. He has to aswell keep in mind that with elemental infusions he will never do as much dmg as if he was to use buffs like lightning blade for example, Good choice, it hurts like hell at low lvl :). My advice is don't be a hipster and use Hollowslayer. The unfortunate reality is that the best infusion depends on what you're fighting. All late-game enemies have 124 defense. Lightning gives us the same results as crystal. Stats- 40/40 str/dex 50 faith Should I infuse with refine, lightning or blessed? Having three elemental damage sounds pretty weak. Also Hollowslayer does 50% more damage to almost half of the enemies and some of the bosses in the game. This sword works fantastically for a hybrid build. Would chaos be worse than lightning because the damage is 3 ways? The AR rating makes it look amazing but the way defence is calculated means weapons with just one type of damage are best. I have a max level char and still the raw Infusion is pretty much the way to go with it. The most optimal way to use it is to infuse it sharp and buff it with lighting blade or DMB on a faith/dex build. Your best bet is to use it with minimum requirements infused Heavy (18str, 16dex) and buff with resins until you eventually have the stats to buff with either Crystal Magic Weapon, Darkmoon Blade or Lightning Blade (50-60 Int or Faith depending on your choice). Blessed greatly increases physical damage and lightning gets huge base returns as well. But I’ve been wanting to try weapons I don’t usually touch and I want to give the Drakeblood Greatsword a go. Press J to jump to the feed. Dragon Slayer Axe, Drakeblood Greatsword and Lothric Knight Greatsword is best weapon for blessed infusion. Honestly the choice is really up to you. High dex pulls worse results. It doesn't have scaling in the elemental part of the AR, so unless you wanted to split the damage 4 ways and go Dark/Chaos, the best infusion would likely be refined and continuing to use resins/bundles. If you don't want to bother with buffing, infused it with blessed as it gives more AR than lightning and crystal, plus less split damage than chaos and dark. Press J to jump to the feed. If you had 40 in all stats, you could infuse it with sharp to get the most AR one handed, albeit marginally, or refined for the most AR two handed. It's so so so much worse than pretty much all your options when you are high level. The more damage types a sword has, the less effective it is. The real takeaway here is that the decision barely matters and if you choose not to play with this weapon's only (bad) gimmick then you might as well just pick up another weapon. Split damage is a pretty huge factor in this game, so keep that in mind. Drakeblood Greatsword is a weapon in Dark Souls 2. Very good. Whats the best infusion for lothric knight greatsword? Apr 18, 2018 @ 12:20pm Sharp, and then buff it with lightning blade/resin. Let's use SL64 as the standard for ease of comparison.--Crystal gives us 132+389+71 which turns into 357 (56+289+12). When infused with refined gem the dmg is not that bad and having some lightning damage is always nice. I guess I'll go with blessed. Choosing Drakeblood over Hollowslayer is like choose Great Wooden Hammer over Spiked Mace, they both have the same best part about them, which is the 2 handed R1 on Drakeblood and Hollowslayer, (and respectively, R1---->Weapon Art---->R1 true combo on Great Wooden Hammer and Spiked Mace) but one is superior to another. If its minimum requirement I would roll with either blessed or lightning. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Which infusion for Lothric Knight Greatsword? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I want it for PvE because I am tired of buffing my blade between fights. And what stats to utilize it best? Thanks a lot for the answer! I know, I know. Element modifiers are much more varied at 0-3.8. Simple would be better than crystal, in the same way it works better with blessed than lightning, The simple infusion gives scaling to the magic damage, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. The only strength weapons that can rival it are Dragonslayer Greataxe and Ledo's Hammer. Yhorm's machete is also pretty good but I prefer dragonslayer's because the weapon art is much better. Edit: Same question for Dragonslayer's axe. I have pretty decent str and dex but I guess I will go with either blessed or lightning for the faith scaling. Ive seen people absolutely destroy with it, and I wanted to know how < > Showing 1-12 of 12 comments . Cookies help us deliver our Services. At 40/40 the best physical infusion is sharp (SL64; 589). Never used it in PvP though. Wouldn’t I want to infuse with lightning/crystal to improve the already split damage? Right now I'm looking at Chaos, lightning, blessed, refined and hollow. All of those calculations were done with a base knight class (i'm tired) so there's probably some room for optimization. Its shit heavy, Dex, refined, magic, or dark...but blessed or lightning? Chaos is a maybe trying dark would be better in my opinion, due to it being great against "meta defence" still would have a 3 way split(muh meta).

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